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Anatomy 2 - Comprehensive Mnemonics

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  ANATOMY 2 - Comprehensive MNEMONICS ã BRACHIAL PLEXUS: Roos! Tr n#s! $ivisions! Cor%s! Br&n'hes ã Randy Travis Drinks Cold Beers. ã Robert Taylor Drinks Cold Beer. ã CRANIAL NER(ES: I-optic, II-olfactory, III-oculomotor, IV-trochlear, V-trieminal, VI-abducens, VII-facial, VIII-acoustic !vestibulocochlear , I#-lossophrayneal, #-vaus, #I-spinal accessory, #II-hypolossal ã $n $ld $lympus To%erin Tops, & 'inn &nd (erman Vie%ed )ome *ops ã $n $ccasion $ur Trust Trucks &cts 'unny !Very (ood Vehicle, &nyho% ã +ou have I nose. +ou have II eyes. !I - $lfactory II -- $ptic ã Innerv&ion o) E*r&o' +&rmoor M s'+es: ã LR, SO./ 0 ã R--ateral rectus--/ VI abductens ã )$0--)uperior $bli1ue--/ IV Trochlear ã 2--The remainin 0 eyeball movers 3 III ã S ome S ay M arry M oney, B ut M y B rother S ays B i  B ras M atter M ore ã &lternatively4 ã S ome S ay M arry M oney, B ut M y B ride S ays B i  B alls M atter M ore ã !%hat cranial nerve is 5otor, )ensory, or Both ã BRANCHES O1 1ACIAL NER(E:   T emporal,  yomatic,  B uccal, M& sseteric,  C ervical ã T en  ebras B ouht M y C ar ã $r4 ã T %o  ebras B orro%ed M y C ar ã T o  an6ibar B y M otor C ar ã AORTIC BRANCHES: ã ABC3S ã A ortic arch ives off the B racheiocephalic trunk, the left C ommon Carotid, and the left S ubclavian artery ã Per45oi% m s'+es: ) n'ion o) +&er&+ vs6 me%i&+ 7ook at ho% your 8a% ends up %hen sayin first syllable of 9 L& teral9 or 9 Me dial9 74 7 L& 74 your 8a% is no% open , so L& teral opens  mouth. 7 Me 74 your 8a% is still '+ose% , so me dial '+oses  the mandible. S pine vs6 prone 7o%4 posiion 7 S pine  is on your spine . 7:  Therefore, prone9s the 7other7 one. ; &lso, prone  to suffocate in prone  position. Me'#e+3s %iveri' + m %e&i+s 2  inches lon. 2  feet from end of ileum. 2  times more common in men. 2 < occurrence in population. 2  types of tissues may be present. ; =ote4 7 %i- 7 means 7 8o 7, so %i verticulum is the thin %ith all the 8o s. C&verno s sin s 'onens 9O TOM CAT 4 7$ T$5 are lateral %all components, in order from superior to inferior. C& are the components %ithin the sinus, from medial to lateral. C& ends at the level of T from $ T$5. ; )ee diaram. O cculomotor nerve !III T rochlear nerve !IV O  phthalmic nerve !V: M a>illary nerve !V? C arotid artery A  bducent nerve !VI T 4 @hen %ritten, connects to the T of $ T $5. C&roi% she&h 'onens 7  I See ; CC 9s in the I( 74 I )ee !I.C. 3 I nternal C arotid artery:A 3 C= ;  !Vaus nerve CC 3 C ommon C arotid arteryIV 3 I nternal uular ( ein (0 innerv&e% m s'+es 7 M4   A   M  eets T  he T  oilet74 M4 lohyoid A nterior diastric M uscles of M astication T ensor veli palatini T ensor tympani Cr&ni&+ 7ones 7  PEST O1 74 P arietal E thmoid S  phenoid T emporal O ccipital 1 rontal; The  8ust reminds that there9s  of them to remember. Th4roi%: ishm s +o'&ion  7 Rins 2!0!.  make the ishm s )+oor 74 Ishm s  overlies tracheal rins 2!0!. Cervi'&+ p+e* s: &rr&n5emen o) he impor&n nerves 7  <LAST 74 ; 0 compass points4 clock%ise from north on the riht side of neck4 < reat auricular  L esser occipital?  A ccessory nerve pops out bet%een  and ) S upraclavicular  T ransverse cervical; )ee diaram. E*ern&+ '&roi% &rer4 7r&n'hes 7 S ome A ressive L overs 1 ind O dd P ositions M ore S timulatin74 S uperior thyroid A scendin pharyneal L inual 1 acial O cciptal P osterior auricular  M a>illary S uperficial temporal E*ern&+ '&roi% &rer4 7r&n'hes 7 S ister L ucy9s P o%dered 1 ace O ften A ttracts S illy M edicos74; Before enterin the parotid land4 S uperior thyroid L inual P osterior auricular  1 acial O ccipital A scendin pharyneal; nds as4 S uperficial temporal and M a>illary bifurcatin in the in the parotid land Lin5 &+ nerve 'o rse The inual nerveTook a curve&round the *yolossus.7@ell I9ll be fEFkedG7)aid @harton9s Duct,7The bastard9s one and crossed usG7 E*ern&+ '&roi% &rer4 7r&n'hes   7 S ome A natomists L ike 1 EFkin, O thers P refer S  H M 74 S uperior thyroid A scendin pharyneal2  L inual 1 acial O ccipital P osterior auricular  S uperficial temporal M a>illary; &lternatively4 A s S he L ay 1 lat, O scar9s P assion S lo%ly M ounted7. E*ern&+ '&roi% &rer4 7r&n'hes 7 S ome A  berdeen L adies 1 Fck, O thers P refer M anual S timulation74; 'rom inferior to superior4 S uperior thyroid A scendin pharyneal L inual 1 acial O ccipital P osterior auricular  M a>illary S uperficial temporal Be++3s p&+s4: s4mpoms BELL3S P&+s4 4 B link refle> abnormal E arache L acrimation deficient, e>cessJ L oss of taste S udden onset P&+s4  of VII nerve muscles; &ll symptoms are unilateral.   E*r&o' +&r m s'+es 'r&ni&+ nerve innerv&ion 7  LR,SO. res 0 74 L ateral R  ectus is , th S uperior O  bli1ue is . th res  are all 0 rd cranial nerve Th4roi%s: re+&ive si=es Thyroid looks like a bra !see picture .Breasts are bier in %omen, so thyroid bier in %omen.Krenant %omen have biest breasts of all, so they have the biest thyroids. S perior or7i&+ )iss re: sr ' res p&ssin5 hro 5h 7 L a6y 1 rench T arts L ie N aked I n A nticipation O f S e>74 L acrimal nerve0
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