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Advanced Heating & Hot Water Systems. Ultra High Efficiency Energy Star Listed Condensing Boiler

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Advanced Heating & Hot Water Systems A Trailblazing Energy Star Listed Boiler that Installs like a Mid-Efficiency Boiler with the Performance of a High-Efficiency Product Ultra High Efficiency Energy Star
Advanced Heating & Hot Water Systems A Trailblazing Energy Star Listed Boiler that Installs like a Mid-Efficiency Boiler with the Performance of a High-Efficiency Product Ultra High Efficiency Energy Star Listed Condensing Boiler HHTP Made In America TP Made In America Up to 96% Efficient 5:1 Turndown Ratio Single Loop Installation The Pioneer is a trailblazing Energy Star listed boiler that installs like a mid-efficiency boiler with the performance of a high-efficiency product. FEATURES AND BENEFITS High Efficiency Up to 96% Energy Star listed AFUE, this product uses less energy to meet desired heating loads and significantly reduces energy costs. The Alternative to Mid-Efficiency Products With ample thermal mass and no primary/secondary piping required, this unit is a replacement for mid-efficiency units. Hydronic Stabilization Stored hot water, or thermal mass, in the stainless steel tank provides a buffer against cycling during low load conditions. Low Maintenance Design The advanced hybrid cupronickel/stainless steel heat exchanger eliminates scale buildup through rapid thermal expansion / contraction, and its down fire characteristics allow for rapid removal of acidic condensate. Single Loop Installation The heat exchanger, constantly surrounded by water, is protected against flashing due to low flow conditions, eliminating the need for a primary/secondary piping setup. The Pioneer s low pressure drop eliminates the expense of high head boiler circulators. COMPETITIVE EDGE Pioneer Boiler Atmospheric Cast Iron Boilers Atmospheric Copper Fin Boilers Power Vented Non- Condensing Cast Iron Boilers Condensing Low Mass Boilers Efficiency Up To 96% 85% 85% 87% 90% Modulation YES NO NO NO YES Vent Category IV I I II or IV IV Required Vent Materials PVC or AL29-4C Stainless Steel Type B Materials or lined chimneys Type B Materials or lined chimneys AL29-4C Stainless Steel PVC or AL29-4C Stainless Steel Controls Modulating On/Off On/Off or Staged On/Off or Staged Modulating Piping Setup Single Loop Single Loop Primary/Secondary Single Loop Primary/Secondary Built in Air/Dirt Separator Thermal Mass for System Stabilization YES NO NO NO NO YES YES NO YES NO Eligible for Federal Tax Credit YES NO NO NO YES The Pioneer Boiler meets or exceeds the competition in all 9 of the categories highlighted in the chart above. The cutting-edge features, technological advancements, ease of serviceability, and energy savings make The Pioneer a superior alternative to mid-efficiency cast iron and copper fin boilers. The figures above are based on averages. Data was collected from various competitor sources. Changing the Course of Hydronics... A Closer Look At HTP s Pioneer Boiler T&P Relief Port Low Water Cutoff Sensor Hybrid Cupronickel/ Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger Stainless Steel Tank Air/Dirt Separator Lower Temperature Tank Sensor Alternate System Return Drain Port Location Air Intake to PVC Venting UL 636 Exhaust Adaptor to PVC Venting Air Vent Dual Tank Sensor ECO High Temp. Limit High Tank Temp. Sensor State of the Art Control Board Outdoor Reset Cascading Capabilities Easily Removable Cover Modulating Combustion Stainless Steel Burner Negative Regulation Gas Valve Maintenance and Service Made Easy Low maintenance heat exchanger design: 5 diameter combustion tube which connects to 1-1/8 down firing spiral tubes. The Pioneer s combustion and control system can be accessed by removing a light, molded cover. Easy access to control board, display and field connection board without the need for tools. The gas valve/burner assembly is detached by removing 6 simple nuts and one end of the flexible gas line to the valve. EASE OF INSTALLATION Space Heating Appliance and Buffer Tank In One No Boiler Loop Required Direct Connection to the Primary Heating Loop Low Pressure Drop PVC Venting Material - Easier Installation - Reduced Cost Simplified Retro Fitting for Cast Iron Boiler Replacements Combustion Air: Direct Vent / Room Air Intake PIONEER CENTRAL HEATING ZONE CIRCULATORS with IFC (TYP) RETURN NOTE: RECOMMENDED DRAIN FOR CLEANING EXISTING SYSTEMS BALL VALVE (TYP) AIR VENT RETURN TO SYSTEM SUPPLY MAKE-UP WATER BACKFLOW PREVENTER PRESSURE EXPANSION TANK REDUCING VALVE DRAIN TEMPERATURE AND PRESSURE GAUGE (TYP) T&P VALVE ALTERNATE LOWER RETURN CONFIGURATION NOTE: RECOM MENDED DRAIN FOR CLEANING EXISTING SYSTEMS LP-325-F Advancing Hydronics Technology... Pioneer Boiler Dimensions and Specifications SUPPLY D RETURN AIR VENT C L T&P PORT F RETURN PORT SUPPLY PORT B K E G H A DRAIN VALVE J PIONEER DIMENSIONS MODEL # GALLONS A B C D E F G H J K L PHR PHR 53 6-1/2 8 22 7-1/2 8 6 34 45 1-1/4 PHR PHR MODEL # MODULATION RANGE AIR INTAKE/EX HAUST VENT SIZE PHR , ,000 2 PHR , ,000 2 PHR , ,000 3 PIONEER SPECIFICATIONS SUPPLY/RETURN SIZES AIR VENT PHR , ,000 3 All standard Pioneers are built to fire on Natural gas. LP conversion kits are included with the product.. GAS CONN SHIPPING WEIGHT. 1-1/4 NPT 1/8 NPT 3/4 175LBS LP-325-L STANDARD FEATURES - Modulating Burner - 5:1 Turndown Ratio - Venting Options - Room Air Intake - Concentric - Flexible Vent Pipe - Up to 200 combined ft. - Single Loop Installation - 12 Year Limited Warranty INCLUDED IN THE BOX - Pressure and Temperature Gauge - 30 PSI Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve - Intake PVC Tee w/ Screens - Exhaust PVC Coupling w/ Screens - Installation Manual - Outdoor Sensor OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT - System Sensor - Indirect Tank Sensor - 3, 4, 6 Stainless Steel Outside Termination Vent Kit - 3 PVC Concentric Vent Kit - U.L. 353 Compliant Low Water Cutoff w/ Manual Reset - Alarm System to Monitor Failures - PC Connection Kit - Condensate Neutralizer Pioneer Model Energy Star Listed AFUE PHR % PHR % PHR % PHR % HTP MKTLIT-16 09/ Braley Road. East Freetown, MA 02717
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