Amber's Halloween Story

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Amber's Short Story
  Knock Knock By: Amber Sheridan  There was a 12 year old girl called Lucy. One night she was watching a moie in her liing room. !er mom   was gone out toa work arty# so she$s home with her 1% year&old sister 'arly. She$s been watching the moie (or about an hour now and she$s )nished all her o corn# she goes to the kitchen to get some more. *hile the o corn is in the microwae she looks u at the clock on the wall. The clocks big hand is ointing to 1 and the small one is ointing to 1+.She mutters to hersel( ,Thatcan$t be ossible# - started the moie at 1+ o clock./ust a(ter she said that the glass o corn bowl smashed to the ground. She immediately runs u stairs to her sister 'arly. She asks her what time it is. 'arly says# hal( ten. Lucy says ,0o its not - ust checked its 1+:+.'arly shows the time on her hone to Lucy.1+:3+ it says. Lucy tells 'arly about the bowl (alling and they both go down to clean it u . *hile they were going down the stairs# the doorbell rang. 'arly goes to o en it. She o ens it and no ones there. Lucy whis ers ,*ha&what i( its a&a ghost4 'arly laughs , -ts robably someone laying ding dong ditch. ,But what about the bowl (alling4#Lucy said.- don$t know. /ust come on and hel me clean it u . They walk into the kitchen and )nd the bowl er(ectly not smashed on the counter.Are you laying games with me4'arly asked.0o - swear the bowl (ell. -t (ell when - was looking at the clock# Lucy said and ointsto the clock.1+:32 it says.5on$t call me again unless there$s something serious like a )re#said 'arly#5o you understand4Lucy nodds her head. 'arly runs u stairs to )nishher homework. By the time thats all ha ened# the o corn gotcold#so she throws it in the bin and runs u stairs. About 2 hourslater#around midnight# she wakes u in a uddle o( sweat. She hears banging on the door. Lucy$s too scared to o en it. So she runs to her sister$s room. 'arly$s not there. So she runs to her 6om$s room instead# she$s not there either. Lucy climbs into her 6om$s bed and crys hersel( to slee . She hears someone saying#7ou should o( o ened the door oer and oer again. Lucy gets so scared she dies (rom shock. The ne8t morning their auntie Lou came oer. She )nds 'arly# Lucy and their 6omall in the bed and dead.  T HE  E ND  
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