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sunday lunch
   A not-for-profit kitchen franchise Director & Executive chef, Monsignor Jerome Lloyd OSJV The Regency Tavern Proprietors, Messers Paul Smith & Robin Beels October 25 th  2014 SUNDAY MENU This week's Cherubs' have been... “Sunday Service” led by 2 nd   Chef Alex, assisted by Tracy, served by David  !eah atrick at the #ian$f$rte  ENTRÉES  Sautéed Prawn Salad    %&.( dressed with a )arlic, sweet chilli  citrus *us  Salami & Olive Mezze   %&.(  served with $live $il  t$asted #itta bread   Spinach & Feta oulade  %&.(  s#inach, feta cheese and t$asted #inenuts in #uff #astry MAIN COURSES  All served with h$+e+ade $rkshire #uddin), r$ast #$tat$es and seas$nal ve)etables  oa!ted op!ide o# Su!!e$ %ee# %-.(  oa!ted Por with 'raclin( %-.(  oa!ted Su!!e$ )amb  %(.-  oa!ted Supreme o# 'hicen  %(.- *rilled *ammon Stea %-.(  served with new #$tat$es, )ravy and seas$nal ve)etables  +n(li!h rout Fillet in ,hite ,ine Sauce  %(.-  served with new #$tat$es and seas$nal ve)etables  -utroa!t ,ellin(ton .v/  %-.(  #uff #astry filled with $ur $wn nutr$ast +ade fr$+ seas$nal ve)etables, herbs and +ixed nuts NEXT MONTH: TUES 11 NOV 6PM “MUSIC HALL” CHARITY NIGHT  CHERUBIC DESSERTS C$+#lete y$ur heavenly ban/uet with ah$+e+ade dessert...This week's “ Cherubs Kiss ” %0.- by Adi... a li)ht  Strawberr  flav$ured +$usse served with whi##ed crea+  s#rinkled candy  di! %aewell art    %0.-  served war+ with custard, ice crea+ $r #$urin) crea+  %ano##ee Pie  %0.- h$+e+ade with t$ffee, banana  crea+  a!pberr 'hee!ecae  %0.-  served with #$urin)1whi##ed crea+  pple & hubarb 'rumble  %0.-  served war+ with custard, ice crea+ $r #$urin) crea+  Simpl 3ce 'ream  %0.2 vanilla, strawberry $r ch$c$late he Famou! e(enc 'hee!eboard    %.-a selecti$n $f delici$us cheeses  served with biscuits, )ra#es and celery  .3. 4e use nuts5 we cann$t )uarantee the absence $f nuts $r nut #r$ducts in $ur f$$d.6n rare $ccasi$ns c$$kin) $ils +ay c$ntain 78 in)redients.   Ab$ut Cherubs ... we are a n$t9f$r9#r$fit  franchise $#erati$n that after c$sts will share any #r$fits with l$cal charities, es#ecially th$se c$nnected with #r$vidin) f$$d f$r th$se wh$ can't aff$rd it... treatin) y$urself, treats $thers... +akin) us all Cherubs ! TONIGHT AT 6PMTHIS FRIDAY AT 3PMAFTERNOON TEA & RECITAL MASSIMO REDAELLI  P)S 6S6 %'7 SO)O 83O)3-  SO- S & P 3 S  STEAK NIGHT & CABARET EVERY Tuesday 6-8.30pm TWO 7oz Steak Meals for £12.50THIS TUESDAY CABARET 8.30pm WITHMARK LANAHAN (vocalist)& JEROME LLOYD (pianist) Enjoyed your meal? Why not give us a review at Tripadvisor
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