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Manatee-Sarasota Group Boca Next Meeting: Wednesday, June 1st, 7:00 pm Venice Community Center (doors open at 6:30 pm) Speaker: Bruce Holst Topic: Belize Orchids Born in California, Bruce Holst is an internationally
Manatee-Sarasota Group Boca Next Meeting: Wednesday, June 1st, 7:00 pm Venice Community Center (doors open at 6:30 pm) Speaker: Bruce Holst Topic: Belize Orchids Born in California, Bruce Holst is an internationally known botanist and explorer who has worked extensively with many of the greats in botany to codify orchids, bromeliads, hoyas and other epiphytes. His specialty is exploring and investigating the ecology of various areas to see how they affect the evolution of local species. He studied Plant Sciences at the University of California before joining the Peace Corps where he was stationed in Honduras for several years. He taught his favorite subjects to agriculture extension agents and undertook a broad survey of all native plants in the region. He was recruited by the Missouri Botanical Garden, where he worked on the Flora of the Venezuelan Guyana for twenty years. As head of the Botany Dept. at Marie Selby Gardens, he has a lot of technology at his disposal, a lot of experience in the field and has brought many of these finds back to Sarasota. He s led and participated in a number of expeditions to Belize, Bolivia, Peru and Venezuela and has been involved in extensive botanical inventories of Sarasota County. When you read about intrepid explorers who go into inaccessible places, find new orchids and get to name them, this is that person! With his great personality, wonderful pictures and so much new information, this will be a very informative and educational presentation! He loves to share his adventures with others and welcomes questions from his audience. One of our local vendors will have a great selection of orchids for sale. A Message From Your President Many of us attended the annual Redland Orchid Festival and enjoyed a hot, but thankfully rain-free day, browsing and buying exquisite orchids from around the world. It was orchid heaven! I found some unusual species I ve had on my wish list and hope that you found some special plants also. Remember to isolate your new plants for a few weeks to prevent introducing possible new pests/diseases to your collection. Also be sure to gradually move your new plants to higher light levels as they may be different from what your new plant is accustomed to. June is the beginning of our hot season and you may need to water your orchids twice or even three times a week during the month. The Encyclias and Broughtonias are blooming this time of year as well as the summer time blooming Phalaenopsis and Cattleyas. Some of our dendrobiums are still blooming as well. There is still time to divide and repot our plants as they are now in active growth. At our May 4th meeting, Ted Kellogg guided us through the process of culling our plants - a difficult but necessary process as our collections grow. Jay Loeffler and Rich Amos led the May 12th Growers Clinic presentation on Water and PHood for Orchids. They helped us understand the importance of maintaining an average of 6.2 PH level and NTE (not to exceed) 600 TDS (total dissolved solids) level for our plants. Yes - some chemistry is helpful. Their handout from the presentation has been posted to our website and culture supplement. If you can zero in on the right fertilizer and amount to give your Continued on page 7 Please Note: The newsletter will not be published next month, so be aware that our July monthly meeting will be a joint meeting with Englewood at Christ Lutheran Church, 701 N. Indiana Avenue, Englewood on Monday, July 11, See the Upcoming Events section for details. Venice Area Orchid Society, P.O. Box 443, Venice, FL Officers President Carol Wood, Vice President Programs & Immediate Past President Bruce Weaver, Vice President Social Affairs Sharon Kahnoski, Vice President Show Displays Jay Loeffler, Treasurer Mary Amos, Recording Secretary Joanna Shaw, Communications Director & Newsletter Editor Steve Vogelhaupt, Membership Chair Judy Loeffler, Annual Show Chairs Carol Wood Judy Loeffler Director At Large Renee Bynum, Volunteers Ted Kellogg, Webmaster John Kahnoski, Raffle Table Joanna Shaw, Kristin Shaw & Cynthia Vance, Plant Table Sue Grimmer, Gary Becker, Dick & Raleigh Lawson, Technology Pauline Adam, Mentor Coordinator Kathy Beck, Librarian Newsletter Production Barry Zack VAOS Printer Creative Technology of Sarasota P.O. Box 443, Venice, FL Published monthly. Deadline for submissions is the 15th of the prior month. Please direct comments to: Steve Vogelhaupt, Written submissions are appreciated. Minutes of the May 4th, 2016 Meeting Carol Wood called the meeting to order at 7 pm by noting we still have a good turnout considering many of our members are returning to their northern homes for the summer. There was a feature article about the VAOS and the Venice Orchid Project in Paradise Magazine (Venice