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CHAPTER 1 ASSIGNMENT WHAT IS STATISTICS? Name ___________________________________ Section __________ Score _________ Part I Classify the following sets of data as qualitative or quantitative. _______________ 1. The religious affiliations of college students _______________ 2. The height of each member of a basketball team _______________ 3. Students’ scores on the first statistics exam _______________ 4. The color of new S!’s on a car lot _______________ 5. The lym#ic track and field
  CHAPTER 1 ASSIGNMENTWHAT IS STATISTICS?  Name ___________________________________ Section __________Score _________  Part I Classify the following sets of data as qualitative or quantitative. _______________ 1 .The religious affiliations of college students _______________ 2 .The height of each member of a basketball team _______________ 3 .Students’ scores on the first statistics exam  _______________ 4 .The color of new S!’s on a car lot _______________ 5 .The lym#ic track and field world records$ such as the time for thestee#lechase. Part II Classify the following sets of data as continuous or discrete. _______________ 6 .The number of students enrolled in an accounting class _______________ 7 .The number of %eneral &lectric microwaves sold by 'ome (e#ot last month _______________ 8 .The acceleration time of an automobile _______________ 9 .The tem#erature of a refrigerator  _______________ 10 .The number of #eo#le aboard a commercial air#lane Part III )dentify the measurement scale as nominal$ ordinal$ interval$ or ratio for each of thefollowing. _______________ 11 .the tem#erature readings in *ashington$ (.C. _______________ 12 .brand of la#to# com#uter  _______________ 13 .college ma+or  _______________ 14 .military rank  _______________ 15 .number of vehicles #roduced _______________ 16 .time required to download a com#uter file _______________ 17 .order of finish in the ,-- )ndiana#olis /-- auto race _______________ 18 .the color of the students’ hair in your statistics class Chapter 1What is Statistics? 1   _______________ 19 .Scholastic 0#titude Test 1S.0.T.2 scores for incoming freshmen _______________ 20 .number of #eo#le at a board of directors meeting Part IV  Select the correct answer and   write the a##ro#riate letter in the s#ace #rovided .  ______ 21 .The collection of all #ossible individuals$ ob+ects$ or measurements is called a .a sam#le. b .a ratio measurement. c .an inference. d .a #o#ulation ______ 22 .Techniques used to organi3e$ summari3e$ and #resent the data that have been collected arecalled a .#o#ulations. b .sam#les. c . descri#tive statistics. d .inferential statistics.  ______ 23 .4uantitative variables a  always use the interval level of measurement. b  always use the ratio level of measurement. c can not have 5ga#s6 between values. d  are either discrete or continuous  ______ 24 .Techniques used to estimate something about a #o#ulation$ based on a sam#le$ are called a .descri#tive statistics. b .inferential statistics. c .#o#ulations. d .sam#les. ______ 25 .*hich of the following is not true of the interval scale7 a.  the interval scale is used for ordered data b . equal differences in the characteristic lead to equal differences in the measurement c . the 3ero #oint on the interval scale re#resents the absence of the characteristicmeasured d . the interval scale is not used for numeric data What is Statistics?Chapter 1 2
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