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  Part E: Responsibilities of the BoardEResponsibilities of the BoardGuiding ReferencePT. DayaIndo Resources Annual Report 2!!PenilaianE.! learly defined board responsibilities and corporate go#ernance E.1.1Are the roles andresponsibilities of theboard of directors /commissioners clearlystated? $E D PRI% IP&E 'I: The Responsibilities of the Board (D) Ya dijelaskan pada laporanDewan omisaris dan DewanDirekt!r (hal 1 # 1$)%es!aiE.1.&Are the types of decisions re'!irin board of directors/commissioners appro*al disclosed? $E D PRI% IP&E 'I (D) Ya, Direksi dalam melakukan tindakankorporasi tertentu harus mendapatkan persetujuan tertulis terlebih dahuludari Dewan Komisaris(hal 20) %es!ai  E.1.3 Does the company disclose its corporate o*ernance policy / board charter? $E D PRI% IP&E ': Disclosure and Transparency idak diun!kapkanidak esuai  E.2 ode of ethics or conductGuiding ReferencePT. DayaIndo ResourcesAnnual Report 2!!Penilaian E.&.1Does the company ha*e a code of ethics or cond!ct? $E D PRI% IP&E 'I( ) The board should apply high ethical standards. It should ta*einto account the interests of sta*eholders.  +!j!an omisaris (hal 1,)%es!aiE.&.&Are the details of the code of ethics or cond!ct disclosed? +idak Di!nkapkan+idak %es!aiE.&. Does the company disclose that all directors/commissioners- senior manaement and employees are re'!ired to  +idak Di!nkapkan+idak %es!aiE.&.,Does the company disclose how it implements and monitors compliance with the code of ethics or cond!ct? +idak Di!nkapkan+idak %es!ai  Part E: Responsibilities of the BoardE.+ orporate 'ision,-issionGuiding ReferencePT. DayaIndo Resources Annual Report 2!!Penilaian E. .1Does the board of directors/commissioners periodically re*iew and appro*e the *ision and mission and has doneso at least once d!rin the last fi*e years?hile not eplicitly stated in most codes of corporate o*ernance- this is consistent with most codes specifyin the roles of the board asincl!din settin the direction and pro*idin strateic leadership. Ya- dijelaskan pada paparan 02% (hal 13) %es!ai E.Board /tructure 0 Guiding Reference E.,.1Does the board of directors/ commissioners comprise at least fi*e members and nomore than 1& members?(i.e.- between 4 5 1& members) 3 ode B.! /upporting Principle states:  +he board sho!ld be of s!fficient si6e that the re'!irements of the b!siness can be met and chanes to the boardscomposition and that of its committeescan be manaed witho!t !nd!e disr!ption- and sho!ld not be so lare as to be !nwieldy. 7ost codes of corporate o*ernance specify that the board sho!ld be of appropriate si6e b!t sho!ld not be too lare. Ya- dijelaskan pada informasi per!sahaan- yan terdiri dari oran 89D dan 9ran 89: (termas!k sat! oran omisaris ;ndependen) 5 (hal &<)%es!ai
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