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An article written in the spring of 2013 as a reporter for the Northwest Missourian about a public forum to discuss the bar admittance age ordinance.
  Community leaders invite Bearcats to share opinions, feedback on changing bar age BRANDON ZENNER  Missourian Reporter | @TheMissourian The possibility o󰁦 raising the bar admittance age in Maryville has sparked questions among North- west students. As a solution, community lead-ers are coming to campus to give answers and discuss the possible changes that may come.The specifics o󰁦 the forum are in the works, but it will be open to all students looking for insight or  who just want their voices heard. The forum is set to take place 6 p.m. March 4 in the Station conference center.Bruce Fair, co-president o󰁦 the newly formed organization Greeks  Advocating Mature Management o󰁦 Alcohol, is co-sponsoring the event with the University Wellness Services.“We want to get the idea o󰁦 how college students feel about (the pro-posal),” Fair said. “We feel that our organization and the community could become more knowledgeable about it all.”City Council, University police and Maryville Public Safety mem-bers will lead the discussion. The fi-nal panel is still being put together.“We want a panel o󰁦 people that  we like to get ideas from,” Fair said. “We are wanting this to be open up to everyone, underage or overage.” SEE   BAR AGE | A5  The information session is open for anybody with an opin-ion to share ideas with the hopeful outcome o󰁦 everyone being more informed.“We expect the panel to inform us on how everything will be af-fected,” Fair said. “We want their input given to us as well.”The forum will be open to the public and Fair encourages any students who want to be heard, regardless o󰁦 age, to attend.The proposed law would in-crease the bar age in Maryville from 19 to 21. City o󰁦􀁦icials are gathering information for the community while most bar own-ers are on board with the idea.“We were going to decide on something we could take and pro-pose, but we don’t want to look bias on the issue,” Fair said. “It is hard as a group for our ideas to match, so we are staying out o󰁦 it.”The initial idea and proposal arose during the fall and is now a highly discussed topic for stu-dents and the community. Fair is optimistic about the information session.“We are looking to get some positive feedback and spread the speci􀁦ic information to everyone interested,” Fair said. A decision on the bar entry age is not expected to be made un-til July. BAR AGE CONTINUED FROM    A1 Bar Age Schedule March 18 (Monday) - Public Town Hall Meeting  April 15 (Monday) - Online Town Hall meeting June 17 (Monday) - Public Safety PresentationJuly 8 (Monday) - Update & DiscussionJuly 22 (Monday) - Council Consideration Aug. 5-9 (Monday - Friday) - Meeting with Establishment Owners

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Jul 23, 2017
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