03 Virata v. Sandiganbayan

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  REMEDIAL LAW REVIEW G.R. No. 114331 May 27, 1997 (Sorry for the long digest!) [03] VIRATA v. SANDIGANBAYANa! #$ Petitioner Cesar E. A. Virata is one of the defendants in Civil Case No. 0035, entitled Republic of the Philippines versus Benjamin (Kokoy)Romualdez,   et    . al    .. he ase, hih as filed #y the Presidential Co$$ission on %ood %overn$ent against fifty three &ersons (53) inl'ding Virata,involves the reovery of illgotten ealth d'ring the reign President aros.he o$&laint against the defendants as a$ended three ti$es. he last a$ended o$&laint filed ith the Sandigan#ayan, *no n as the e+&andedSeond A$ended Co$&laint, states the follo ing relevant allegations against &etitioner Virata that -efendants en/a$in (o*oy) 1o$'alde2 and'liette %o$e2 1o$'alde2, in 'nla f'l onert ith -efendants 4erdinand E. aros and $elda 1. aros, 'n/'stly enrihed the$selves at thee+&ense of &laintiff and the 4ili&ino &eo&le #y678.#.) gave E1A9C: 'nd'e advantage (i) #y effeting the inrease of &o er rates, and (ii) #y red'ing the eletri franhise ta+ fro$ 5; to<; of gross reei&ts and the tariff d'ty on f'el oil i$&orts #y &'#li 'tilities fro$ <0; to 70;, res'lting in s'#stantial savings for E1A9C:#'t itho't any signifiant #enefit to the ons'$ers of eletri &o er.78.g.) se'red, in a veiled atte$&t to /'stify E1A9C:=s ano$alo's a>'isition of the eletri oo&eratives, the a&&roval #y -efendant4erdinand E. aros and his a#inet of the soalled ?hree@ear Progra$ for the E+tension of E1A9C:=s Servies to Areas ithin the B0ilo$eter 1adi's of anila,? hih re>'ired govern$ent a&ital invest$ent a$o'nting to $illions of &esos78.$.)   $ani&'lated, ith the olla#oration of Philg'arantee offiials led #y Chair$an Cesar E. A. Virata, the for$ation of Ereton Doldings,n. itho't inf'sing additional a&ital solely for the &'r&ose of $a*ing it ass'$e the o#ligation of Eretors nor&orated ith Philg'arantee inthe a$o'nt of P5<,3F,880.7 ith ins'ffiient Se'ritiesGollaterals /'st to ena#le Eretors n. to a&&ear via#le and to #orro $ore a&itals.7. he follo ing -efendants ated as d'$$ies, no$inees andGor agents #y allo ing the$selves (i) as instr'$ents in a'$'lating illgotten ealth thro'gh govern$ent &oliies &re/'diial to &laintiff, or (ii) to #e diretors of or&orations #enefiially held andGor ontrolled #y-efendants 4erdinand E. aros, $elda 1. aros, en/a$in (o*oy) . 1o$'alde2 and 'lliette %o$e2 1a$'alde2 in order (to) onealand &revent reovery of assets illegally o#tained. Asserting that the foregoing allegations are vag'e and are not averred ith s'ffiient definiteness as to ena#le hi$ to effetively &re&are his res&onsive&leading, &etitioner Virata filed a $otion for a #ill of &arti'lars. n a 1esol'tion &ro$'lgated, the Sandigan#ayan &artially granted the said $otion #y re>'iring the 1e&'#li to s'#$it a #ill of &arti'lars onerning theharges against &etitioner Virata stated only in &aragra&h 7 (ating as d'$$y, no$inee andGor agent) and &aragra&h 7F (gross a#'se of a'thority andviolation of la s and the Constit'tion) of the e+&anded Seond A$ended Co$&laint. Do ever, as to the other harges, the Sandigan#ayan delared thatthese a'sations are lear and s&eifi eno'gh to allo Virata to s'#$it an intelligent res&onsive &leading, hene, the $otion for a #ill of &arti'larsres&eting the foregoing three harges as denied.n vie of the Sandigan#ayan=s order of A'g'st 8, 7HH<, the 1e&'#li thro'gh the :ffie of the Soliitor %eneral s'#$itted the #ill of &arti'lars dated:to#er <<, 7HH<, alled as the 9i$ited ill of Parti'lars hih as signed #y a ertain 1a$on A. 4eli&e V, ho as designated in the #ill of &arti'larsas ?&rivate o'nsel?.ay #a* on Se&te$#er 7, 7HH<, Virata, ho as dissatisfied ith the Sandigan#ayan 1esol'tion of A'g'st 8, 7HH<, filed a &etition for certiorari   (%.1.No. 70B5<) ith this Co'rt >'estioning the Sandigan#ayan=s denial of his $otion for a #ill of &arti'lars. he PC%% s'#$itted the #ill of &arti'larsdated Nove$#er 3, 7HH3, hih as a&&arently signed #y a ertain 1eynaldo %. 