Accident investigation

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Accident investigation
   Accident Investigation Basics How to do a workplace accident investigation Developed by the Division of Occupational Safety & Health (DOSH) December, 2009  What you will learn    What is an accident or incident?  Why should you investigate both?  How do you find the true cause?  How should you investigate?  What should be the results of the investigation?  What are you required to do for L & I - DOSH?      What Is An Accident?  An unplanned, unwanted, but controllable event which disrupts the work process and causes injury to people. Most everyone would agree that an accident is unplanned and unwanted. The idea that an accident is controllable might be a new concept. An accident stops the normal course of events and causes property damage or personal injury, minor or serious, and occasionally results in a fatality.  What is an “Accident”?   By dictionary definition: “an unforeseen event”, “chance”,  “unexpected happening”, formerly “Act of God”    Hazardous conditions Close calls Minor injuries Severe Injuries Fatalities ã  From experience and analysis: they are  “caused occurrences”     –    Predictable - the logical outcome of hazards –  Preventable and avoidable - hazards do not have to exist. They are caused by things people do -- or fail to do .
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