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Boarding Action 4 2E
  BOARDING ACTION An Imperial Strike Cruiser that was reported as missing from orbital patrol duties in theSegmentum Obscuris was recently located far from its established routes by theAstropaths of Terra. A contingent of Space Marines has been dispatched to examine theessel! and ascertain its situation and operational condition. A#MI$S This game will be fought as a %ill Team engagement& the Space Marines will be usinglimited forces' they will know the scenario and what terrain they are fighting on! but willnot know what army they are facing until the game begins( The )efender must choose a Codex from which his army will be built. *e may build hisforce as a single Army of +,-- points per Attacking layer( /oth armies must conform to all   of the rules from that rule book! with the followingexceptions& ã Infiltrating troops may be selected! but may not Infiltrate during the )eploymenthase at the start of the game 0See Set 1p! below2 ã  3o ehicles larger than a )readnaught may be selected$ach player on the side of the Attacker must randomly generate his mission! and thenselect a %ill Team with which to see the mission is accomplished. The %ill Teams must be chosen from the list proided! and cannot be duplicated 0although the Missions can(2. SC$3A#IO S$CIA4 #14$S Zero Gravity & Models on the essel must brace themseles to shoot any non energyweapons! effectiely making them Moe or 5ire 0models with energy weapons can shootnormally2. This does not change the designation if a weapon is already Moe or 5ire.A model that is wounded but makes its armor sae 0or has wounds remaining2immediately moes the strength of the hit away in inches from the direction of theattacker as it spins out of control and fights to right itself. Add 67 to all moement distances 0total 8 #unning and or Charging does not double this bonus2. 9ump troops may moe 0and will deiate2 :x the normal distance in - ;. Armored Structure & The walls! floor! and ceilings of the essel all comply to the rulesfor armored structures. Any attack 8 including those with a blast marker 8 that is notdirected at the essel itself will not effect it' they must be specifically targeted by a modelin order to be damaged. This is true for the rules concerning both Short Cuts  and Decompression .  Doors, Ladders, and !evators & )oors do not incur a moement penalty for any models passing though them. It takes 6< of moement to moe up or down a )eck on a ladder' aneleator may moe up to two decks! but does so in the Compulsory Moement phase. Lo C!earance & Troops using 9ump! 9et! or 5light acks use only their normal M scoresunless they are in open sections of each map. This rule excludes models that fly 0such asTyranid ;argoyles2 or that hoer 0Tau drones2 as their primary means of transportation. Short Cuts & $ither side may attempt to tear through the walls or floor of the ship! rather than use the doors or stairs. To do this! they must attack the wall and make an Armor enetration roll of :- or higher. If the model succeeds! place a marker the width of themodel=s base to represent the hole' models of either side may then pass through it freely.hase fields and similar >argear options function normally. Decompression & If any weapons capable of an Armor enetration of :, 0or higher2 areused on the spaceward bulkhead 0the outer wall of the ship2! roll to see if the hull has been breached 0A?& :,2. If so! place a marker 0or /last Template! as appropriate2 at thatlocation! and the chamber@s atmosphere begins to be sucked into space. After that point! any model smaller than a dreadnaught that moes through adecompressing section must make an S check on a ) 0 : for flying! hoering! or  Bumping models' if it fails! that model moes :)< towards the nearest hole. If it touchesthe marker! it is eBected into the acuum and remoed from play as a casualty.All models that succeed may Moe normally! but standard unit coherency rules stillapply. This means that a unit with a single model that is pulled towards the hull breechwill stay with that model! in an attempt to rescue it.< This has no effect on the rules for )ecompression! but signifies the camaraderie and loyalty of the unit to its members.1ndamaged doors may be used to Dseal off= a decompressing area of the table from therest of the map. This may be done at any time by any model in base to base contact withthe door! without penalty to the model. After that time! the only way out of the section iseither through the wall 0see Shortcuts 2 or out the hole and into spaceE Of course!tearing through the wall of a section will create another hole the siFe of the model=s base!and now all of the rules for hull breaches will apply to the newly decompressing section. No Li#htin# & There is no lighting on board the essel at the start of the game. 1nits willkeep their *iddenG)etected status until Spotted or until they themseles open fire. 4OS is reduced to a ) x Initiatie in inches! and must be checked by each unit each turn before it Spots or shoots the enemy. *idden units within range will be Spotted normally!although the *idden Counter represents the location of the c!osest  model to the opponent! proided there is enough room in the cabin of the ship to allow the unit to do so 0see Set$p  rule % ! below2.In addition to this! all firing beyond Short #ange suffers an additional + to hit.  