1os, ho as na$ed in the #ill of &arti'lars as ?de&'ti2ed &rose'tor?of the PC%%.Virata filed on Nove$#er <3, 7HH3 his o$$ent on the #ill of &arti'lars ith $otion to dis$iss the e+&anded Seond A$ended Co$&laint. De allegesthat #oth the #ills of &arti'lars are  pro forma  and sho'ld #e stri*en off the reords. Aording to hi$, the #ill of &arti'lars dated Nove$#er 3, 7HH3 is$erely a rehash of the assertions $ade in the e+&anded Seond A$ended Co$&laint. 4'rther$ore, a reading of the 9i$ited ill of Parti'lars sho sthat it alleges ne i$&'tations hih are i$$aterial to the harge of #eing a d'$$y, no$inee or agent, and that Virata ated, not as a d'$$y, no$ineeor agent of his odefendants as hat is harged in the o$&laint, #'t as a govern$ent offier of the 1e&'#li.-issatisfied, Virata filed this instant &etition for certiorari      'nder 1'le B5 of the 1'les of Co'rt to hallenge the foregoing 1esol'tion of theSandigan#ayan. I##%&$ 7. hether the Sandigan#ayan o$$itted %A- in ad$itting the ill of Parti'lars s'#$itted #y the 1e&''#li. I @es.<. hether the Sol%en and the PC%% are a'thori2ed #y la to de&'ti2e a o'nsel to file the ill of Parti'lars in #ehalf of the 1e&i#li.  No. Ra 'o(a)&$ 7. he instant &etition $eritorio's. he r'le is that a o$&laint $'st ontain the 'lti$ate fats onstit'ting &laintiff=s a'se of ation. As long as a a'seof ation e+ists even tho'gh the allegations therein are vag'e, and dis$issal of the ation is not the &ro&er re$edy hen the &leading is a$#ig'o's#ea'se the defendant $ay as* for $ore &arti'lars. i*hail %o$e2 Atty. ran>'il Salvador   REMEDIAL LAW REVIEW  As s'h, the 1'les of Co'rt &rovide that a &arty $ay $ove for $ore definite state$ent or for a #ill of &arti'lars of any $atter hih is not averred iths'ffiient definiteness or &arti'larity to ena#le hi$ &ro&erly to &re&are his res&onsive &leading or to &re&are for trial. S'h $otion shall &oint o't thedefets o$&lained of and the details desired. Jnder this 1'le, the re$edy availa#le to a &arty ho see*s larifiation of any iss'e or $atter vag'ely or o#s'rely &leaded #y the other &arty, is to file a $otion, either for a $ore definite state$ent or for a #ill of &arti'lars. An order direting the s'#$issionof s'h state$ent or #ill, f'rther, is &ro&er here it ena#les the &arty $ovant intelligently to &re&are a res&onsive &leading, or ade>'ately to &re&are for trial. A #ill of &arti'lars is a o$&le$entary &roed'ral do'$ent onsisting of an a$&lifiation or $ore &arti'lari2ed o'tline of a &leading, and #eing in thenat're of a $ore s&eifi allegation of the fats reited in the &leading. t is the offie of the #ill of &arti'lars to infor$ the o&&osite &arty and the o'rt of the &reise nat're and harater of the a'se of ation or defense hih the &leader has atte$&ted to set forth and there#y to g'ide his adversary in his&re&arations for trial, and reasona#ly to &rotet hi$ against s'r&rise at the trial. t gives infor$ation of the s&eifi &ro&osition for hih the &leader ontends, in res&et to any $aterial and iss'a#le fat in the ase, and it #eo$es a &art of the &leading hih it s'&&le$ents. t has #een held that a #illof &arti'lars $'st infor$ the o&&osite &arty of the nat're of the &leader=s a'se of ation or defense, and it $'st f'rnish the re>'ired ite$s of the lai$ ith reasona#le f'llness and &reision. %enerally, it ill #e held s'ffiient if it fairly and s'#stantially gives the o&&osite &arty the infor$ation to hih heis entitled, as re>'ired #y the ter$s of the a&&liation and of the order therefor. t sho'ld #e definite and s&eifi and not ontain general allegations andonl'sions. t sho'ld #e reasona#ly ertain and as s&eifi as the ir'$stanes ill allo . %'ided #y the foregoing r'les and &rini&les, #oth the #ill of &arti'lars and the 9i$ited ill of Parti'lars are o'hed in s'h general and 'nertainter$s as o'ld $a*e it