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Alternative Family Law Project Informed Consent Form

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Please read and ensure you understand the following form before submitting any information to its author.
   Principle Information Collector: Jennifer Ball Informed Consent form for submissions to the Alternative Family Law Project This Informed Consent for is for the individuals of all genders who I am inviting to participate in my alternative law project. Introduction I am Jennifer, a third year law student in Family Law. I have the opportunity to do an alternative  project rather than a formal research paper for my family law class (so oviously, Imma do that!. The assignment is an opportunity to research one particular aspect of the issues that arise in the familylaw materials covered so far in my course e#ploring the suject with respect to the themes and tensions raised and identified in Canadian family law. $e have een encouraged to challenge the formal concept of research papers and loo% to alternative methods to e#plore these topics. ! # & I do not consider this to e an official'formal research analysis. I am fully aware of the natural ias that may emerge from as%ing a sample) from my friends and fellow *edditors. Concerns relating to the use of *eddit for research collection are well laid out here& http&'''r'lgt'comments'lstdy'. If you have any +uestions resulting from that article, do not hesitate to contact me. Purpose of the project ne of the most fascinating and comple# areas of family law for me is the ma%eup of the family and the legal framewor% that shapes it. $hen as%ed, -$hat is a family- we fre+uently conjure the image of the nuclear, hetero/normative family. 0ut for some (in fact, many!, this is not what their family loo%s li%e. There are same/se# parents, single parents y choice or otherwise, arranged marriages, artificial insemination, lended families, considering your dogs'cats'unnies'plants your aies, living in a multi/generational household, new partners, friends are your closest family, etc.$hile family law, especially in 0ritish Columia, is moving towards opening up the definition of family,) it still lags ehind the social reality of Canada. I want to create a -family photo alum- with  photos of what'who you consider family along with a rief description or story aout why this is your family. I want to show that there is no -right- or -perfect- family, there1s only -yours.- The photos needn1t e perfect, ut reflective. 2our views and understanding of what ma%es a family are completely individual to you, and I want to hear aout it. $oluntary Participation $ith this in mind, I recogni3e that family) is a deeply personal matter. It is not my goal to ma%e anyone feel uncomfortale. If there1s any +uestions, feel free to message me, or if you would li%e to invite anyone else to e a part of this project, do so. 4age 5 of 6   %uration $ith an impending due date, I would li%e to receive any and all sumissions y 7unday, ctoer 68, 695:. &eimbursements  ;othing< 0ecause I=m a ro%e/ass/ro%e student. Confidentiality ' (harin) of &esults The information that I collect from this project will e %ept confidential. Information aout you that will e collected during the research will only e seen y myself and my family law professor. It will not e shared with or given to anyone. nce sumitted, all information I have received will not e stored ut destroyed. &i)ht to &efuse or *ithdraw 2ou do not have to ta%e part in this research if you do not wish to do so. 2ou may also stop  participating in the research at any time you choose efore 7unday, ctoer 68. It is your choice and all of your rights will still e respected. +++Contact+++ 4lease send all sumissions and +uestions to the email I have specifically created for this assignment familylawprjct> PA& II: Certificate of ConsentI have read the fore)oin) information, I have had the opportunity to as- .uestions about it and any .uestions that I have as-ed have been answered to my satisfaction, By submittin) my photo and story to Jennifer Ball/ I consent voluntarily to participate as a participant in this project, 4age 6 of 6


Jul 23, 2017
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