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E-FILED 2014 SEP 27 7:15 AM SAC - CLERK OF DISTRICT COURT SAC COUNTY JUDICIAL MAGISTRATE COURT WARREN L. BUSH, JUDICIAL MAGISTRATE SA^COUNTY '°^ (712) 662-7791, SAC CI TY, I OWA 50583 FILED BOND AGREEMENT 20H.SEP29 AH 8: I 9 I, L\a.nit2,l JflCcTO 5g-huM (please print), have been charged with the crime of SivwpU 1 ft&&/gtA If- ; , and promise to appear in the Sac County Magistrate Court on the 2^ day of S-tp4--grv\'o
  E-FILED 2014 SEP 27 7:15 AM SAC - CLERK OF DISTRICT COURT  SAC COUNTY JUDICIAL MAGISTRATE COURT WARREN  L.  BUSH JUDICIAL MAGISTRATE  S ^COUNTY  °^ (712)  662-7791,  SAC  CITY,  IOWA  50583  FILED BOND  AGREEMENT  20H.SEP29  AH  8:  I  9 I, L\a.nit2,l JflCcTO 5g-huM  (please  print),  have been charged  with  the  crime  of SivwpU 1  ft&&/gtA  If- ; , and promise to appear  in  the Sac  County Magistrate Court  on  the 2^ day of  S-tp4--grv\'o<^,  20 *-(ã , at 8:30  A.M. #1 or #2) 1.  My  appearance  bond has been set at S 5()Q   00 and I agree  to post  all of  such bond  or  10%  as  allowed  in  order to secure  my  release. 2.  I have been released  on my own  recognizance pending  my appearance  at  Magistrate Court. I  understand I have the  right  o be represented by an attorney.  If  I  cannot  afford one^pne  will  be appointed  for  me upon  application. ^  I understand  there  are severe  penalities  for failing  to honor this  agreement. JL I  understand my  failure  to  appear  at the designated  date  will  cause  this agreement  to become  hull  and  void  and a warrant J#fmy airest  will  be  issued  by  the  Judicial Magistrate. Signature  of  Inmate Bond  posted  by: £{\(Ji&.r() Ffe^Afe/- Address:^//  /A/ <^A r  Ahf^-fig/J.  klT Amount:  S^O>  Dated <\-91~ The  party  who  posted the bond  agrees  that  any  fines,  surcharges, costs,  restitution  and other amounts  owed  may be  paid  therefrom  upon  disposition.  That party  further  agrees  that,  if  any sums  remain,  it may be used  for  repayment  of  accrued  or  accruing room  and board charges during incarceration  in jail. Signature  ofPerson Posting  Bond  (Surety) Received  by: Jailer Clerk of  Court/Dejignee  v  IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT IN AND FOR SAC COUNTY STATE OF IOWA, Plaintiff,   vs.   DANIEL JACOB SCHULD , Defendant. Case No: 02811 SMCR012655 APPEARANCE  Action:Date Filed: Charge(s):01 - 708.2(6) - ASSAULT The Defendant appears and enters a guilty plea to the above listed charge(s). This charge is asimple misdemeanor and conviction carries a maximum penalty of $625.00 Fine plus 35% Surchargeand/or a term of confinement in the Sac County Jail not to exceed 30 days, plus Court Costs. OR This matter should be set for Trial. OR Based upon Defendant's guilty plea, the Court orders Defendant to pay a Fine of $100.00,Surcharge of $35.00 and Court Costs of $60.00, all to be paid within today days under penalty ofContempt. In addition, Defendant shall pay a Law Enforcement Initiative Surcharge of $125.00 pursuant toSection 911.3. (For violations under 124, 155A, 453B, 713, 714, 715A, 716, 719.8, 725.1 and 725.2 &725.3). In the event that the Fine, Surcharge, Court Costs are not paid within the prescribed period, thenDefendant shall appear on the day of , at o'clock to show cause why he/she should not be found inContempt of Court for failure to obey this Court Order. 1 of 3 E-FILED 2014 SEP 29 9:08 AM SAC - CLERK OF DISTRICT COURT

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Jul 23, 2017
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