1961 Plymouth Service Manual Supplement

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PDF of the 1961 Plymouth factory service manual supplement. Essentially it is a complete service manual for 1961
  SERVICE MANUAL SUPPLEMENT 7 awcu~a This Plymouth Service Manual Supplement has been preparedto cover only changes affecting the servicing procedures of the 1961 model cars. For complete servicing of 1961 Plymouth cars, use the 1960Plymouth Service Manual in conjunction with this supplement.For your convenience, the group numbering in this supple- ment is arranged to correspond to that used in the 1960 Plymouth Service Manual. Each group contains the latest new informa-tion concerning the servicing of the 1961 Plymouth car compc- nents, without repeating recommended procedures for previousmodels. Specifications, special tools, torque reference andservice diagnosis, when they apply, appear in the individual group. The procedures and specifications contained in this manualwere in effect at the time the manual was approved for printing.Chrysler Corporation reserves the right to change proceduresand specifications without notice and without incurring obliga- tion. CHRYSLER CORPORATION To obtain extra copies of this manual,Order by Number 81-571-0038 CHRYSLER CORPORATION PLYMOUTH l DE SOT0 l VALIANT DIVISION SERVICE DEPARTMENTDETROIT 31, MICHIGAN 81.5714038 15M SD   8.  TO-840  LITHO  IN U.S.A.   GROUP INDEX ZOUP TITLEPAGE 0  lubrication-Maintenance  3   A ccessories 7 2  Front Suspension 3  Axle-Rear   13 4  Brakes  16 6  Clutch  19 7 Cooling System  20 8 Electrical-Instruments  25 9 Engine-Engine Oiling   62 11  Exhaust  81 13 Frame  82 14 Fuel System  82 16 Propeller Shaft- 102 Universal Joints 17 Springs-Shock Absorbers  103 19  Steering Gears 21  Transmissions  113   Wheels-Bearings-Tires  142   Body-Sheet Metal  142  4  Air Conditioning  I  LUBRICATION-MAINTENANCE  3 1961 MODELS SAVOY (6 Cyl.)   RP1-L  (8 Cyl.) RP2-L BELVEDERE (6 Cyl.) RP1-M (8 Cyl.) RP2-MFURY (6 Cyl.) RP1-H  (8 Cyl.) RP2-H PLYMOUTH VEHICLE NUMBERS All vehicle numbers contain ten digits. The vehiclenumber is a code which tells the make of car (1stdigit), model of car (2nd digit), year built (3rd digit),assembly plant (4th digit) and vehicle serial number(last six digits).  VEHICLE NUMBER LOCATION The vehiclenumber (serial number) is located on a plate whichit attached to the left front door hinge pillar post.a ENGINE NUMBER LOCATION On 6 cylinderengines, the engine model, cubic inch displacement andmanufacturing date are all stamped on top of a boss,located on the right side of block opposite numberone cylinder next to the cylinder head. See illustration.On 318 cubic inch V-8 engines, the number is locatedon the left front face of the cylinder block in position“B” as shown. On 361 cubic inch V-8 engines, the / number is located on the right side of cylinder blocknext to the water pump housing in position “A’. BODY NUMBER LOCATION The body number isstamped on a plate attached to the engine side ofdash or front of radiator yoke. 1st Digit 2nd Digit 3rd Digit4th Digit 2-Plymouth  (6 Cyl.)  1. Low 6. Suburban-Medium1961  1. Detroit3-Plymouth(8Cyl.)2.Medium7. Suburban-High5.Los Angeles3.High8. Taxi6.  Newark 5.Suburban-Low9. Special7.Valley Park GROUP 0 LUBRICATION AND MAINTENANCE Listed are the new Lubrication and Maintenance pro- NOTE: The rubber bushings used on these cedures for the 1961 Plymouth cars. These new cars are designed to grip the contacting  procedures also apply to the 1960 models where metal parts firmly and operate as a flexible applicable. All other Lubrication and Maintenance medium between these parts. The use of any remain the same as outlined in the 1960 Plymouth lubricant will destroy the necessary friction Service Manual. and cause premature failure of the rubber.
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