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2mm Wargaming (slugs made of lead look like soldiers, infantry cavalry & artillery units)
  BaseDesigns for Horse, Foot and GunsUsing 2mmfigureblocks  Thedesigns on thefollowing pages areshown full size. I haveretainedthestandardbasesizes though it may havebeen possibleto reducethedepths in most cases.For thoseelements that PB has given a suggestedlayout I haveplacedthis on theleft with my versions to theright. Thefist is my preferredoption with any alternatives shown further to theright. In general my versions usemoreblocks.Somealternatives areperiodspecific, others arenot. I haveno doubt that other alternatives arepossiblebut I havetriedto makesurethat all basedesigns for a particular element aresimilar in layout andstill distinguishablefromother element types.Not all element types areincluded, I amstill working on themoreesoteric types.I haveincludedexplanatory notes whereI thought it was appropriateor necessary ans also somedescriptions of variants within thesamedesign.Having already producedtwo ACW armies (to somewhat different designs) I know that 2mmis an excellent choicefor theserules. I amin theprocess of completing a set of armies for theWar of theSpanish Succession andwill post pictures to thegroup when they areavailable(probably about theendof March).I wouldwelcomeany comments or suggestions on thesedesigns andwill usethemto modify andextendthis document with theeventual intent of sending a copy to PB. As it is clear that PB takes 2mmseriously (unlikemost other rules writers) they may havesomepositiveeffect on thepopularity of thescale. Tony Hughes 8th February 2003 Notes for theDiagrams ã Each bock is shown as thecorrect sizeandwith thecorrect number of figures. ã  Thenumber on theblock is Irregular’s codenumber for theblock. ã  Thosewith no letter arefromtheBG range(Horse& Musket) ã  Thosewith an R fromtheRBG range(Renaissance) ã  Thosewith an A arefromtheABG range(Ancient). ã Someblocks (mostly theopen order Foot andHorse) can becut into singlefigures or smaller groups (with care). Irregular units can bemademore‘realistic’ by doing this. ã  TheBG3(H&M skirmisher) is not a particularly goodblock andyou may prefer to replaceit with theRBG11(Renaissancedismounteddragoon) which is much superior andcan bequiteeasily separatedinto individuals. ã If you decideto modify any of thedesigns (or to suggest modifications to me) then pleasetry to keep thebasic layout similar anddo not makechanges that wouldmaketheelement similar in layout to another. ã It is often possibleto replaceoneblock with a similar one(e.g. in theartillery) andthis can bea simpleway of making smaller distinctions, such as for quality (e.g. Superior has a different sizedblock to Inferior or larger guns etc.)  11 111 13132 FlkMusStFBy(L)By(C)LIMin 333331417 1717 1711 1 Phil’sDescription40(4d)48(3d)48(6d)5Sk++26(2d)10Sk++2x16(4d)10Sk++20(2d)40-48(2d) Mm  3 3  10Sk 3 33 3 333 33 33333 3 333 33 33131 3131 31 313434 34233 3333 3314 14 Still 4d but spaced to indicategreater space between ranksand also wider to modelcontinuous front presented  A Galloper Gun can be addedas an option to indicateattached regimental artillerySame basic idea but thisrepresents the continuouslinear frontage of thesearmies better I think Could use 4 smaller 2 rank blocksfor earlier Mu to indicate greater depthand to distinguish from Fl  A wider block is better here I think. Later period Bay(e.g. ACW should have a2-rank block BG33Regimental artillery can also beadded to Bay (or to most other elements). Alternatives making use of the 6-ranks deep BG32Might as well indicate a solidblock of foot properlyStill not sure that this is thebest way to show Stoic Footbut then I’m still not convinced by the element type either Use 2xtwo rank blocksto make it easier to tellMin from Mu Again, I’d use a fullscreen of skirmishers  Again, I’d use a fullscreen of skirmishers The front 3 blocks could becut up and spread around andthe rear two could be the standing dismounted dragoons This is OK but I wouldadd a 3rd skirmish blockto give a full screen R11R11       R      2      6       R      3      2  BLRf  14 14 14171723 23 2323 23 2323 23 2323 2323 23 23 20L++2x16(4d)20L++26(2d) Sp Art(F) Art(Ho) Art(Hvy) Phil says these are “not inline or column” so I think thatthis is a better representationThis is OKIrish rebel pikemen or Russian Opolchenie militia ?Using Ren Pike & Shot blocks.  Alternate versionswith Mitraillueseas Gatling or other Machine Gun Probably any Ancient blockswould do here. I have chosena solid line of spearmenbacked by a looser mass of warriors. 4 blocks of ABG6may be better. A6 A6A18 A186 66  6 6  Done according to Phil’s noteswith Foot guns deployed andHorse guns limbered. Heavyguns have only 2 gun modelsand have 6 horse limbers plusa caisson. Artillery type will need to bemarked in some way or justdeclared in play. 2020       R      2      9      R      2      9 R222413 17 CP Has both a foot and amounted defence force,messengers andcommanders R5 R5 2  8 2  8 2  8        2      2      2     7      2      7  CuHC 55555555555555 LhSiPi 10Rs 55  8R8R12-16R++0-6R12-16R++0-6R  A swarm of separateskirmishing horse backed bya solid mass of horse.Could use Cossacks, Dragoonsor Demilance (for Turks)I like the feeling of depth thatthe 3-rank cavalry blocks giveso I would use those.The 2-rank blocks would do just as well though. Best I can think of for your idea of caracolling horse. It is possible to cutthe 2rk block into ranks so it mightbe better to use that. Another poss.may be single riders in a file goingdown the side (see above) I see Cuirassiers as a ‘one-shot’weapon so I have only giventhem a single rank. I still think a single rank is better but a 2 rank option should not‘clash’ with any other base design Standard Heavies tended toattack in ‘waves’ so I havegiven them 2 full ranks,well spacedSome of the 5/6 man Cavalryblocks can be cut up quite easilyand stuck randomly over thebase. Cossacks & RenaissanceDragoons are both good but Ancient horse bows would do for TartarsThis version represents thealternative description of thiselement - a small body of European horse, detachmentor similar unit. R21R21R21R21R21  R     2     3 R23184

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Jul 23, 2017
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