Atlan, Henri - Enlightenment to Enlightenment - Intercritique of Science and Myth

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A critical comparative analysis of the logic of modern scientific thought and of traditional teachings generally referred to as mythological and mystical. Atlan (biophysics, U. of Paris) suggests that different rationalities with different domains of interest and legitimacy (which cannot be unified in any theory of ultimate reality ) must coexist in practice, although each of them presents itself as an exclusive and all-encompassing truth. He introduces teachings from Jewish talmudic, midrashic, and kabbalist sources and text from Zen and Taoism to exemplify the kind of rationality or controlled irrationality at work in such traditional thinking.
   nlightenment to  nlightenment  ntercritique   Scienceand yth  enri  tlan  ranslated fromthe  rench by Lenn J Schramm ST TE UNIV RSITY OF N W YORK PR SS  7 v ttS~   l S I  gbl Qs Coverillustration, LaPromenade byRolandCat, Courtesy GalerieIsyBrachot,Bruxelles-Paris.PublishedbyStateUniversityofNewYorkPress,Albany © 1993 StateUniversityofNewYorkAllrightsreserved Printed intheUnitedStatesofAmericaNo part ofthis book maybe used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without writtenpermissionexceptin the case of briefquotations embodiedincriticalarticles and reviews. For information,addressStateUniversityofNewYorkPress,StateUniversityPlaza,Albany,NY 12246 Production byMarilynPSemeradMarketingbyLynneLekakis Library   ongress ataloging in PublicationData Atlan, Henri [A tort et a raison.English] Enlightenment to enlightenment :intereritiqueofscience and myth / Henri Atlan;translatedfromthe French by Lenn] Schramm. p. em.Includesindex. ISBN 0-7914-1451-5.- ISBN 0 7914 1452 3  pbk.) 1. Science Philosophy Reasoning. 3 Ethics. 1. Title. Q175.A86131993 121 dc20 1098765432192-19023 CIP   o  el achel  Sempiterna Temptatio, fitZenon.Jemedissouventquertenaumonde,saufunordreeternelou un bizarrevel leite delamatiere a fairemieuxqu elle-meme,n expliquepourquoijern efforcechaque  our depenserunpeuplusclairementquelaveille. Marguerite  ourcenar r euvre u n ir I[Wisdom]waswith[theCreatorbeforetheCreation]likeachildtoberaised[or,accordingtoalternativereadingsproposedbyGenesisRabba 1,1),likeateacher,acraftsman,oraninstrumentprovidingtheplansforbuildingtheworld],asourceofdelighteveryday,rejoicing[orplaying]beforeHimatalltimes,rejoicing[orplaying]inHisinhabitedworld,findingdelightwithmankind. Proverbs 8:30-31)

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Jul 23, 2017
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