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2014 RTCEUR Jay Zallan Hot Models Wanted

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2014 Revit Technology Conference Europe (RTCEUR) Class Presentation. (C) Jay B Zallan
    Session 4 | 3:00pm to 4:15pm Thursday, October 30 th  2014 Hot Models Wanted!!! Architecture +  Engineering  +  Construction  +  Operations =  1    Jay B Zallan  VDC BIM Director  Class Description    Single and group Hot Models wanted!!!    Become a superstar, right from your home or office!     Ten easy steps, simple steps, complex steps... Maybe more…    Embrace your complexity, embrace AECO’s complex-efficiencies and use them to make BIMs that can bring team, project, firm and maybe even the world a revolution of (Hot) Modelling & process-logic. Key Learning Objectives 1.   Become a Master of Sexy, Kinky BIM: How to efficiently give and receive hot, pleasurable building information 2.   Explore how to become a creator of (Hot) Model(s). 3.   Learn to create dynamic projects and processes. 4.   Learn how to Design and (Hot) Model FOR USE in Construction and beyond.  Tags: General (multi-discipline), BIM Management, Business Strategy/ leadership. All Levels  JayZallan  @JayZallan   (Hot) Models Wanted ((Architecture+Engineering)+Construction)=1  Jay B Zallan  | VDC BIM Director Page 2 of 45   About | J Architecture   |   Technology   |   Creativity    These are Jay B. Zallan’s professional passions. An oft intense and well experienced VDC BIM Leader. Jay is also an Artist and AECO technologist; has worked in AECO running the gamut from Designer to Project Manager and on into the VDC BIM leadership realms. Bringing unique & qualified insights into the business & creative processes of AECO Jay focuses on helping teams deliver on project success goals. Building efficient project delivery, communication and collaboration strategies Jay leverages technology and teamwork toward such ends. Mr. Zallan has more than 20 years of Architectural experience and enjoys a varied & diverse portfolio of Architecture and Art.  Jay is an Autodesk Expert Elite member, Autodesk Implementation Certified Expert, he is the AUGIworld magazine Revit Editor and Graphic Standards’ BIM Advisory Board contributor, as well as President of the Los Angeles Revit Users Group.  Jay is and has been a highly rated speaker at Autodesk University, Revit  Technology Conference North America as well as Europe, The BIM Workshops and a lecturer on Creativity & Architecture at the University of Southern California, Cal Poly, LACMA, as well as various AIA & CSI events. Portfolio: Email:  Twitter: @JayZallan    (Hot) Models Wanted ((Architecture+Engineering)+Construction)=1  Jay B Zallan  | VDC BIM Director Page 3 of 45   Hot Models = Sexy Kinky BIM  The play on words is not only for effect; the concepts actually fit and express some of the keys to master for creating and delivering more and more successful AECO BIM projects. What is Sexy Kinky BIM? Efficiently and pleasurably strategize, create, coordinate and communicate desirable data and information. Sexy because when the BIM processes are working efficiently, effectively and proactively then the results are beautiful. Kinky because our projects require every team and individual to both give information as well as receive information, depending on project needs. Efficiently and pleasurably setup, give and receive desirable (hot) building information models. Simple, Easy & Complex I suggest that a distinction can be made between easy and simple. Simple is defined as: “Composed of a single element; not compound” according to  The Googles. I use this definition to create more finite organization of actions in contrast to ‘easy’, which is defined as: “achieved without great effort; presenting few difficulties”. Hmmm, “without great effort”…”few difficulties” huh? That seems a bit vague and subjective to me so I use it herein with a bit of scepticism myself; but never mind that now, that’s a ‘beer-o-clock’ conversation… you can always approach me in person, email or tweet out to keep that conversation going.   (Hot) Models Wanted ((Architecture+Engineering)+Construction)=1  Jay B Zallan  | VDC BIM Director Page 4 of 45  I must admit that this idea is ever evolving but for now I work under the conceptual premise that “Simple” has a pair of potential options, with complexities or not; while easy has larger and varying amounts of possibilities and complexities. That said let’s look at three of what I will call simple steps. (Hot) Models | The Simple Steps Simple? Yes, these three are either/or’s in my opinion. Complex? Yes, Simply-Complex I find quite a bit. 00 | Strategy Having no strategy is still a strategy: just bad! I would like you to take an idea on-board and if we can agree on this one point, I think it will show that there are myriad good and bad ways to approach BIM; whether the (final) B uilding, the I nformation or “the” (Hot) Model … The worst possible project for everyone is bad That’s it, that’s all we need suppose. With that one assumption we can easily postulate that there is a positive converse; a ‘Good’ if you will; creating a continuum where there is a myriad of possible ideals and plateaus that are all certainly better than the worst possible project for everyone on the planet. (Yes I am also invoking a bit of the butterfly effect too : )
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