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  Question BankSubject: BCA 3007 Programming in JavaCourse: BCA III Semester Instructions: Assume all the questions are for 5 marks each.  Modue !: Evolution of Java and Overview of Java Language : bject riented Programming Basics# $voution o% Java# Sim&e Java Program# 'okens# Comments# Identi%iers# &erators# (iteras# Java $nvironment Setu&# Com&iing a Java Program# Java )irtua Mac*ine# P*ioso&*+ o% Java and Bene%its, !,$-&ain t*e %our major %eatures o% object oriented &rogramming,.,$-&ain t*e di%%erences bet/een Java and C anguages,3,$-&ain t*e di%%erences bet/een Java and C anguages,1,$-&ain t*e structure o% a Java &rogram,2,rite a note on Java4s tokens,5,$-&ain t*e &rimititve data t+&es in Java67,$-&ain t*e arit*metic o&erators in Java,,$-&ain t*e bit8/ise o&erators in Java,9,*at do +ou mean b+ o&erator &recedence *at is its im&ortance!0,*at is an identi%ier !!,*at are t*e rues /*ie creating a Java identi%ier !.,*at are t*e conventions t*at Java &rogrammers %oo/ /*ie creating identi%iers!3,$-&ain *o/ +ou /oud use various t+&es o% itera vaues in Java &rograms,!1,rite a note o% Java )irtua Mac*ine,!2,$-&ain t*e di%%erences among J)M# J;$ and J<=,!5,$-&ain t*e saient %eatures o% Java, Module II!atat #es$ E%#ression and &tatements$ Arra s : Primitive and re%erence data t+&es# variabes and constants# enumerated constants# o&erators and e-&ressions# abeed statement# e-&ression and nu statements# com&ound statement# contro statement > decision and oo&s# jum& statement# decaration statement# tr+8t*ro/8catc*8%ina+ statement# decaring and creating arra+s# accessing arra+ eements# assigning vaues to arra+ eements# mutidimensiona arra+s, !7,$-&ain t*e &rimitive data t+&es in Java,!,*at is a re%erence t+&e o% data ?o/ do /e use suc* a data!9,$-&ain *o/ /e /oud use di%%erent t+&es o% itera vaues in our &rograms,.0,$-&ain t*e arit*metic o&erators in Java,.!,$-&ain bit8/ise o&erators in Java,..,*at is a abeed statement $-&ain its use in Java &rograms /it* an e-am&e,.3,$-&ain various /a+s o% %o/8contro statements in Java,  .1,$-&ain t*e use o% i% and s/itc* statements /it* e-am&e,.2,$-&ain t*e use o% iterative statements in Java /it* e-am&e,.5,*at are jum& statements $-&ain t*e use o% eac* jum& statement /it* e-am&e,.7,?o/ do +ou create singe8 and mutidimensiona arra+s in Java.,<i%%erentiate bet/een arra+s o% &rimititve da+a t+&es and o% re%erence data t+&es /it* e-am&es,.9,*at are t*e %aciities t*at java,uti,Arra+s cass &rovide %or *anding arra+s,30,Mutidimensiona arra+s in Java can *ave di%%erent number o% eements in eac* dimension, $-&ain *o/ one can *ande suc* arra+s, Module  IIIMethods and 'unctions: <ecaration# de%inition and ca# main met*od arguments# re%erence variabes# met*od overoading# &arameter &assing b+ vaue %or &rimitive t+&es# object re%erences and arra+s# sco&e o% variabes# return %rom met*ods, Module I(!ata A)straction through *lasses: Cass and object# cass members and initiai@ation# access rig*ts o% members > &ubic# &rivate and &rotected# constructor and co&+ constructor# mutabiit+# %inai@ation# d+namic memor+ management# garbage coection# t*is ke+/ord# static members# sco&e o% variabes# inter%ace > decaration# im&ementation and e-tending# &ackage and &ackage visibiit+, 3!,*at modi%iers can /e a&&+ to met*ods in a Java cass *at is t*e e%%ect o% eac* o% t*em on t*e met*od3.,*at do +ou mean b+ met*od overoading33,$-&ain t*e conce&t o% &assing &arameters to a met*od b+ vaue and b+ re%erence /it* e-am&es,31,*at modi%iers can /e a&&+ to variabes in a Java cass *at is t*e e%%ect o% eac* o% t*em on a variabe32,*at modi%iers can /e a&&+ to Java casses *at is t*e e%%ect o% eac* o% t*em on t*e cass35,<i%%erintiate bet/een %ied variabes and static variabes in a cass,37,<i%%erentiate bet/een non8static member met*ods and static member met*ods in a cass,3,*at is mutabiit+ ive an e-am&e eac* o% an object t*at is mutabe and t*at is not mutabe and e-&ain *o/ it is so,39,rite note on garbage coection in Java 10,$-&ain t*e use o% this ke+/ord in Java,1!,*at is an inter%ace ?o/ does it di%%er %rom an abstract cass1.,*at is a &ackage ?o/ do +ou create a &ackage ?o/ does a &ackage decaration a%%ect a cass de%inition13,*at do +ou mean b+ sco&e o% a variabe ?o/ do +ou contro t*e sco&e o% a variabe in a &rogram11,*at do +ou mean b+ visibiit+ o% a variabe ?o/ do +ou contro t*e visibiit+ o% an entiti+ in a &rogram12,*at are t*di%%erences bet/een casses and inter%aces


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Jul 23, 2017
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