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23rd October,2014 Daily Global Rice E-Newsletter by Riceplus Magazine

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Daily Rice Global Rice e-Newsletter shared by Riceplus Magazine Riceplus Magazine shares daily International RICE News for global Rice Community. We publish daily two newsletters namely Global Rice News & ORYZA EXCLUSIVE News for readers .You can share any development news with us for Global readers. Dear all guests/Commentators/Researchers/Experts ,You are humbly requested to share One/Two pages write up with Riceplus Magazine . For more information visit ( + Share /contribute your rice and agriculture related research write up with Riceplus Magazine to , For Advertisement & Specs
    News Headline Today  Rice brokers stop buying as unsold stockpiles rise  Officials urge rice farmers in Trang to access funding  10,000 tonne rice sent to Tripura via Bangladesh  Drought season affects several rice paddies in Phichit and Khon Kaen  –   Pattaya Mail   News shared by RICE GROWER ASSOCIATION of AUSTRALIA   Nigeria: Govt Should Review Land Use Act, Encourage Agribusinesses to Alleviate Poverty  Pakistan to begin local production of Rice Bran Oil in December   News shared by RICE GROWER ASSOCIATON AUSTRALIA  The accidental scientist who changed Bangladesh  One-of-a-kind research on old rice fields in Cooper River  Why shift workers should avoid tucking into steak, brown rice or green veg at night: Iron-rich foods 'disrupt the body clock'  FG to increase domestic food production by 20m tonnes  FG Targets 20m Tonnes of Domestic Food Production by 2015  You'll Never Believe The Insane Amount Of Work It Takes To Harvest A Grain Of Rice   News Shared by PhilRice   News shared by USA Rice Federation  State tackles rice price issue head on   New centre opens in Brisbane to focus on healthier food research  Will the 4th International Rice Congress include what smallholder farmers need?  State tackles rice price issue head on Contact & Visit 7 th  Floor,Suite 11 Central Plaza New Garden Town Lahore-54600 Landline :92 3584 5551 For Advertisement Specs & Rates: Contact: 92 321 3692874   Daily Global Rice E-Newsletter 16 th  September, 2014   News Detail….   Rice brokers stop buying as unsold stockpiles rise By Zaw Htike | Thursday, 23 October 2014 A dramatic fall in the volume of rice exports has dragged prices downwards and threatens to drive small farmers off the land, farmers’ advocates have warned.  Until just weeks ago, rice exports to China via the border crossing at Muse in Shan State could reach 3500 tonnes a day. But following China’s seizure of rice from merchants accused of smuggling, daily rice exports at Muse have plummeted around 25 tonnes, leaving many merchants with unsold stock and unwilling to buy more from farmers.Nationwide exports have fallen by half since August, when exports hit 100,000 tonnes a month. As a result, local rice prices have tumbled, leading to fears that prices will fall further still, inflicting heavy losses on farmers who can no longer turn a profit, industry observers say. Emata paddy prices have now fallen to near the break-even level of K300,000 per 100  baskets, down from a high of K470,000 when the China trade was still booming.U Thein Aung, chair of Myanmar Freedom Farmers’ League, says making a living through rice growing is getting harder than ever, causing many small farmers to sell their land. Others are in search of financing after spending a lot on rice production inputs such as fertiliser in anticipation of a strong Chinese MARKET .―We’ve told the governmen t we’re prepared to  PAY up to 5  percent interest on a six- month loan,‖ said U Thein Aung. ―A lot of small farmers could leave the  business if they can no longer survive. At these prices, I don’t think many farmers can afford to invest in next summer’s crop. The situation is really terrible.‖In the past year, many farmers working five acres or less have sold their land and gone TO WORK  in big cities as garment or construction workers, street vendors or trishaw drivers, he said.The Chinese MARKET has played an outsized role for Myanmar rice exports in the past two years. It went from receiving almost no imports from Myanmar in 2011 to purchasing 59  percent of the country’s exports in 2013, according to a World Bank report released earlier this year.Commerce minister U Win Myint told The Myanmar Times  last week that the government had been negotiating with China to ease the blockage. While the rice trade is legal on the Myanmar side of the border, the problem has apparently arisen amid allegations of illegality on the Chinese side. Legalising it will REQUIRE    a health agreement with China, among other measures.―We’ve already signed a quality control agreement and I hope we can soon proceed to the next steps,‖ he said.Joint secretary of the Myanmar Rice Federation U Lu Maw Myint Maung agreed that if paddy  prices fell much lower, farmers could quit, despite measures brought in over the past three years to strengthen the sector, such as improved financing, policy liberalisation, and more aggressive export efforts. ―If farmers leave, the rice industry and export levels could fall again. All the effort we have invested would be in vain,‖ he said.U Lu Maw Myint Ma ung added, ―If we  can’t export at least 100,000 tonnes a month in the exporting season, prices will not be stable. Right now the export volume is 50,000 tonnes.