Gondolier) and Carol introduced us to Ed Scott, the author. He spoke briefly and told us he enjoyed writing the article and plans to continue to cover the VAOS at least on a yearly basis. He encouraged us to let him know any ideas for future stories. Announcements: The Growers Clinic next Thursday night will be presented by Jay Loeffler and Rich Amos, speaking about ph and fertilizer The most recent Growers Clinic in April was Top Tips from Experienced Growers. There were lots of great ideas discussed at that meeting and they will be added to the website and updated periodically. Please Carol if you have any new tips to add to the list. On Friday May 13, we have a bus trip planned to the Redland International Orchid Festival. Seats are still available. The cost is $40 and includes admittance to the show, a $5 coupon, and snacks. Judy Loeffler announced we have 7 new members just tonight. She is in the process of putting together the Membership Directory. Contact her at if any contact information has changed since last year. Rafael and Tina of Plantio La Orquidea in Sarasota are having their Mother s Day Open House this Wednesday through Saturday. Pauline Adam reminded us that the VAOS has an active mentor program, pairing new orchid members with experienced growers. This helps the new members start out on the right foot. She suggests attending a few meetings and Growers Clinics and then signing up for a mentor. Often the mentor will come to the member s home and give suggestions and recommendations suited to each particular growing area. Continued on page 6 Newsletter Culture Supplement For those members who receive their monthly newsletter by , be sure to check out the Culture Supplement. Included are culture articles and handouts from our monthly Growers Clinics. This supplemental information will only be available in our full color edition of the newsletter. VAOS News 2 June 2016 Plant Table Awards May 4, 2016 The First Place Blue Ribbon was captured by Pauline Adam for her Laliocattleya (Lc.) Exotic Smile Sailing. Not only are the flowers beautiful, but their attractive presentation in a bamboo container made it a lovely art form. We would expect this from Pauline, an artist herself, who graces her home with her own beautiful art. Her orchids grow in her pool cage where the sun comes from three directions an ideal way to produce many blooms. Thank you, Pauline! The Second Place Red Ribbon went to Rick Belisle for his majestic 2-foot tall Dendrobium (Den.) Thongchai Gold Viroj. Its 70+ yellow-green flowers with purple at the center made for a beautiful Lc. Exotic Smile combination. Because Rick grows it in a pool cage, the plant grows up straight, instead of down or out for those of us who hang Dens on a screen or wall. This makes for a spectacular specimen at a formal presentation or an orchid show. Great job, Rick! Den. aphyllum Both the Best Species and Members Choice Ribbons went to Jerry and Kathy Beck for their striking Brassia (Brs.) Rex Waiomao Spotless FCC/AOS. Brassias, also known as spider orchids, are among the most incredibly showy and exotic of all orchids. From tip to tip, some hybrids can have flowers that are 18 or more long! Hailing from the South American tropics, they grow easily in Venice, and Brassia Rex is a good choice for new growers. Congratulations to Jerry and Kathy! Den. Thongchai Gold The Third Place Yellow Ribbon (right-above) was awarded to Steve Vogelhaupt for his graceful Dendrobium aphyllum, a leafless dendrobium species, native to southern China, the eastern Himalayas and Indochina. Its graceful pendulous inflorescences received an AAH as we gazed upon this beauty. When Thanksgiving comes, Steve ceases watering with fertilizer, but commences again when he sees new growth -- the proper way to cultivate this plant. Beautiful growing, Steve! Brs. Rex Waiomao Continued on next page VAOS News 3 June 2016 Plant Table Awards (continued from page 3) The New Member Grower s Ribbon was awarded to Jean Tremento for her Phalaenopsis (Phal.) amabilis. Amabilis means lovely and it certainly was! All sepals and petals were pure white, and the midlobe of the lip was white with a bit of yellow. Phal. amabilis is one of the largest flowered species in genus Phalaenopsis and hails from Southeast Asia. It s also an ancestor of the hybrid which is popularly used for congratulations or condolences. Here a hearty Congratulations is the most fitting for your first ribbon, Jean! (Dlax.) species from Jamaica with small 2-inch wide flowers. It is probably Dlax. funalis. As a distant relative of our Florida Ghost Orchid, Dlax. lindenii, it also has no leaves. Only the root system can create its energy through photosynthesis and so the Beck s keep it in high light and conscientiously water it daily. Thank you, Kathy and Jerry, for bringing this little delight to VAOS! Phal. amabilis The Speaker s Choice Ribbon was given to Kathy and Jerry Beck for their charming little Dendrophylax Dlax. funalis -Narrative and photos by Cynthia Vance Please Support Our 2016 Show Sponsors