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  Bismah Shakeel Ahmed Roll No. 15 Strategic Management Page 1  of 3   Strategic Planning For University of Karachi About University of Karachi: The University of Karachi is located in Karachi, Pakistan. It is the largest public university in the country with a student population of 24,000 (regular in campus only). According to the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan, it is ranked among the top universities of the country. The university has made itself known by producing the largest amount of research output in terms of patent, international peer reviewed, journals and organizing regular academic conferences. Established in 1951, the University of Karachi has made phenomenal progress during the last 55 years. The student’s population has gone up f  rom a mere 200 in 1951 to 24,000 students (on campus) studying in 56 teaching departments and 19 research institutes. Today the university is recognized as one of the premier centre of learning and research in the subcontinent and in the third world. The SWOT of University of Karachi (UoK) is as follows: External Opportunities 1.   Foreign opportunities:  UoK should partner with universities and institutions abroad which helps global relations and the international worth of the university. Also, many countries give students scholarships to study at UoK. Student exchange programs and international competitions should be facilitated by the university. 2.   Alternative budgeting /funding models:  Tapping donors -- alums, businesses, foundations -- use them to tell KU's story; improve perception of UoK. Fund raising activities through different means should be conducted so as to manage resources. 3.   Marketing opportunities:  In order to create a more favorable image of UoK, the alumni in various fields should form lobbies. This will also help fresh graduates get more career opportunities. 4.   Area Expansion:  UoK has an opportunity to utilize its wide-ranging area for expansion. In future, empty land can be used to expand different fields by making sub-departments of major departments.  Bismah Shakeel Ahmed Roll No. 15 Strategic Management Page 2  of 3   5.   Research oriented:  The University is conducting multi-disciplinary research in science and technology, medical research, and social sciences. External Threats 1.   External influence from political parties:  The political parties in the city have a significant influence on the student political parties of the university. 2.   The private sector:  Recently, there has been an influx of private sector universities and colleges which lead to a great deal of competitiveness in the education industry. UoK cannot match up to this, due to it being a state university and the limited government funds available to it. 3.   Location:  Since it is in the middle of the city, it is frequently exposed to the unstable situations of the city, thereby disturbing the education process. The university has to be closed for a number of days whenever any such instability occurs because it is smack in the middle of the city. 4.   Risk of losing faculty members:  There is a risk of losing and difficulty in retaining  prominent university faculty and staff for genuinely better opportunities at other universities national or international. 5.   Declining financial support:  Since UoK is a state owned university, it is provided for by the government of Pakistan and as such, there are a lot of delays in the payments of salaries and grants, which means that the faculties are often underpaid.   Internal Strengths 1.   Largest university:  UoK is the largest university in Sindh, in terms of area as well as student enrollment.   With an approximated of more than 80,000 students   currently attending the university, UoK is the university with the largest nation-wide enrollment. 2.   Multi-disciplinary:  A multitude of disciplines are being taught on campus, under the three major faculties of arts, science and management science. Currently UoK has a total of 56 academic departments. 3.   Affordable fees:  It is the mission of UoK to impart quality education at a fee payable by all. Thus, as compared to other universities, the fee charged by UoK is nominal.  Bismah Shakeel Ahmed Roll No. 15 Strategic Management Page 3  of 3   4.   Research institutions:  More than 19 world-class research institutes are under the university all over Karachi. 5.   The library:  Dr. Mahmud Hussain Library houses well over 1400,000 volumes dating back   to the 1600s, for researchers as well as for use by students of advance studies and faculty members. The library became the depository of the personal book collection of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. Internal Weaknesses 1.   Political influence:  Many political parties have set up their student divisions under the  pretense of conducting student activities and affairs, but in reality, these parties undermine the formal rules and regulations of the university. Decreases the progress of the organization as a whole and also gains bad publicity. 2.   Lack of technology:  Everything is still running on pen and paper, whereas the most of the other universities have implemented state of the art systems and are progressing forward due to this measure. 3.   Administrative problems:  The administration is unwilling to cooperate with students. Mostly they look for their own benefits. Because of this, the whole system is corrupted. 4.   Low competitiveness :   UoK does not seem to be competitive in terms of its infrastructure, marketing strategies, alumni development and budgeting. The university hardly attracts students looking for well-perceived environment. Faculty is not provided with competitive salaries. Alumni also hold unmet demands like appreciation, reference or exposure in the corporate world. 5.   Lack of co-curricular activities:  The university seldom conducts colloquiums/seminars/webinars/declamations, sports events, carnivals, career-guiding expos, exhibitions and other such events, which bring external and internal environment of the university closer and bring the opportunities of growth and development for the students.
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