‖  The sudden collapse threatens a promising rebound in the rice industry. For three consecutive years before 2013, farmers faced heavy losses due to flooding. The export MARKET  bounced back last year as the Chinese MARKET  boomed and western countries eased sanctions.U Lu Maw Myint Maung said the government should lend to rice traders to enable them to  buy from farmers at a higher rate, or should  buy rice directly as a buffer. ―But if the government does nothing, the rice industry will be badly hit,‖ he said. Many rice traders are already sitting on large stocks intended for the China market but now blocked, so have little interest in buying the new crop.The Chinese embassy in Yangon has not yet answered queries on the issue. Officials urge rice farmers in Trang to access funding Date : 23   ตลาคม   2557 TRANG, 23 October 2014 (NNT)  –   The Trang Provincial Agricultural Extension Office has farming areas under observation and is  providing more registration points to facilitate farmers' access to the government’s funding PROGRAM. The Trang Provincial Agricultural Extension Officer Boonliang Khaiman REPORTS that the office has surveyed all of the rice farming areas in the province. However, only 4,079 out of 13,882 rai of farmland, or 1,128 plots occupied by 781 households, have  been registered for the financial assistance PROGRAM. Therefore, the office has been WORKING with related agencies to provide mobile registration  points in every sub-district to encourage more farmers to register, said the agricultural extension officer. It is expected that the Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) will make payments to qualifying farmers in the first week of November, once their eligibility has been verified. The BAAC will provide more staff in areas with many farmers to help speed up the process. 10,000 tonne rice sent to Tripura via Bangladesh   fe Bureau | New Delhi | Published: Oct 23 2014, 02:36 IST The Food Corporation of India (FCI) has completed transportation of 10,000 tonne of rice to Tripura from Andhra Pradesh using Bangladesh territory.Sources told FE the last consignment consisting of 5,000 tonne of rice from Kakinada port, Andhra Pradesh, reached Agartala using the Bangladesh route a few days ago. A senior food ministry official said the successful transportation of foodgrain to Tripura via Bangladesh not only helped FCI in cutting down transportation costs but also helped commercial usage of Ashuganj port in Bangladesh. ―We will soon talk to the Bangladesh government for using other  ports for transportation of foodgrain to the north- eastern states,‖ a food ministry official said.At present, FCI transports grain for Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS) to north-eastern states such as Tripura via  trucks that have to negotiate tough geographical terrain, vagaries of nature and frequent roadblocks by insurgent groups. Besides, the railways is carrying out gauge conversion work between Assam and states such as Tripura , Manipur and Mizoram to improve the transportation  NETWORK .A truck travels more than 1,650 km to carry grain from Kolkata to Agartala through Guwahati  —   a distance that is reduced to 350 km through the Bangladesh route.As  part of a pilot project, FCI, following a  bidding process, had awarded the contract for transportation of foodgrain to Delhi- based logistical company SARR freight. To assess feasibility, for the first time Bangladeshi trucks carrying foodgrain from Ashuganj port were directly allowed into the FCI warehouse in Agartala so as to prevent a second transshipment at the Akhaura international border (Indo-Bangladesh  border).For the purpose of allowing Bangladesh trucks inside Indian territory, the ministry of external affairs had given necessary clearances and 'full truck scanners' were installed at the Akhaura checkpost.The Indian government had also made arrangements for escorting of Bangladesh trucks along with drivers up to the warehouse and the return journey, apart from providing transit visa to truck drivers. A few years ago, Dhaka had allowed state-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) land access to transport heavy machinery for the Palatana mega power  project in southern Tripura.The north-eastern states are not self-sufficient in grains such as rice and wheat, and depend on supplies from Punjab, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Drought season affects several rice paddies in Phichit and Khon Kaen  –   Pattaya Mail   indexed by mffun automatic October 23rd 2014 Drought season affects several rice paddies in Phichit and Khon KaenPattaya MailPHICHIT, 23 October 2014  –   The Royal Irrigation Department (RID) in Phichit province has sent a representative to INFORM rice farmers regarding the department's decision to stop distributing water to farmers living along the banks of the Chao Phraya River in …  Original post[: Drought season affects several rice paddies in Phichit and Khon Kaen  –   Pattaya Mail  News shared by RICE GROWER ASSOCIATION of AUSTRALIA Less than 3 days to go to save the Bunyip Bird The Bitterns in Rice Project’s crowd funding  campaign to raise $50,000 has less 3 days to go. So far the project has raised almost $45,000 from generous donors around Australia and the world.The globally endangered Australasian Bittern is one of the country's most poorly known birds, but recently a breeding population using rice

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