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XQ5200 Solar Taurus 60, T7300S 5.2 MW Mobile Power Unit Technical escri!tion Natural Gas SoLoNox Low Emission Industrial Turbine TAURUS 60 MOBILE POWER UNIT Turbine Generator Set Module (Basic Package): The Taurus 60 Industrial Power Generator (PG) is a comact! rugged gas turbine generator set that has been designed to meet the re uirements #or industrial ower generation alications$ The gas turbine engine! gearbo%! generator! control s&stem! #uel s&s
  XQ5200 Solar Taurus 60,T7300S5.2 MW Mobile Power UnitTechnical escri!tion Natural Gas SoLoNox Low Emission Industrial Turbine   TAURUS 60 MOBILE POWER UNIT Turbine Generator Set Module (Basic Package):The Taurus 60 Industrial Power Generator (PG) is a comact! rugged gas turbinegenerator set that has been designed to meet the re uirements #or industrial ower generation alications$ The gas turbine engine! gearbo%! generator! control s&stem! #uels&stem! lubrication s&stem! start s&stem! and ancillar& e uiment are included in the ackage$ 'eatures included in this roosal are: Base.  The base roides structural suort #or the Taurus 60 gas turbine engine! gear  bo%! generator! enclosure! and all oerating s&stems$ The base is manu#actured b& Solar using structural steel with welds er *S +,$,$  +ri ans are welded beneath the ackage #rame to collect otential li uid sills$ Thedri ans also roide a tight seal #or containment o# #ire suression agent$ Piping.  ll tubing and iing u to - inches nominal diameter is stainless steel$ Package iing is designed and #abricated to .SI B/,$/$ Tube Fittings.  ll tube connections use comression #ittings$ Tube #ittings are inc lated carbon steel$  Note: Throughout the proposal, all references to the package orientation (left, right,clockwise, counterclockwise, etc.) are based on standing at the aft (e.g. turbineexhaust) end of the package looking forward. Electrical System. The Taurus 60 IPG generator set is designed to coml& with there uirements o# the .ational 1lectrical 2ode and is intended to be installed in a non3haardous location er .'P /4$5nless otherwise noted ackage motors and heaters are rated #or -00 ac! 70 8ert! / hase$ 5nless otherwise noted single hase loads are rated #or 990 ac! 70 8ert$ GAS TURBINE ENGINE The Taurus 60 gas turbine engine is a single sha#t a%ial #low engine$ The outut gearbo%!including accessor& drie ads! is a searate! close3couled unit located at the inlet end o# the turbine$The engine assembl& consists o#: ã Gear unit with accessor& drie ads ã ir inlet collector with #le%ible #lange connection ã %iall& slit case in the ertical lane! twele3stage a%ial #low comressor withariable geometr& control on inlet guide anes and #irst three rows o# stators ã nnular combustor with ,9 #uel inectors ã Three3stage turbine assembl& ã Turbine e%haust collector The comonents o# the Taurus 60 engine are maintained in accurate alignment b& mating#langes with ilot sur#aces and are bolted together to #orm a rigid assembl&$ The seedreducing gear bo% is drien b& the comressor rotor sha#t$ ccessor& ads drie the mainlube oil um and other accessories! deending on the alication! and suorts thestarter motor$The gas turbine outut sha#t is mechanicall& couled to both the comressor and turbinesections o# the engine to #orm a ;solid; or ;single; sha#t con#iguration$ This #eatureenhances seed stabilit& and resonse under constant and ar&ing load conditions 33 ahighl& desirable #eature in generator alications re uiring recise #re uenc& control$  SPEED REDUCING GEARB! The speed-reducing gearbox is an epicyclic star-gear industrial designmanufactured by Solar specifically for the Taurus 60 PG generator. The gearboxmounts directly on the Taurus 60 gas turbine to reduce engine speed to 1500rpm 50 ! #. GENERATOR 3 Salient Pole! / Phase Generator with the #ollow characteristics: Rating. The generator is rated er .1M standards so that the generator will not limitturbine er#ormance oer the range o# site ambient temeratures$ Generator standard#eatures include: ã Sleee Bearings with ressure #ed sums ã Si%3lead *<1 connection ã Terminal bo% ã 'orm wound stator windings ã +amer windings ã =otor balance to ,97> rated seed ã Permanent magnet ilot e%citer  ã nti3condensation sace heaters ã /00> short circuit caabilit& #or ,0 seconds ã ?erload caacit& er .1M: ã ,70> rated current #or , minute ã ,,0> #or 9 hours #ltage Regulat#r C$aracteristics ã Solid state ã Single3hase sensing ã @,0> oltage adustment range ã 0$7> stead& state oltage regulation ã =eactie load sharing to within 7> namelate rating ã 2rosscurrent comensation caabilit& %a&e F#rm C$aracteristics ã +eiation 'actor Ama%imum6> ã 8armonic 2ontent Ama%imum/> ã Telehone Inter#erence 'actor70 ã Balanced =esidual47  #ltage Dri't.  The change in oltage will not e%ceed ,$0> oer a /0 minute eriodwhen the generator is oerating at rated oltage and 0$C to ,$0 ower #actor and with aconstant load between no load and #ull rated load$ Generat#r C#nstructi#n.  n oen dri roo# generator er .1M standards is roided$ Generat#r #ltage.  The generator outut is ,,!000 olt! / hase! 70 8$ Insulationcon#orms to .1M class ' with class ' (,07 0 2) temerature rise$ FUE( S)STE* The #uel s&stem! in conunction with the electrical control s&stem! includes all necessar&comonents to control the #uel ressure! to schedule #uel #low during start3u! and to modulate #uel #low during oeration$ Natural Gas Fuel.   s&stem caable o# oerating on natural gas is roided with allcomonents necessar& to maintain turbine seed to roide a constant generator outut#re uenc& andDor load deending on the generator set mode o# oeration$ SolarEsSeci#ication 1S F3FC contains seci#ic re uirements #or #uel and combustion air$ Natural Gas Fuel. The natural gas #uel s&stem includes: ã Primar& #uel shuto## ale ã Pilot3oerated secondar& #uel shuto## ale ã 1lectronic actuated #uel control ale ã ,03micron ilot gas #ilter  ã 2omressor discharge ressure gauge ã ,9 #uel inector assemblies ã ale check ressure switch ã ow gas #uel ressure alarm ã 8igh gas #uel ressure shutdown switch ã Gas strainer System Re+uirements   ã =e uires a constant sul& o# gas at a ma%imum #low demand rate o# /9$9 nm/Dmin (,900 sc#m) at ,497 kPa gauge (970 sig) minimum and 9040 kPa gauge (/00 sig)ma%imum ressure$ Gas #uel ressure is used to oerate the #uel s&stem ilot ale$ ã The gas #uel should be #ree o# sul#ur! contaminants! entrained water! and li uidh&drocarbons ã Gas #uel must con#orm to SolarEs Seci#ication 1S F3FC 


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