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sap fico exam questions
  170 SAP FICO EXAM RELATED QUESTIONS1. A chart of account ! Mu t# Cho#c$% A. can be allocated to multiple company codeB. can be defined as the group chart of accountsC. only contains definitions for G/L accountsD. can only allocated to one company code. &. A c #$nt. !S#n' $ Cho#c$% A. may only contain a single chart of accountsB. may contain multiple charts of accountsC. may only use one currency typeD. may only have one controlling area (. I)$nt#f* th$ corr$ct tat$+$nt!% r$ at#n' to ho, th$ +a#n-u#n$ roc$$ ar$ #nt$'rat$) #n th$ SAP R/( S*t$+. !Mu t#Cho#c$% A. A purchase requisition is a documented request to purchasegoods or services. In A! it can be created manually or automatically.B. A goods receipt is the recording of the movement of materialsinto the arehouse. In A!# a financial document hich updates theinventory account and an accrued liability account is createdC. $he Invoice receipt and verification process compares thevendor invoice ith the purchase order and goods receipt. %o ever#the corresponding financial transaction must be entered through thefinancial module of &/'.D. In A!# payment processing reduces the liability to a vendor and a company()s cash balance# records discounts ta*en and disburses payment.+. A customer delivery is the transfer of the o nership of goods. A customer delivery includes# creation of a deliverydocument# pic*ing the goods for shipment, physically transferring thegoods to the customer and financially recording the goods issue.  . I)$nt#f* th$ corr$ct tat$+$nt!% r$'ar)#n' or'an#at#ona $ $+$nt ,#th#n th$ R/( S*t$+. ! Mu t# Cho#c$% A. $he ales area combines the sales organi-ation# distributionchannel# and division.B. $he !urchasing rgani-ation is responsible for the purchasingfor the only one plant.C. A plant is a location in hich inventory quantities and valuesare stored or manufactured.D. A Controlling area can comprise several company codes usingdifferent chart of accounts but must operate in the same currency.+. A profit center is used to generate income statements andoperating profit statements. 2. I)$nt#f* th$ corr$ct tat$+$nt. ! Mu t# Cho#c$% A. All areas of an organi-ation that are to be integrated intothe &/' !roduction system should be included under one client.B. $he term (client dependent(0 refers to tables or data thatrelate only to the client hich as accessed during the log on process.C. Due to the integrated nature of A!# there are certain coreorgani-ation element that cut across the modules. Client and companycode are t o of these core elements.D. $o determine the number of clients required# the focus is placed on data access and sharing strategies. 3. 4h#ch of th$ fo o,#n' tat$+$nt # tru$ 5 ! S#n' $ Cho#c$% A. A Company code can belong to more than one controlling area.B. A plant must be allocated to a company codeC. A controlling area and a company code must have the same localcurrency.D. A business area and a company code are assigned to each other in the corporate structure I1G  7. I)$nt#f* th$ corr$ct tat$+$nt r$ at#n' to th$I+ $+$ntat#on 6u#)$! Mu t# Cho#c$% A. 2hen creating a pro3ect in the I1G# the application areas andcountries are selected from the +nterprise I1GB. $he number of implementation activities can be reduced bycreating !ro3ect I1G vie s# such as a vie for (mandatory activities(0C. $he !ro3ect I1G must include all customi-ing activities for all&/' applications.D. $he A! &eference I1G is generated for the application modulesto be implemented in a company and for the different countries+. Customi-ing transactions can be accessed from the A!&eference I1G# !ro3ect I1G and the !ro3ect vie s. . 4hat charact$r#t#c )o ro $ ha8$ #n th$ 4or9 ac$5 ! Mu t#Cho#c$% A. &oles describe business processes in a companyB. &oles contain a collection of activities that a user ho isassigned to this role can e4ecuteC. &oles represent a range of e4ecutable functions in a companythat users can assign themselves toD. $he authori-ations required to e4ecute the assigned functionsare automatically lin*ed to roles+. &oles contain 1iniApps :. 4hat cont$nt $ $+$nt of th$ +* 4or9 ac$ ar$ ro8#)$)5!Mu t*% A. $he 2or*place contains role5based navigation options for &/' transactions# reports# and other lin*s to various systems.B. $he 2or*place is a completely personali-able or*ingenvironment.C. $he 2or*place contains role5specific information and role5   based access to the 1ar*etplace.D. $he 2or*place is used e4clusively as a Launch!ad for +mployee elf ervice ith information for employees.+. $he 2or*place contains personal 6avorites. 10. 4hat ar$ M#n#A5!Mu t*% A. 1iniApps are small applications that are started automatically hen the 2or*place is called.B. 1iniapps are small applications that can be called from the2or*place.C. 1iniApps are small applications that communicate continuously ith the implemented A! productsD. 1iniApps are 7ava Applets that are loaded from the 2or*placeto the user client.+. 1iniApps are role5specific applications that can contain moreactivity options. 11. 4hat *t$+ too a o, *ou to a)) 'rah#c; r$<arran'$ f#$ );a)) uh-utton an) chan'$ #nut f#$ ) #nto ra)#o -utton5!S#n' $% A. Gui8$B. GuiCaptureC. A!GuiD. A!ho +. !rofile Generator  1&. 4h#ch of th$ fo o,#n' can *ou a)) to a Fa8or#t$ #t5!Mu t*% A. 6ilesB. $ransactionsC. 2eb addressD. &eports+. 9ser menus 1(. 4hat )o$ SAP ca th$ n$, a$t 8a u$ )# a* tranact#on5!S#n' $% A. Item +4plorer B. Accounts +4plorer 


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