Herald Tribune Media Group Costco Wholesale Dr. Tibbils - Hearing Clinic of Venice Gettel Hyundai Hoskins Pest Control New Dawn Travels Pamela Hogan - Realtor Region Solar Center for Sight Daiquiri Deck Davis & Beyer, DDS Family Dermatology Gardens of Venice - Retirement Residence Kennedy-White Orthopedic Ctr. R.A.V.E Silverstein Institute Southgate Animal Hospital Stanley Dean State Farm Youthful Aging Classic Creations in Diamonds & Gold Crow s Nest Restaurant Edgewood Nursery Orchid Envy P.S. Printing SunBulb Thai Bistro VAOS News 4 June 2016 Calcium is an important micronutrient for our orchids, and is essential for healthy cell walls and other plant processes. If you use commercial slow release fertilizers, they typically do not include calcium. But Dynamite has a new product that does include calcium (and magnesium). It is the purple label formula and is available at Culture Tip of the Month MRT Lawn and Garden Center, just south of the Dome on SR The formula is also higher in nitrogen and substantially lower in phosphorus and potassium and is formulated for Florida s high temperatures. See the labels for comparison. -Submitted by Renee Bynum, Director-at-Large Sixth Annual Cattleya Symposium CATTLEYAS - One Royal Family of Orchids! Odom s Orchids is sponsoring this two day Cattleya Extravaganza being held August 5th and 6th, with 4 guest speakers each day. Check-in day is August 4th where we will have a pizza party at the host hotel lobby. There will be a rare cattleya auction on Friday night and lunch is included both days Cattleya Symposium speakers: Jeff Bradley - Historic white cattleyas and species Allen Black - B. cucullata and its hybrids Peter Lin - Mini cattleya species & their hybrids Francisco Miranda - Laelias Bob Scully - Breeding with historic Florida hybrids Ed Skvarch - Greenhouse management & Fertilizer Roy Tokunaga - Tetraploid breeding Steve Arthur - Micro propagation Our host hotel this year is the Holiday Inn Express & Suites. Address: 7151 Okeechobee Rd, Fort Pierce, FL ***Don t wait too long to make your reservation, as space is limited*** The cost of the symposium is $ per person for early registration up to April 30th. Any registrations made after that date, the price will be increased to $ We also have made arrangements for special pricing at the Holiday Inn and Express, 7151 Okeechobee Rd., Ft. Pierce. Further information will follow. Editor s note: A number of our members have attended prior symposiums and all have come back with enthusiastic reviews. VAOS News 5 June 2016 Our project is doing well and catching its breath as we head into our 2nd season of hanging orchids throughout the parks in Venice. We ve had Dendrobiums, Nodosas and Cattleyas already blooming. The Epidendrum radicans have been blooming nonstop for months. We had about 60% of the orchids make it for the first year and expect an even higher survival rate with experience. Our efforts have resulted in many positive comments from residents and visitors alike, as well as online and printed media coverage. In October, I gave a presentation to the Venice City Our trip to the Redland International Orchid Festival, on Friday, May 13th, was another successful outing for VAOS. The weather this year was quite pleasant, warm and partly cloudy. It certainly didn t affect our shopping and enjoying the spectacular prize winning plants on display in the AOS tent upon our entrance into the Fruit and Spice Park. Our decision to go on Friday instead of Saturday proved to be very helpful for us because a few vendors were already running out of plants towards the end of our stay. The various types of plants and supplies kept everyone perplexed as to how much they could and would purchase. We helped a new member by encouraging him to Venice Orchid Project Doing Well The Redland Experience Council that was very well received and brought the mayor and council members out to our 50th Show. Societies Garden online magazine did a very nice story on page 3 of the April issue, website: com/magazine.html. Venice Gondolier s Paradise Living magazine recently gave us very nice coverage. We found they establish much quicker if we work with Mother Nature and the rainy season.. If you would like to help in this long term project in any way please contact Bruce Weave or Jay Loeffler. -Submitted by Jay Loeffler Minutes of the May 4, 2016 Meeting (continued from page 2) Bruce introduced Ted Kellogg, long time VAOS member and past president, as the speaker for the evening. His topic was entitled When to hold em and when to fold em, AKA When to grow em and when to throw em. Ted noted that we always receive encouragement to buy orchids, we get advice on how to grow them, but no one ever tells us it s ok to get rid of them. Since most of us just keep buying orchids, no matter how big our growing area is, we always run out of space. In addition to sick go back and buy a Vanda he remarked about. He said that he didn t think he had a good place for plants. When he told us that they had a pool cage at home, we convinced