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An ASAM-ODS solution for Airbus Industries using a web-service approach. ORME Marie-Laurence MEYER

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An ASAM-ODS solution for Airbus Industries using a web-service approach ORME Marie-Laurence MEYER Objective: flight tests acoustics analysis in Airbus ASAM ODS presentation Why use ASAM-ODS in Airbus?
An ASAM-ODS solution for Airbus Industries using a web-service approach ORME Marie-Laurence MEYER Objective: flight tests acoustics analysis in Airbus ASAM ODS presentation Why use ASAM-ODS in Airbus? Why use Web services in Airbus? Some details on the implementation of the solution The resulting acoustics applications How can it be used elsewhere? 2 ASAM: Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems Initiative of German Car manufacturers Standards for data models, interfaces and syntax specifications Applications: testing, evaluation, simulation ASAM interfaces for testing systems 3 ASAM ODS Open Data Services: version Client Client Client What for? Universal interpretation of data Model management Data storage & retrieval Data exchange syntax & format How? Defined by a standard Implemented by a server Over a DBMS Provides a CORBA or RPC interface CORBA or RPC ODS Server Physical storage Database 4 Created by HighQSoft GmbH ASAM ODS v5 compliant CORBA and RPC implementation Full multithreading capabilities Mixed mode support Extended query support Various databases support ATHOS server That s why ORME chose ATHOS for their aircraft noise data management projects. 5 ASAM ODS Architecture : Object-based architecture Base model Minimal set of objects Rough data classification Covers the needs of various application areas Application model Specialization of the elementary bricks Adapted to specific needs Instances Testing systems create instances of application elements. They are stored by the ODS server. Example relation between base model, application model and instances 6 ASAM ODS base model 7 Why ASAM ODS in Airbus? ASAM ODS Need of a standard for data exchange between several companies Airbus Snecma Wind Tunnel test centers Several suppliers Acoustic data management Acoustic data management fits in well with ASAM ODS Use of TrackReport (ASAM ODS client) for acoustic data post-processing and reporting Skills of ORME s development team in ASAM ODS 8 Software architecture: why use web services in Airbus? Oracle Server SQL*Net ASAM-ODS Server : ATHOS CORBA Local PC TrackReport Export files Specific software applications Print Test data analysis and reporting Copy /Paste 9 Software architecture: why use web services in Airbus? Oracle Server ASAM-ODS Server OdsWebService HTTP SQL*Net CORBA Local PC OdsWebServiceClient.dll Export files Specific software applications Print TrackReport Copy /Paste 10 What is a web service? ODSWebService Definition from W3C: Web Service is a software application identified by a URI, whose interfaces and bindings are capable of being defined, described, and discovered by XML artifacts and which supports direct interactions with other software applications using XML-based messages via internet-based protocols . 11 Web service engine OdsWebService is hosted by Apache Axis2 web services engine Why do we need a web service engine? Security Performance Ease of use The web service engine takes care of all the complicated and error-prone work, like http communication, security checks, message parsing and formatting or error handling. The only part remaining to design is the service implementation, that is, translating XML requests into CORBA calls and formatting ATHOS answers into an XML response. 12 Remote client ODSWebService: Sample message exchange SOAP Response from OdsWebService changed into a C structure by the dll OdsWebServiceClient.dll User call to dll: get attribute( ) Changed into a SOAP message by the dll Request Response OdsWebService 13 OdsWebService: blob transfer SwA stands for SOAP with Attachments SwA is a method of efficiently sending binary data to and from Web services. 14 ASAM ODS in Airbus: acoustic data management Acoustic flight tests of aircrafts produce huge amounts of data The hierarchy of concepts involved in the certification process fits in very well with the ASAM ODS base model AoMeasurement Acquisition AoUnitUnderTest Aircraft AoUnitUnderTestPart AoTestEquipment Engine Microphone Security-related requirements would be fulfilled too Instance-wise authorizations Element-wise authorizations 15 Contra Rotating Open Rotor application On-line / post processing software for CROR acoustic data ASAM-ODS Data Base Local PC CROR TrackReport Export: - Dream text files - Ascii files Watch-dog Print Dream-raw data files Aerodynamic Data Microphone parameters Specific software (developed for Airbus): On-line processing Post-processing with the Acoustics library Export pdf files Copy /Paste pdf Frequency corrections Acquisition Data & Results (ATF-XML files) 16 Acoustic data analysis in Aeronautics with TrackReport 17 How can it be used elsewhere? ASAM Database ODSwebService (Java class libary) ORME OdsWebSerciceClient.dll ORME C, C++ software application Customer Customer Web page (php, jsp, ) 18 OdsWebService: message list Connect CreateChannel CreateInstance CreateMeasurement CreateRelatedInstances CreateRelation DeleteInstance DeleteRelatedInstances DeleteRelation GetApplicationModel GetAsamPath GetAttributes GetBaseModel GetBlob GetBlobHeader GetBlobValues GetInstances GetLcFlags GetLcValues GetLocalColumn GetRelatedInstances QueryExt SetAttributes SetBlob SetBlobHeader SetBlobValues SetLcFlags SetLcValues SetLocalColumn SetName 19 For any further information, please feel free to contact: Marie-Laurence : or Nicolas: 20
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