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atthau resrvations rules
  FOR OFFICCIAL USE ONLY ANDHRA PRADESH STATE AND SUBORDINATE SERVICE RULES1996 (Corrected upto 3006!00 # $ENERAL AD%INISTRATION (SERD# DEPART%ENT $OVERN%ENT O& ANDHRA PRADESH H'DERABAD  $OVERN%ENT O& ANDHRA PRADESHABSTRACT  ANDHRA PRADESH STATE AND SUBORDINATE SERVICE RULES – Revised Rules1996 – Issued. $ENERAL AD%INISTRATION (SERVICES D# DEPART%ENT$O%No)36 D*ted+ 1, t- 1996 Re*d t-e /oo24+ 1.G.O.Ms.N.!1 # Ge$e%&l Ad'i$is(%&(i$ )Rules* De+&%('e$(d(,,-..196/./.DO.L%.N./0!OMC )SP2 Se%* 931 4%' S%i. V. Su$d&%es&$# IAS)Re(d* OMC )SP2. Se%* d&(ed, 1.!.19 9..Gv(. L%.N.!5Se%.D 931 G.A.)Se%. D* De+(.# d&(ed,3131990. !. 2%' (e Se7%e(&%8# APPSC# H8de%&&d L%.N.-6RR/90 d(, 3 31996.::: ;;; O R D E R+  Te O$e M&$ C''issi$ )SP2. Se%vi7es* <&s e$(%us(ed( 7'+%ee$sivel8 e=&'i$e# %evise &$d u+3d&(e (e A$d%& P%&des S(&(e &$dSu%di$&(e Se%vi7e Rules ++ul&%l8 >$<$ &s Ge$e%&l Rules &'$? (e% S+e7i&lRules. Te C''issi$ &s %evised &$d 4u%$ised & d%&4( 4 su7 Rules. TeGve%$'e$( &4(e% 7&%e4ul 7$side%&(i$ 4 (e Re+%( 4 (e O$e M&$ C''issi$#(e %evised d%&4( Rules 4u%$ised 8 i' &$d &ls >ee+i$? i$ vie< (e %de%s &$di$s(%u7(i$s issued 8 (e Gve%$'e$( 4%' (i'e ( (i'e <i7 &ve ee$ i$ e=is(e$7e&$d <e%e $( i$7%+%&(ed i$ (e %evised D%&4( Rules &$d 7e%(&i$ O%de%s  I$s(%u7(i$sissued 8 Gve%$'e$( &4(e% su'issi$ 4 (e Re+%( 8 (e O$e M&$ C''issi$ i$<i7 (e8 &ve $( ee$ 7ve%ed# &ve de7ided ( issue (e A$d%& P%&des S(&(e&$d Su%di$&(e Rules# 1996 i$ su+e%sessi$ 4 (e Rules issued i$ G.O. 4i%s( %e&d&ve &s &'e$ded 4%' (i'e ( (i'e.Te 4ll<i$? N(i4i7&(i$ <ill e +ulised i$ (e A$d%& P%&des G&@e((e, NOTI&ICATION I$ e=e%7ise 4 (e +<e%s 7$4e%%ed 8 (e +%vis ( A%(i7le 59 4 (eC$s(i(u(i$ 4 I$di& &$d 4 &ll (e% +<e%s e%eu$( e$&li$? &$d i$ su+e%sessi$ 4 (e A$d%& P%&des S(&(e &$d Su%di$&(e Rules# 196/ )P&%(s I &$d II* issued i$G.O.Ms.N.!1 # Ge$e%&l Ad'i$is(%&(i$ )Rules* De+&%('e$( d&(ed,-..196/ &s&'e$ded 4%' (i'e ( (i'e# &$d 4 &ll (e &d7 %ules ( (e e=(e$( (e8 &ve ee$i$7%+%&(ed i$ (ese %ules# (e Gve%$% 4 A$d%& P%&des e%e8 '&>es (e4ll<i$? %ules i$ %es+e7( 4 (e 'e'e%s 4 (e S(&(e &$d Su%di$&(e Se%vi7es 4 (eGve%$'e$( 4 A$d%& P%&des. 2  ANDHRA PRADESH STATE AND SUBORDINATE SERVICE RULES ($ENERAL RULES# I N D E 5 RueNoCotet P*4e 1S%( (i(le# S7+e 4 %ules &$d Rel&(i$ ( S+e7i&l Rules. ./De4i$i(i$s .C$di(i$s 4 Se%vi7e# A++li7&(i$ 4 Rules .!Re7%ui('e$( – A++i$('e$( .0Sele7(i$ +s(s &$d N$3Sele7(i$ Ps(s.6Me(d 4 +%e+&%&(i$ 4 +&$els .-A++i$(i$? Au(%i(8 . Eli?iili(8 4% +%'(i$ % &++i$('e$( 8 (%&$s4e%.9A++i$('e$( 8 C$(%&7( % A?%ee'e$( .15Te'+%&%8 A++i$('e$( .11Te (i'e li'i( 4% i$i$? ei(e% $ 4i%s( sele7(i$ % $ +%'(i$ % $ &++i$('e$( 8 (%&$s4e% .1/u&li4i7&(i$s &$d disu&li4i7&(i$s 4% di%e7( %e7%ui('e$( .1L&$?u&?e Tes( i$ Telu?u .1!L&$?u&?e Tes(s i$ Telu?u &$d (e% li$?uis(i7 u&li4i7&(i$s – E=e'+(i$s .10Ti'e ( +&ss $e<l8 +%es7%ied Tes(s.16C''e$7e'e$( 4 +%&(i$ 4% di%e7( %e7%ui(s &$d +e$&l +%visi$s 4% 4&ilu%e ( +&ss (e (es(s. .1-Sus+e$si$# (e%'i$&(i$ % e=(e$si$ 4 +%&(i$ .1 De7l&%&(i$ 4 +%&(i$ .19Ri?(s 4 +%&(i$e% &$d &++%ved +%&(i$e% 4% %e3&++i$('e$( ./5E=e%7ise 4 7e%(&i$ +<e%s 4 &++i$(i$? &u(%i(8 i$ %es+e7( 4 +%&(i$e%s./1C$4i%'&(i$. . 3  RueNoCotet P*4e //S+e7i&l Re+%ese$(&(i$ )Rese%v&(i$* .//3A'e$ Rese%v&(i$ i$ A++i$('e$(s ./A++e&l# Revisi$ &$d Revie< 4 %de%s 4 &++i$('e$(( i?e% +s(s. ./!Revisi$ 4 lis(s 4 &++%ved 7&$did&(es ./0Revie< ./6A++e&l &?&i$s( se$i%i(8 % (e% 7$di(i$s 4 se%vi7e ./-A++i$('e$( 4 All I$di& Se%vi7e O44i7e%s &$d A$d%& P%&des Ad'i$is(%&(ive Se%vi7e O44i7e%s ( Ps(s i$ (eS(&(e ./ Reli$uis'e$( 4 Ri?( 8 'e'e%s ./9 Re3e'+l8'e$( 4 'e'e%s 4 se%vi7e $ &77u$( 4 su44e%i$? 4%' TB e(7. .5Resi?$&(i$ .1Rel&=&(i$ 4 Rules 8 Gve%$% ./Rel&=&(i$ 4 Rules 8 (e He&d 4 (e De+&%('e$( .Se$i%i(8 .!P%e+&%&(i$ 4 i$(e?%&(ed % 7''$ se$i%i(8 lis( 4 +e%s$s el$?i$? ( di44e%e$( u$i(s 4 &++i$('e$(. .02i=&(i$ 4 se$i%i(8 i$ (e 7&se 4 (%&$s4e%s $ %eues( % $ &d'i$is(%&(ive ?%u$ds .6 I$(e%3se3se$i%i(8 <e%e d&(es 4 7''e$7e'e$( 4 +%&(i$ is s&'e .-Se$i%i(8 4 di%e7(l8 %e7%ui(ed 7&$did&(es %e&ll((ed i$ 7$sul(&(i$ <i( APPSC. . Ps(i$?s &$d T%&$s4e%s .9 S&vi$?s . 4
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