Announcing the Justice in an Unjust World Campaign

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This is for an empowered mother of 2 and who always fights for others and deserves someone fighting for her.
  Announcing the Justice in an Unjust World Campaign This is for an empowered mother of 2 and who always ghts for others and deserves someone ghting for her. Ceres, CA – October 25, 2014 – Due to a required binding arbitration process, the lawsuit is sealed and anonyity is iportant where we can!t ention the person who this capaign is being raised or# $owe%er, what can be said is that she is a %ery caring and gi%ing person# Always &ghting or e%eryone to be the best and to obtain what is 'ust# (e want to gi%e her 'ustice by raising oney on )o*und+e to help her through this tie o struggle#he is a other to two young children, her husband was diagnosed with elanoa cancer and he was undergoing treatent when all o this started# -he aily was going through hell that they would not see their daddy or uch longer# *ortunately, the elanoa did not go into the bloodstrea and the surgery reo%ed all the cancer#During these hard ties, instead o sypathy her eployer ga%e her terination# he, wrong ully, lost her lawsuit against her eployer and is now required to pay the de ense!s lawyer!s cost# he wholeheartedly elt discriination, retaliation, and wrong ul terination during her husband!s cancer treatent# /n ortunately the world o arbitration is not air# Arbitration is or corporate Aerica, not Aericans# he has not been able to &nd a salary 'ob since her terination in 2012 and is ha%ing a hard tie with two young children to support# eedless to say, they are in a horrible &nancial situation and this 'udgent has pushed the aily passed their &nancial liits# A )o*und+e capaign was created to gi%e her, her 'ustice# -he hope is or her to wal. away with her head held high# A lot o woen accept discriination and inequality in the wor. place because they do not .now their rights or they do not want to ace horrible outcoes li.e hers# es, &ghting or what!s right is hard and it ay not gi%e you the outcoe you see.# $owe%er, i there!s a will then there!s a way and woan need to .eep &ghting regardless o outcoe#  we .eep &ghting, then e%entually, the &ghts will diinish and they will get easier# 3lease help raise the oney or her, so that she can .eep &ghting and .eep holding her head high# (hen roc.s unite together, big and sall, collecti%ely, they can ta.e a beating ro the assi%e ocean# As people, we need to stand together and .eep &ghting or equality# To learn more or to help this campaign, please visit: httpwww#go unde#coarbitrationblows Contact 6onda wensonCeres, CAhttpwww#go unde#coarbitrationblows
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