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BANGALORE MAHANAGARA PALIKE ADVERTISEMENT BYE-LAWS 2006 (Approved by the Government in their Order No. UDD/374/MNU/2005 Dated: Published Under Section 423 (24) of the Karnataka Municipal Corporations
BANGALORE MAHANAGARA PALIKE ADVERTISEMENT BYE-LAWS 2006 (Approved by the Government in their Order No. UDD/374/MNU/2005 Dated: Published Under Section 423 (24) of the Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act, 1976) THE COMMISSIONER Bangalore Mahanagara Palike N.R. Square, Bangalore-02. BANGALORE MAHANAGARA PALIKE OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONER, BANGALORE MAHANAGARA PALIKE, N.R. SQUARE, BANGALORE. NOTIFICATION G.O. No. AC(Advt)/PR/24/04-05 Dated: The Bangalore Mahanagara Palike had published its intended New Advertisement Byelaws after obtaining sanction from the Government vide in their order no. UDD/374/MNU/2005 Dated: by inviting objections from the public, advertising agencies and other associations. The objections and suggestions received have been examined carefully and considered wherever necessary and submitted to Government for final approval. The Government in their vide order no.udd/374/mnu/2005 Dated: has given final approval with some modifications. The sanctioned Advertisement Bye-laws 2006 are here by published for general information. Sd/- Commissioner Bangalore Mahanagara Palike. 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS SL. BYE PAGE SECTION CONTENTS NO. LAW NO. 1 I 1 Objectives Scopes and Definitions Definitions 6 to 9 II 3 Norms for outdoor advertisement A Norms for erecting and displaying of Commercial Hoardings 10 to B Norms for erecting and displaying of self advertisements C Norms for Window Advertisements 16 to D Norms for Petrol Bunk advertisements E Norms for outdoor Film advertisements and display of slides and in 17 theatres 8 3F Norms for Cable T.V. advertisement 17 to G Norms for Horse race advertisements H Norms for Advertising on Mobile Displays 18 to I Norms for displaying Advertisement on banners, Temporary Arches and 19 Hoardings, Building Wraps, etc., 12 3J Norms for Display of Advertisement on Inflatable Media 19 to K Norms for erecting and Displaying Direction Boards L Norms for Display of advertisement on structure erected on B.B.M.P 20 lands 15 3M Norms for Pure bulk Self Advertisement Displayed in front of Shops, 20 to 21 Restaurants, Hotels and other Business and Commercial Establishments, etc., 16 3N Norms for outdoor studios advertisements 21 III 4 Procedure for outdoor advertisement A Procedure for erecting and displaying of Commercial Hoardings 21 to B Procedure for Mobile Display C Procedure for advertisement on banners temporary arches and hoardings 23 to 24 building wraps etc., 20 4D Procedure for Display of Advertisement on Inflatable Media E Procedure for erecting and displaying direction boards F Procedure for pure bulk self advertisements displayed in front of shops, restaurants, hotels and other business and commercial establishments etc., directly by the manufactures, producers including multinational companies G Procedure for advertisement within outdoor studios 24 to IV 5 Norms for shop advertisement 25 to V 6 Procedure for Shop advertisement VI 7 Miscellaneous Norms List of Zones 28 to Annexure Table Annexure 1 Comparative Statement of Advertisement Tax Annexure 2 BCD Zone hoardings height and size details Annexure 3 Prescribed application form for erection and display of Self, Commercial 35 to 43 hoardings and Mobile display & Inflatable 32 Annexure 4 Prescribed Application Form for the Renewal of permission for existing 44 to 53 permitted hoardings 33 Annexure 5 Prescribed Application Form for erection and display of Direction Boards 54 3 34 Annexure 6 Prescribed Application Form for Self Assessment Scheme for shop 55 to 57 Advertisement 35 Annexure - 7 Prescribed Application Form for Agency Registration Annexure 8 Format of a No Objection Certificate to be issued by a land owner where a 59 commercial hoarding is to be erected by an agency 36 Annexure - 9 Specification for erection of hoardings 60 to Annexure-10 Sketch and Structural design of Bi-pole hoarding board. (Plate No. 1 and 7) 65 & Annexure-11 Sketch and Structural design of Uni-pole hoarding Board. (Plate No. 2 and 6) 66 & Annexure-12 Structural design of hoardings on roof top. (Plate No.3) Annexure-13 Location of hoardings near the junctions (Plate No. 4 and 5) 68 & Annexure-14 Sketch showing the code No. of Boards. (Plate No. 8) 72 4 BANGALORE MAHANAGARA PALIKE ADVERTISEMENT BYE-LAWS 2006 Byelaws framed by the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike under sub section 24 of section 423 of the Karnataka Municipal B.B.M.Ps Act, 1976 (Act No. 14 of 1977) for the prohibition, control and regulation of advertisements in the city of Bangalore. Section I General 1. A. Short Title, Extent and Commencement. 1. A(1) These Bye-laws shall be called The Bangalore Mahanagara Palike Advertisement Bye-Laws 2006 . 