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Achievement Theories for human efforts
  Motivation at Work  Chapter 5Nelson & Quick Copyright ©2005 by South-Western, a diision o! ho#son $earning% ll rights resered%  'e!inition o! (otiation Motivation -  the process of arousing and sustaining goal-directed behavior   ) *roups o! (otiational heories  Internal  Suggest that variables within the individual give rise to motivation and behavior   Example: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory  Process  Emphasie the nature of the interaction between the individual and the environment  Example: Expectancy theory  External  !ocus on environmental elements to explain behavior   Example: wo-factor theory  +arly hilosophers o! (otiational heories  Max #eber$wor% contributes to salvation& Protestant wor% ethic  Sigmund !reud$delve into the unconscious mind to better understand a person’s motives and needs  'dam Smith$(enlightened) self-interest& that which is in the best interest and benefit to the individual and to other  people  !rederic% aylor$founder of scientific management& emphasied cooperation between management and labor to enlarge company profits
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