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MJ Moloney - ExxonMobil May-2012 0 Delayed Coker Coke Drum Structure Safety during Shutdowns & Maintenance a Presented by Mitch Moloney of ExxonMobil New Delhi India, October 2013 MJ Moloney - ExxonMobil Oct-2013 1 Delayed Coker Structure Safety during SD’s (3) Vapor Line Cleaning = Sister drum coking = Sister drum out of service = Coker out of service (5) Turnarounds = Falling Objects = Energy Isolation = Furnace Pigging (4)
  MJ Moloney -ExxonMobilMay-2012 0 Delayed Coker Coke Drum Structure Safetyduring Shutdowns & Maintenance   a Presented by Mitch Moloney of New Delhi India, October 2013  MJ Moloney -ExxonMobilOct-2013 1 Delayed Coker Structure Safety during SD’s (3) Vapor Line Cleaning=> Sister drum coking=> Sister drum out of service=> Coker out of service(5) Turnarounds=> Falling Objects=> Energy Isolation=> Furnace Pigging (4) Chemical Cleaning (1)Shutdown Scenarios Key Points Topics: (2) Normal Drum Decoke  MJ Moloney -ExxonMobil 2 Shutdown Scenarios Key Points: Normal Decoking Isolation  Deenergize and Lock-Out-Tag-Out (LOTO)  No entry to piping or drums  Ideally no exposure to open coke drum Oct-2013 Vapor Line Cleaning  Requires piping entry  Leakage of hydrocarbon & steam are a MAJOR concern  Energy Elimination and Isolation is Key Chemical Cleaning  Strategic coordination with Mechanical team for set up  Completed before final handover to Mechanical for Blinding  Worker exposure to hydrocarbon is key risk  Trips and Falls is 2 nd highest risk Turnarounds  Falling Objects, Fall Protection, Energy Isolation  Communication  Confined Spaces –Ventilation and Access Delayed Coker Structure Safety during SD’s  MJ Moloney -ExxonMobil 3 Normal Decoking SISTER DRUM in service & No entry to Piping=> Vibrations, bad relays, temporary jumper wires can move valves Oct-2013 Delayed Coker Structure Safety during SD’s PLC Interlocks -Nothing is Perfect=> Human Communication is not always complete, and human error does occurSite-1 has a complete PLC-based MOV interlock system=> However, they do not rely on this to prevent incidents during drum decoking=> They use a drum isolation procedure to ensure that the coke drum can be safely decoked by their operators and the hired contractor.=> All automated valves are de-energized around the open coke drum, except for the top water and cutting water valves. Steam is also available to the drum. => MOV switches are moved to OFF & contractor puts locks on the panel switches. => Site process operators verify the locks are in place. At Site-2, XOM AND the Coke Handling Contractor install locks on MOV switch.-There is only one key for the locks, that changes hands on shift change. In order to dehead the coke drum, this key is needed.
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