1. A(2) These Bye-laws shall be applicable within the jurisdiction of the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike as notified by the Government under chapter 2 of the Karnataka Municipal B.B.M.P Act, A(3) These Bye-laws shall come into effect from the 12 th January B. Objectives and Scope : The objectives of these Bye-laws will be to: 1. B(1) Prohibit the erection, location, exhibition, fixation, retention, size, shape or display of all or any class of advertisements in any street, public road, or public or private place, public or private building, wall, hoarding, structure, tree, lamp posts, poles in or adjoining or visible from or abutting any public place or road, or public park or part thereof or in any place of public resort; and 1. B(2) Regulate the erection, location, exhibition, fixation, size, shape, retention or display of advertisement in any manner in non-prohibited areas. 1.B(3) Promote safety of the public, proper erection or hoardings and signages; 1. B(4) Improve the visual aesthetics of the city; 1. B(5) Encourage the innovative use of design to achieve aesthetic and commercial balance; 1. B(6) Ensure equitable treatment under the law through accurate records and consistent enforcement. 5 2. Definitions 2. A (1) Advertisement means and includes any device or representation in any manner such as announcement or direction by word, letter, model, image, or a combination thereof sign by means of posters, hoarding, banners, temporary arches, electronic display, name boards, direction boards, balloons or any other visible or audible media, etc. displayed to promote a product or service in a commercial sense under categories covered in these definitions (2) Advertisement Tax means the tax levied by the B.B.M.P on all advertisements as per section 134 of the KMC Act, (3) Agency means an applicant who may be an individual, registered charitable organization, firm, partnership or a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 enrolled with the B.B.M.P as an Outdoor Advertising Agency. (4) ARO or RO means the Assistant Revenue Officer or Revenue Officer of the BBMP. (5) Banner advertisement means a piece of cloth or any other flexible material, which contains some advertisement or announcement or written matter for display in public place to attract public attention. (6) Building Wrap advertisement means an advertisement displayed on any building frontage using a vinyl or flex printed material usually stretched across the building frontage or on the scaffolding of a building under construction or repair or by sticking or fixing it to a glass frontage or window. (7) Temporary (Bulk) advertisement means refers to advertising, within a limited area or road at times of a festival or celebration for a limited period. This permission will be with respect to temporary hoardings, arches, banners or pole-flags. Bulk commercial hoardings shall include those displayed on a mobile media such as a service van and/or delivery vehicle. (8) Bus Shelter advertisement means an advertisement displayed on the structure of a bus shelter including translites, vinyl's or such other displays. (9) Cable Advertisement means Advertisements shown via various Television Cable Networks within the B.B.M.P limits. (10) Commercial Hoardings means Hoardings erected by advertising agencies to display advertisement on a commercial basis. (11) Commissioner means Commissioner of the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). (12) Competent Authority means Commissioner or any Officer of the BBMP duly delegated by the Commissioner to the Advertisement Department as per KMC Act (13) B.B.M.P means the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike ( BBMP) and also referred to as Bangalore City Corporation. (14) Direction Boards means Boards put up by private/commercial establishments to indicate direction to their offices or commercial outlets, etc. for general public 6 (15) Delayed Renewal Fee means Fee levied on Renewal Applications submitted to the B.B.M.P after the lapse of the date specified for submission of a renewal application in the Bye-Law. (16) Electronic Display means electronically operated advertisement display fixed on a structure. The display is obtained by the operation of an electronic or electrical device such as neon lights, LED or LCD Display, etc. (17) Enrolled Advertising Agency or Enrolled Agency means An Advertising Agency, enrolled with the B.B.M.P after payment of Enrolment Fee and being allowed to erect and display commercial outdoor advertisement also referred to as Agency or Advertising Agency. These may be either outdoor Advertisers or advertisers for other media. (18) Enrolment Fee means Fee prescribed by the B.B.M.P to be paid for enrolment as an Advertising Agency to the B.B.M.P once in every three years. (19) Foot-Over Bridge advertisement means Advertisement displayed on pedestrian foot-over bridgesand on either sides. (20) Glow Sign Box advertisement means an advertisement displayed on a transparent or translucent sheet of any plastic material mounted on a metal sheet box, illuminated from behind using electrical