S$T 1 +.5our separate maps will be placed on the table for the different decks of the Atlantis. :.$ach side will receie one *idden Counter for each unit! ehicle! and independentcharacter in their respectie sides' this includes units that normally Infiltrate. All unitsare subBect to the No Li#htin#  rule aboe.H.The )efender records the location of each of his *idden Counters on a separate mapto represent the initial location of the crew<. *e cannot place more than :, of hisunits on any one of the ship=s decks at the start of the game. 3ote that this is based onthe TOTA4 number of units he has in his army! and not the points cost of those units(The )efender cannot deploy more than one *idden Counter per cabin' multiple unitscan be placed in the open areas of the essel! but cannot be less than +:< apart. The*idden Counters for Independent Characters count as units for the purposes of the)efenders deployment.6.$ach Attacking player is proided with a boarding craft. These essels are designed tocarry seeral units into battle against an enemy ship in space! by linking on to the hullof the larger essel and establishing a point of entry for the attacking forces.The Attacking players may place these essels in contact with the hull of the Atlantisin their )eployment hase at the start of the game. They may not be moed once thegame has started. ,.Alternately! an Attacker whose unit is assigned to a )rop od uses that as their method of entry. These are considered to be fitted with hull breaching eJuipment! andfollow all of the standard rules for )rop od deployment' assume that the hull of thedefending essel is open terrain. )rop pods used against the *angar and Crew )eck will determine their deiation ona ertical plane to the Atlantis 0and may end up deiating onto the wrong deck  because of this2. $ach )eck is considered to be three inches high when determiningthe location of the )rop od.) #oll)rop od )eiation for the *angar and the Crew decks+The )rop od hits the desired location: HThe )rop od hits the right deck! but misses the target location by :)< 5orward or Aft 0roll )& + H K 5orward! 6  Aft26 ,The )rop od misses the target location by one )eck up or down 0roll )& + H K up! 6  down2' The )rop od misses the target location by :)< up or down 0roll )& + H K up! 6  down2' if this results in missing the Atlantis! then the )rop pod must try to re deploy in the following turn.  .1nless otherwise stated in the rules for a specific section! teleporting units thatdeiate off of the board 0outside the hull of the ship2 when they deploy are simply notdeployed in that turn! and may try to return to the board in the following Moementhase of the game.Models who teleport onto the board cannot materialiFe into walls' it the modelscatters in a direction that would put it inside a wall! simply moe the model towardsthe unit until it is no longer in Beopardy.L.To maintain the game balance of the scenario! the boarding craft 0and units on the boarding craft that hae not yet deployed2 may not be attacked by the )efender. If an Attacking unit cannot physically enter an area due to the presence of )efendingmodels! then deploy the Attacking unit on the map of the /oarding Craft! instead. Theunits will then resole their combats based on these positions. This is the onlyexception to the aboe rule.If any additional Attacking units are still on the /oarding Craft! they will keep their *idden Status. They may be reealed in the Moement hase of a subseJuent turn toassist in the fight at the front of the /oarding Craft! or may stay *idden and exit therear of the craft! if appropriate..Once the game begins! the Attacker will then place one *idden Counter representingone of his units at each of his points of entry. *e may only place one counter on the board per entry area per turn' the rest of the units that will be deployed on that boardare held in #esere. These *idden Counters also follow #ule :.N.4ater in the game! the Attacker may place one additional *idden Counter onto the board from each entry at the start of his following Moement hases' he may leaethe unit in the boarding craft for that turn if he chooses! but if this occurs! the unit isstill considered to be in #esere! and may not act that turn. +-.Initiatie is determined randomly on each table at the start of each turn' roll a )! andthe highest roll wins 0re roll ties2. MISSIO3 O/9$CTI?$S $ach Attacking player must randomly generate a ?ictory Condition for this game. $achspecific condition must be recorded! and will not be known by the )efender to help offsetthe adantages gained by the )efender=s deployment in and around the potentialobBecties on the ship which the Attacker must oercome.?ictory is also determined on a per player basis. If an Attacking player achiees hisObBectie by the end of  turns! then that player is a winner. If the ObBectie is not
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