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Learn to help the body to heal and run optimally by changing its alkalinity.
  REVERSE AGING HANDBOOK  BY SANG WHANG  Reverse Aging  addresses the various kinds of acidic waste and acid-induced diseases. It has become evident that these diseases are the result of bicarbonate deficiency. This handbook examines the causes of bicarbonate reduction and the sources of acid production in our body.  One of mankind’s universal desires is to live a healthy and long life. We spend fortunes to extend our life and maintain good health. We also spend an enormous amount of time researching the causes of aging and ways of reversing the aging process. All the theories on aging are complicated and not easy to understand. The aim of this booklet is to present a simple scientific explanation of aging and an equally simple scientific method to reverse the aging process without any diet or exercise.  For those of you with an intelligent and open mind, you will have no difficulty understanding this and may wonder why this simple fact was not known to mankind, until the 21 st  century.We work very hard only to arrive at the average age of 45 when our physical bodies start to deteriorate and nothing seems to help. You will discover the scientific reasons for these phenomena in the following pages. The good news is that you can stop this downhill trend!Some of mankind’s greatest discoveries are profoundly simple. May God bless you and give you the wisdom to use the information in this booklet to your benefit. In Health, Sang Whang  Founder, Alkalife 3  Introduction I am neither a medical doctor nor a biologist. I am an electrical engineer, scientist and inventor. I invented cornea measuring devices, multi-focal soft contact lenses, electronic filters, high speed modems, among other things.In 1986, at the age of 55, I was suffering from high blood pressure and was taking blood pressure pills for it. I bought a water ionizer that electrically splits regular tap water into alkaline water and acid water. I was told that drinking alkaline water may lower my blood pressure. To make a long story short, in six weeks, I was able to stop taking the blood pressure pills. Initially, I was very happy; however, not knowing why the blood pressure went down bothered me. I wondered if it could have been psychological, or a short-term phenomenon, or that it may be doing some long-term damage with negative side effects. This prompted me to research why my blood pressure was normalized by simply drinking alkaline water. This research led me to the discovery of the human aging process and its reversal. This is not a medical discovery, but a scientific discovery.In 1990, I wrote Reverse Aging 1 . Today, over 250,000 copies are in circulation. Not only that, it is translated into many 4
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