lamps. Glow sign advertisements may be further classified as: (i) Fixed Glow Sign advertisement: An advertisement on a transparent or translucent plastic material that is fixed onto a metal box and illuminated from the back. (ii) Mechanically Operated Glow Sign advertisement: A fixed glow sign displaying an advertisement on two or more surfaces but which is capable of rotating in a horizontal plane. (21) Gantry advertisement means advertisement affixed on a gantry erected across a road and usually fabricated of metal section pillars fixed on either side of a road with a beam shaped section connecting the top of the pillars across the road with the advertisement on the face opposite to the direction of traffic. (22) Hoarding advertisement means any surface of a structure erected on ground or any portion of a roof, wall of a building or on or above the parapet, with character, letters or illustrations applied thereto and displayed in any manner whatsoever, out of doors, for purpose of advertising or to give information with a view to attract the public to any place, persons, public performance, articles of merchandise, etc. (23) Abandoned advertisement hoarding means one which does not have a valid renewal permission or one which has not changed the advertisement panel, whether vinyl, translite, etc for a period of thirty days excluding administrative delay, if any, after the lapse of the permission. It will also include hoardings of agencies whose license to advertise has lapsed and is rejected by the Commissioner. (24) Composite advertisement hoarding are hoardings that combine features of different kinds of hoardings such as a non illuminated or an illuminated hoarding with partially integrated neon features. Such hoardings may be permitted by the Commissioner after he is satisfied that the construction and safety standards are adequately complied with to meet norms for public safety in public places. Advertisement hoardings are further categorized as follows. 7 2. B (1) Non-Illuminated Advertisement Hoarding means an advertisement hoarding which is not lit up through an external source of light directed towards it. (2) Illuminated Advertisement Hoarding means an advertisement hoarding with electrical lamps, which can be switched on at night to enable the advertisement to be illuminated making it visible even after sunset. (3) Tri-Vision Advertisement (or Tri-Ad ) means an advertisement hoarding that uses rotating triangular panels in a synchronized manner such that the three faces of the triangular section are seen one after the other displaying three different advertising messages. These could be illuminated or non-illuminated. (4) Back-Lit Advertisement Hoarding means an advertisement hoarding of printed vinyl sheet mounted in front of electrical lamps in a manner that the advertisement is illuminated from behind. (5) Uni-Pole/Monopole Advertisement Hoarding . Means a traditional advertisement hoarding where the support structure is usually a single steel pipe on which the hoarding is then erected instead of the traditional multi-pole support. (6) Neon Advertisement Hoarding means an advertisement hoarding with neon lamps/bulbs/lights which can be switched on at night time only. These may flash or appear in a synchronized manner in one or more different colours. (7) Inflatable Advertisement Displays means a helium gas filled balloon or blimp lighter than air either as a three dimensional display usually in the shape of a product, trademark, logo, etc a balloon with a printed advertisement floated in the air anchored with a rope or cable. (8) Outdoor Advertising means advertisement displayed in the outdoor environment sometimes referred to as Out of Home Advertisements. (9) Outdoor Advertisement Media means media used to display any outdoor advertisement such as Hoardings, Boards, Arches, Gantries, Building Wraps, Inflatables, etc. (10) Mobile Advertisement Display means a double or single sided hoarding or panel mounted on or behind a vehicle in a manner that it can be driven around or parked at strategic locations for a better display of the advertisement. (11) Poster Means sheet of paper or any other material used to advertise something for display in a public place, usually by sticking the same on a flat surface such as a wall, compound, parapet, hoarding, etc. (12) Police Kiosks Advertisement means advertisement affixed on the roof of a Traffic Police Kiosk at or near a traffic signal including illuminated glow signs comprising several faces (hexagonal, octagonal etc.) (13) Phone Kiosk Advertisement means advertisement affixed on a public phone kiosk or both. (14) Pole Ads means advertisement panels either single or double sided erected on a single pole exclusively for the purpose. (15) Prescribed Application Form means a format prescribed by the Commissioner on which an 8 application for permission to erect and display an advertisement or renew the existing permission for any outdoor media is to be made to the B.B.M.P (16) Public Convenience Advertisement means advertisement displayed on any