AK4414EQ Eval Board Rev0

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  [AKD4414-SA][KM109500] 2012/07- 1 - GENERAL DESCRIPTION The AKD4414-SA is an evaluation board for AK4414, 32bit 4ch DAC, supporting DVD-Audio. The AKD4414-SA has digital audio interfaces, enabling to interface to digital audio systems via optical or coaxial connector.  Ordering Guide  AKD4414-SA ---  AK4414 Evaluation Board(Control software is attached) FUNCTION   Three digital audio interfaces- Coaxial Input- Optical Input- 10pin Header for serial control mode   USB control port   On-board Analog output buffer circuitAK4118A COAX InOptIn 2nd Order LPFLOUT1ROUT1LOUT2ROUT210pin Header (DSP) +15V USB(CTRL) PIC18F4550 AK4414 -15V Power Circuit [+5V  ←  +15V] toVREFH1,2and DD1,2Power Circuit [+3.3V  ←  +15V] toAVDDand DVDDto D3Vfrom D3VRegulator (T1) [+5V  →  +3.3V] Figure 1. AKD4414-SA Block Diagram ( Note 1) Note 1. Circuit diagram and PCB layout are attached at the end of this manual. AK4414 Sound Evaluation Board Rev.0 AKD4414-SA  [AKD4414-SA][KM109500] 2012/07- 2 -  Operation Sequence 1) Setup the power supply lines. 2) Setup the evaluation mode. 2-1) Evaluation of D/A using AK4118A (DIR) (Coaxial connector) <default>2-2) Evaluation of D/A using AK4118A (DIR) (Optical connector)2-3) All interface signals including master clock are fed externally (PORT2) 3) Jumper pins and Switch setting. (See the followings.) 3-1) Jumper pin setting3-2) DIP switch setting 4) Power on.  [AKD4414-SA][KM109500] 2012/07- 3 - 1) Setup the power supply lines.  Name Color Voltage Breakdown Note+15V Red +12  +15V Power circuit,Input/Output Buffer (OP Amp.) Must be connected.-15V Blue -12  -15V Input/Output Buffer (OP Amp.) Must be connected.GND Black 0V Ground Must be connected.Table 1. Power Supply Lines ( Note 2) Note 2. Each supply line should be distributed separately from the power supply unit 2) Evaluation Mode 2-1) D/A Evaluation using the AK4118A (DIR) (Coaxial connectior) < default >The AK4118A generates MCLK, BICK, LRCK, SDATA1 and SDATA2 from the data from the BNCconnector (J1). Evalutations using a test CD and etc. are available( Note 3).Setting: R46 = “open”, R48 = “short (0Ω)”  Note 3. Coaxial connection is recommended when evaluating the sound quality.2-2) D/A Evaluation using the AK4118 (DIR) (Optical connectior)The AK4118A generates MCLK, BICK. LRCK, SDATA1 and SDATA2 from the data from the opticalconnector (PORT1). Evalutations using a test CD and etc. are available.Setting: R46 = “ short (0Ω) ”, R48 = “open”2-3) All interface signals including the master clock are supplied externally (PORT2)Setting: R30, R32, R34, R36, R38 = “open”, R29, R31, R33, R35, R37 = “short ( 0Ω )” 3) Jumper Pins and Switch Setting 3-1) Jumper Pin Setting[JP1 (DZF1)]: Selects connection to the DIF1/DZF1 pinOPEN : Serial Control ModeSHORT : Parallel Control Mode < Default >[JP2 (DZF2)]: Selects connection to the ACKS/DZF2 pin.OPEN : Serial Control ModeSHORT : Parallel Control Mode < Default >[JP3 (DSDR1)]: External Digital Signal (DSDR1) Input Pin Header In serial control mode, this jumper pin can be used as an input pin header for externaldigital signals.[JP4 (PIC)]: Not for UseFixed to “Open”. Do not connect anything.  [AKD4414-SA][KM109500] 2012/07- 4 -3-2). SW SettingSwitch Up: “ON (H)”, Switch Down: “OFF (L)”.[SW3] (SW DIP-2): AK4118A Setting No. Name ON (“H”) OFF (“L”) Default1 OCKS1 Master Clock setting for AK4118ARefer to Table 5ON2 OCKS0 OFFTable 2. AK4118A Mode Setting[SW4] (SW DIP-6): AK4414 Setting 1Table 3. AK4414-1 Mode Setting[SW5] (SW DIP-6): AK4414 Setting 2Table 4. AK4414-2 Mode Setting No. Name ON (“H”) OFF (“L”) Default1 SMUTE SMUTE ON SMUTE OFF OFF2 TDM1 Audio I/F Format for AK4414Refer to Table 6OFF3 TDM0 OFF4 DEM1 De-emphasis ControlRefer to Table 7OFF5 DEM0 ON6 PSN Parallel Control Mode Serial Control Mode ON No. Name ON (“H”) OFF (“L”) Default1 SLOW Digital Filter SettingRefer to Table 8 OFF2 ACKS Auto Setting Mode Manual Setting Mode ON3 DIF2Audio I/F Format for AK4414Refer to Table 6OFF4 DIF1 ON5 DIF0/CAD1 OFFCAD1pin= “H” CAD1pin= “L”6 SD/CAD0Digital Filter SettingRefer to Table 8 ONCAD0pin= “H” CAD0pin= “L”
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