him he would regret not having it after he returned home. It was a beautiful Vanda and we re looking forward to seeing it on our Plant Table soon. Even though we did not fill the bus this time, everyone enjoyed the ride and comradery and also the snacks we provided. Mark your calendars for next year s trip which has been booked for May 12, 2017, once again on Friday. If you have never been to this Festival of Orchids, it surely needs to be on your bucket list. -Sharon Kahnoski, VP, Social and diseased plants, Ted encouraged us to toss plants that just aren t growing that well or otherwise don t meet our goals and expectations. Purging plants is one way to keep the hobby new and interesting to us and a good way to keep our growing area under control. Joanna and Kristin Shaw presented the Plant Table and John Kahnoski did the Raffle Table. The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:45 pm -Submitted by Joanna Shaw, Recording Secretary VAOS Supports Campaign Against Summer Hunger Every summer when school lets out an estimated 40,000 children in our area face daily hunger. When school ends hunger begins for those students who were getting meals at school. The end of seasonal jobs and lower wages also puts pressure on local families to make ends meet. Each year thousands of kids spend summer not knowing when they will eat again. All Faiths Food Bank s annual Campaign Against Summer Hunger works to provide meals for these hungry children. VAOS members can help by donating food items. The most needed items are: Cereal, fruit bars, kid-friendly snacks and canned goods with pull-tab tops Peanut butter & jelly, canned tuna, chicken or salmon, rice, beans and powdered milk Canned fruit or fruit drinks - look for 100% juice, light syrup and pull-tab tops Canned veggies, stew and soup with pull-tab tops Bring your food donations to our monthly meetings for collection and delivery to the All Faiths Food Bank. Financial donations are also appreciated to -Submitted by Carol Wood VAOS News 6 June 2016 One of the many benefits of membership in the American Orchid Society (AOS) is access to their excellent webinar series presented by expert orchid growers. You may register in advance to participate live during the webinar, or access recorded webinars on the AOS website to enjoy at your leisure. Many are free but others require AOS membership to access. Here is an updated list of recorded AOS webinars you may be interested in. To access, go to the website, All About Orchids - Webinars. Recorded Webinars Free to Everyone: Introduction: Orchids and Their Culture Orchids Plus: AOS Digital Orchid Awards Program Greenhouse Chats with Ron McHatton, monthly It s All About the Roots Visting a Rainbow: A Slice of Life from the Reed-Stemmed Epidendrums Demystifying AOS Judging Growing Phalaenopsis Orchid Fragrance Repotting: AOS Greenhouse Chat plants based on you water and media, your plants will benefit. Our June 1st speaker is Bruce Holst of Selby Gardens presenting Orchids of Belize. At our June 9th Growers Clinic Steve Vogelhaupt and Rick Belisle will present Water Culture for Orchids. Both are new presentations and not to be missed. I often reflect on my orchid hobby and how rewarding it is to me. You can t retire to Florida without a hobby and what a perfect hobby orchid growing is! You never stop learning about orchids (after 13 years I am still learning!). AOS Highlights June 2016 Recorded Webinars for AOS Members Only (requires log in): Orchids: Pests and Their Management, Part I and II Demystifying Dendrobiums Lycaste skinneri and its hybrids Phragmipedium Species and Hybrids Catasetums, Growing and Loving! Spiders, Gnats, and Greenhoods Orchids of Madagascar Cattleya lueddemanniana Orchid Nutrition Novelty Phalaenopsis Hybrids Neofinetia (Vanda) History and Mystery Semi-hydro; growing orchids without fir bark Upcoming Webinars: Greenhouse Chat 6/14/16 North American Orchid Conservation 6/21/16 -Submitted by Carol Wood President s Message (continued from page 1) Support Our Local Growers Honey Bee Nursery ( ) 2383 Englewood Road (Rt. 776), Englewood, FL Palmer Orchids ( ) Taylor Dr., Myakka City, FL Florida SunCoast Orchids ( ) 8211 Verna Bethany Rd., Myakka City, FL You never run out of things to do as there is always a plant that needs to be repotted or staked or needs attention. I ve found great joy in sharing my knowledge with new growers and the friendships I ve made are enduring. What better hobby can you have? Bruce Weaver and his team will be planting and mounting orchids in Venice parks during the month of June. Don t forget them and our raffle table when you divide your plants! Happy orchid growing! -Carol Wood, President Plantio La Orquidea ( ) 3480 Tallevast Rd, Sarasota Orchid Envy (941) Venice Ave. West, Venice, Fl VAOS News 7 June 2016 Wednesday, June 1, 2016, 7:00pm at Venice Community Center (Doors open at 6:30pm) Speaker: Bruce Holst Bring your blooming orchids for the Show Table Bring orchids for the Raffle Table & V
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