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   Brad Appleton Software Tools Developer     E-mail:  WWW: AVL Trees: Tutorial and C++ Implementation Copyright © 1989-1997 by Brad Appleton All right! re!er ed.   #he $ollowing di!c%!!ion i! part o$ a $reely a ailable p%blic domain A&'tree library written in C((. #he $%ll C(( !o%rce code di!trib%tion may be $o%nd in AvlTrees.tar.gz  )*1+B g,ipped tar $ile.a plain old +0 C er!ion i! a ailable in libavl.tar.gz  )*+B g,ipped tar $ile2 AVL Trees An A&' tree i! a !pecial type o$ binary tree that i! alway! 3partially3 balanced. #he criteria that i! %!ed to determine the 3le el3 o$ 3balanced-ne!!3 i! the di$$erence between the height! o$ !%btree! o$ a root in the tree. #he 3height3 o$ tree i! the 3n%mber o$ le el!3 in the tree. 4r to be more $ormal the height o$ a tree i! de$ined a! $ollow!5 1.#he height o$ a tree with no element! i! 6 *.#he height o$ a tree with 1 element i! 1 .#he height o$ a tree with  1 element i! e%al to 1 ( the height o$ it! talle!t !%btree. An A&' tree i! a binary tree in which the di$$erence between the height o$ the right and le$t !%btree! )or the root node i! ne er more than one. #he idea behind maintaining the 3A&'-ne!!3 o$ an A&' tree i! that whene er we in!ert or delete an item i$ we ha e 3 iolated3 the 3A&'-ne!!3 o$ the tree in anyway we m%!t then re!tore it by per$orming a !et o$ manip%lation! )called 3rotation!3 on the tree. #he!e rotation! come in two $la or!5 !ingle rotation! and do%ble rotation! )and each $la or ha! it! corre!ponding 3le$t3 and 3right3 er!ion!.  An e:ample o$ a !ingle rotation i! a! $ollow!5 ;%ppo!e < ha e a tree that loo=! li=e thi!5 c / b  >ow < in!ert the item 3a3 and get the re!%lting binary tree5 c / b / a  >ow thi! re!%lting tree iolate! the 3A&' criteria3 the le$t !%btree ha! a height o$ * b%t the right !%btree ha! a height o$ 6 !o the di$$erence in the two height! i! 3*3 )which i! greater than 1. ;4 what we do i! per$orm a 3!ingle rotation3 )or 00 $or a !ingle right rotation or '' $or a !ingle le$t rotation on the tree )by rotating the 3c3 element down cloc=wi!e to the right to tran!$orm it into the $ollowing tree5 b / \ a c #hi! tree i! now balanced. An e:ample o$ a 3do%ble rotation3 )or 0' $or a do%ble right rotation or '0 $or a do%ble le$t rotation i! the $ollowing5 ;%ppo!e < ha e a tree that loo=! li=e thi!5 a \ c  >ow < in!ert the item 3b3 and get the re!%lting binary tree5 a \ c / b #hi! re!%lting tree al!o iolate! the 3A&' criteria3 !o we $i: it by $ir!t rotating 3c3 down to the right )!o we get 3a-b-c3 and then rotating 3a3 down to the le$t !o that the tree i! tran!$ormed into thi!5 b / \ a c  <n order to detect when a 3 iolation3 o$ the A&' criteria occ%r! we need to ha e each node =eep trac= o$ the di$$erence in height between it! right and le$t !%btree!. ?e call thi!3di$$erence3 the 3balance3 $actor and de$ine it to be the height o$ the right !%btree min%! the height o$ the le$t !%btree o$ a tree. ;o a! long a! the 3balance3 $actor o$ each node i! ne er 1 or -1 we ha e an A&' tree. A! !oon a! the balance $actor o$ a node become! * )or -* we need to per$orm one or more rotation! to en!%re that the re!%ltant tree !ati!$ie! the A&' criteria. Implementing AVL Trees in C++ Be$ore we begin o%r A&' tree implementation in C(( let! a!!%me we ha e a template cla!! named 3Comparable3 de$ined a! $ollow!5 // cmp_t is an enumeration type indicating the result of a // comparison. enum cmp_t { MI_!M # $%& // less than '(_!M # )& // e*ual to MA+_!M # % // greater than ,- // !lass !omparable corresponds to an arbitrary comparable element // ith a 0eyfield that has an ordering relation. The template parameter // 1eyType is the type of the 0eyfield // template 2class 1eyType3 class !omparable { private4 1eyType my1ey- public4 !omparable51eyType 0ey6 4 my1ey50ey6 {,- // 7se default copy$ctor& assignment& 8 destructor // !ompare this item against the given 0ey 8 return the result cmp_t !ompare51eyType 0ey6 const- // 9et the 0ey$field of an item 1eyType 1ey56 const { return my1ey- , ,- 'i=e the 3Comparable3 cla!! o%r A&' tree will al!o be a template cla!! parameteri,ed by a +ey#ype5 // !lass Avlode represents a node in an A:; tree. The template parameter // 1eyType is the type of the 0eyfield // template 2class 1eyType3 class Avlode { private4 !omparable21eyType3 < my=ata- // =ata field   Avlode21eyType3 < my>ubtree?@- // >ubtree pointers short myBal- // Balance factor // ... many details omitted ,- Calculating New Balances After a Rotation #o calc%late the new balance! a$ter a !ingle le$t rotation a!!%me we ha e the $ollowing ca!e5 A B / \ / \ / \ / \ a B ##3 A c / \ / \ / \ / \ b c a b #he le$t i! what the tree loo=ed li=e B40 the rotation and the right i! what the tree loo=! li=e a$ter the rotation. Capital letter! are %!ed to denote !ingle node! and lowerca!e letter! are %!ed to denote !%btree!. #he 3balance3 o$ a tree i! the height o$ it! right !%btree le!! the height o$ it! le$t !%btree. #here$ore we can calc%late the new balance! o$ 3A3 and 3B3 a! $ollow! ) ht   i! the height $%nction5 eBal5A6 # ht5b6 $ ht5a6 CldBal5A6 # ht5B6 $ ht5a6 # 5 % D maE 5ht5b6& ht5c66 6 $ ht5a6 !%btracting the !econd e%ation $rom the $ir!t yield!5 eBal5A6 $ CldBal5A6 # ht5b6 $ 5 % D maE 5ht5b6& ht5c66 6 D ht5a6 $ ht5a6 canceling o%t the ht)a term! and adding 4ldBal)A to both !ide! yield!5 eBal5A6 # CldBal5A6 $ % $ 5maE 5ht5b6& ht5c66 $ ht5b6 6  >oting that ma:): y - , D ma:):-, y-, we get5 eBal5A6 # CldBal5A6 $ % $ 5maE 5ht5b6 $ ht5b6& ht5c6 $ ht5b66 6 B%t ht)c - ht)b i! 4ldBal)B !o we get5 eBal5A6 # CldBal5A6 $ % $ 5maE 5)& CldBal5B66 6 # CldBal5A6 $ % $ maE 5)& CldBal5B66 #h%! $or A we get the e%ation5
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