Public Convenience building or structure such as a public toilet, Bus Shelter, Etc., (17) Public Park means parks maintained by the State Government or Bodies under it, B.B.M.P, Bangalore Development Authority etc, for public recreation or use. (18) Race Horse Tax means tax collected by the B.B.M.P on the Advertisement of all Race Horses participating in a Horse Race at the Bangalore Turf Club. (19) Road Medians Advertisement means advertisements affixed on the medians of public roads. (20) Recreation Grounds means grounds on Government or B.B.M.P lands kept aside and used to hold public recreations such as consumer exhibitions, sports meets, art, cultural and musical events, etc. (21) Review Application means application on a prescribed form seeking review of an order passed by the designated officer of the Mahanagara Palike on any Application regarding display and erection of any Outdoor Advertisement, addressed to the Commissioner, seeking a review of the order passed. (22) SAS (Ad) means Self Assessment Scheme for Advertisement tax on Self Advertisement applicable to individual and commercial establishments. (23) Scroller Display Advertisement means a box type display with rollers for scrolling a display of looped printed sheet displaying an advertisement. This may be either non-illuminated or illuminated. (24) Self-Advertisement means a name board whether illuminated or non-illuminated displaying only the name and address of any commercial business or social activity that is being carried out in the same premises. (25) Slides and Short Films means advertisement slides and advertisement films shown in movie theatres, Cricket indoor stadium Railway Station and Bus Stands. (26) Shop Front Advertisements means an advertisement either illuminated or non-illuminated displayed in front of any premises referring to any commercial or business activity carried on within the same premises such as brand names of goods sold, type of services rendered, etc. (27) Shop Front Bulk Commercial Advertising means advertisement put up by various commercial establishments in front of retail outlets mentioning brand names or displaying a product or product name or such other retail advertisement along with the name and address of that retail outlet. (28) Street Furniture Advertisement means advertisement displayed on public utility structures such as benches, dustbins, railings, etc. (29) Temporary Arch Advertisement means advertisement on temporary structure erected across the road on specific occasions like welcoming visiting dignitaries or for display of 9 advertisement by shops and establishments for sales promotion on or near their premises, the display not exceeding three days. (30) Temporary Hoardings Advertisements means temporary hoarding for advertisements erected to greet a personality or advertise an event such as a political meeting, festival gathering, educational meet, sports meet or other public related non-profit functions, for a period not extending beyond three days and, in exceptional uses, to one month. These shall not be permitted to be erected in any manner that includes making of holes on roads or foot paths. (31) Temporary Pole Advertisement Flags means temporary advertisements on poles erected on the foot-path attached to the foot-path railing with a flag like display of advertisement on top not measuring more than 1 meter by 1.5 meter. (32) Traffic Signages Advertisement means advertisement displayed along with a Traffic Signs in the city either below the traffic sign or behind but erected on the same signpost. (33) Transmission Towers Advertisement means advertisement displayed on the transmission towers of various mobile phone companies erected within the city limits. (34) Vinyl or Flex Advertisement means a vinyl sheet stretched across the surface of a hoarding displaying an advertisement which may be computer or hand printed. (35) Wall Painting Advertisement means an advertisement displayed by painting it directly on the wall or structure of a building or any civil structure. (36) Window Advertisement means an advertisement for a product or service offered by the commercial establishment displaying such an advertisement in the window of his premises in a manner that make it visible from outside. These may be illuminated (including translites) and may be either static or moving mechanically. 3. Norms for outdoor advertisement : Section II : 3. A. Norms for erecting and displaying of Commercial Hoardings 3. A (1) The B.B.M.P may, for the purpose of securing cleanliness, safety and order, by notification : - (a) Prohibit the advertisement, regulate the erection, exhibition, fixation, retention or display of all or any class of advertisements in any street public road, or public or private place, public or private building, wall, hoarding, structure, lamp-posts, poles in or adjoining or visible from or abutting any public place or road, or public park or part thereof or in any place of public resort, and Shopping Mall Film theatre and o
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