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Describes pollution of water bodies and how we can retain them
  nutrient inflow from surface runoff ã Increase in bottom muck(organic and inorganic) Aerobic  decomposition of bottom muck ã The organic/inorganic settlement decomposes using lake oxygen ã Aerobically decomposed lake entrants contribute to lake food chain Excessive surface runoff ãExcessive nutrient inflow surpasses lake’s natural ability to cleanse itself    ã Lake de-oxygenated (hypoxia) Anaerobic  bacterial population enhanced ã Anaerobic decomposition of organic muck increased ã Leads to emission of hydrogen sulphide and addition of soluble nutrients to water column which support algae growth. Excessive algal bloom ã Eutrophication leads to excess phtoplankton on lake waters ã Increases turbidity. STAGE 1  Chemical treatment of surface algal bloom ã Chemicals applied at water surface or directly to floating mats. ã The chemicals kill the weeds and algae and the dying vegetation sinks to the bottom of the water-body where it rots. More anaerobic decomposition takes place   ã An average of about three times as much nutrients are released from bottom sediment of lakes without oxygen, than what typically comes in from the watershed each year. Condition s ripe for next new algal bloom ã Herbicides and algaecides do more harm to water quality than they do good. Fresh algal bloom appears ã They sometimes cause fish kills and add toxic substances to the water and sediments, and have completely failed to achieve true lake restoration. STAGE 02  BIOREMEDIATION Healthy lakes have the natural lake restoration capacity to cleanse themselves. Each lake is an individual ecosystem with a food chain of organisms that assimilate the incoming nutrients. To achieve lake restoration, we must restore the natural processes that allow a lake to assimilate the nutrient load that it receives.  BIOREMEDIATION INDIAN LAKE, MICHIGAN BEFORE AFTER
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