Announcing the Glow All Natural Moisturizer

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Glow All Natural Moisturizer is well... AWESOME! It’s a coconut oil based all natural moisturizer for hair, face and body.
  Announcing the Glow All Natural Moisturizer Glow All Natural Moisturizer is well... AWESOME! It’s a coconut oil based all natural moisturizer for hair face and bod. Dallas, TX – October 24, 2014 – Glow Moisturizer is an all natural cosmetics company hopin to brin sa!er alternati es !or s#in care an$ moisturizin nee$s%Glow Moisturizer is a company that cares !or the customers& health an$ happiness an$ they use only the hihest 'uality inre$ients(Glow all natural moisturizer is a coconut oil base$ cream that is sa!e an$ all natural%)t is hypoallerenic an$ has healin properties that help $e!eat s#in con$itions such as eczema, $ry s#in an$ sunburn% )t also contains *hea +utter which increases the elasticity o! the s#in an$ i es your s#in lon lastin moisture% Glow all natural moisturizer can also ai$ in hy$ratin s#in to $ecrease wrin#les an$ stretch mar#s%  ery home shoul$ ha e a tin o! Glow as an essential part o! s#incare%Glow Moisturizer&s ob-ecti e is to $eli er sa!e, hih 'uality natural s#in moisturizer ma$e with the purest inre$ients% )ts !rarance line will wow your senses while the essential oils line carries a$$itional me$icinal bene.ts% *hare your e/perience with !rien$s an$ !amily an$ en-oy your new Glow( About the creator of Glow Moisturizer *a.ya Moran has been a hue !an o! natural pro$ucts all o! her li!e( *he was raise$in ali!ornia where she earne$ her +achelors Deree in ealth *cience% *a.ya stu$ie$ olistic healin an$ alternati e me$icine an$ thats where she aine$ a $eeper interest in better li in an$ healthier li!estyles% *a.ya has always been !ascinate$ with the i$ea that we can heal an$ care !or our bo$ies with natural reme$ies that come !rom the arth as oppose$ to harm!ul chemicals create$ in a !actory% Thats where her true passion !or all natural pro$ucts was born( *a.ya starte$ o3 ma#in her own homema$e moisturizers mainly !rom oils an$ essential oils that she #ept aroun$ the house% *he was surprise$ to see that it was really e3ecti e, a3or$able an$ so much !un( er hobby e ol e$ into a business with the help !rom her brother an$ they ha e $e elope$ this won$er!ul coconut oil base$ pro$uct that the entire worl$ can bene.t !rom% ith your help an$ her $e$ication, we can brin natural healthier li!estyles to people all o er the worl$( To learn more Glow Moisturizer or to help support their Kickstarter campaign, please visit: https566www%#ic#starter%com6pro-ects617789:774;6!un$<our<coconut<oil<base$<oranic<all<natural<moi  Contact *a.ya Moran ODallas, TXhttps566www%!aceboo#%com6lowmoisturizer   http566www%lowmoisturizer%com6 
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