diffi'lt for &etitioner to s'#$it an intelligent res&onsive &leading to the o$&laint and to ade>'ately &re&are for trial. t isa&&arent fro$ the foregoing allegations that the 1e&'#li did not f'rnish Virata the follo ing $aterial $atters hih are indis&ensa#le for hi$ to #e&laed in s'h a sit'ation herein he an &ro&erly #e infor$ed of the harges against hi$6 a) -id Virata, ho as only one of the $e$#ers of theoard, at alone in a&&roving the 1esol'tionK ho really a&&roved the 1esol'tion, Virata or the onetary oardK #) hat ere these o'tstanding loano#ligations of the three or&orations onernedK ho ere the reditors and de#tors of these loan o#ligationsK Do $'h ere involved in therestr't'ring of the loan o#ligationsK hat $ade the transation a =s eetheart= or =#ehest= ao$$odationK and ) Do as the a>'isition of E1A9C: #y eralo 4o'ndation, n. related to the 1esol'tion restr't'ring the loan o#ligations of the three or&orationsKhere are ertain $atters in the foregoing allegations hih la* in s'#stantial &arti'larity. he follo ing are the s&eifi $atters hih the 1e&'#lifailed to &rovide, to it6 a) hat $ade the transation =disadvantageo's= to the govern$entK he allegation that it as disadvantageo's is a onl'sionof la that la*s fat'al #asis. Do did E1A9C: gain the P<0B.< $illionK he 1e&'#li sho'ld have &rovided for $ore s&eifis ho as thetransation favora#le to E1A9C:K #) hat ere these foreign o#ligations of E1A9C: hih ere ass'$ed #y the govern$entK ho ere thereditors in these o#ligationsK hen ere these o#ligations ontratedK Do $'h ere involved in the ass'$&tion of foreign o#ligations #y thegovern$entK and ) y the &resene of the &rovision of the ontrat >'oted #y the 1e&'#li, hat $ade the agree$ent a =s eetheart= dealK heallegation that the agree$ent is a =s eetheart deal= is a general state$ent that needs f'rther a$&lifiation.n li*e $anner, the state$ent of fats fails to &rovide the follo ing relevant $atters6 a) hat as this L33.5 $illion &ro&osed #ehest loanK hat ere itster$sK ho as s'&&osed to #e the grantor of this loanK #) hat ere these short ter$ loansK ho ere the &arties to these transationsK hen ere these transatedK Do as this L 33.5 $illion #ehest loan related to the short ter$ loansK As learly esta#lished #y the foregoing dis'ssion, the t o #ills of &arti'lars filed #y the 1e&'#li failed to &ro&erly a$&lify the harges leveled againstVirata #ea'se, not only are they $ere reiteration or re&etition of the allegations set forth in the e+&anded Seond A$ended Co$&laint, #'t, to the largee+tent, they ontain vag'e, i$$aterial and generali2ed assertions hih are inad$issi#le 'nder o'r &roed'ral r'les.<. he 9i$ited ill of Parti'lars dated :to#er <<, 7HH< signed #y 1a$on 4eli&e V and the ill of Parti'lars dated Nove$#er 3, 7HH3 signed #y1eynaldo 1os are valid &leadings hih are #inding '&on the 1e&'#li #ea'se the t o la yersignatories are legally de&'ti2ed and a'thori2ed #y the:ffie of the Soliitor %eneral and the Presidential Co$$ission on %ood %overn$ent to sign and file the #ills of &arti'lars onerned.he Ad$inistrative Code of 7HF, hih virt'ally re&rod'es the &o ers and f'ntions of the :S% en'$erated in P.-. No. 8F (he 9a -efining thePo ers and 4'ntions of the :ffie of the Soliitor %eneral)6 Se. 35. Po ers and 4'ntions, . . . . t (the :S%) shall have the &o er to (F) -e&'ti2elegal offiers of govern$ent de&art$ents, #'rea's, agenies and offies to assist the Soliitor %eneral and a&&ear or re&resent the %overn$ent inases involving their res&etive offies, #ro'ght #efore the o'rts and e+erise s'&ervision and ontrol over s'h legal offiers ith res&et to s'hases.M h's, the Soliitor %eneral ated ithin the legal #o'nds of its a'thority hen it de&'ti2ed Attorney 4eli&e V to file in #ehalf of the 1e&'#li the#ill of &arti'lars onerning the harges stated in &aragra&h 7 and 7F of the e+&anded Seond A$ended Co$&laint. i*hail %o$e2 Atty. ran>'il Salvador 
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