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BRAVEHEART by Randall Wallace FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY Converted to PDF by ScreenTalk™ Online FADE IN: EXT. THE SCOTTISH COUNTRYSIDE - DAY Epic beauty: cobalt mountains beneath a glowering purple sky fringed with pink, as if the clouds were a lid too small for the earth; a cascading landscape of boulders shrouded in deep green grass; and the blue lochs, reflecting the sky. We hear a voice, husky, Scottish... VOICE OVER I will tell you of William Wallace. EXT. MA
  BRAVEHEART byRandall WallaceFOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY Converted to PDF by ScreenTalk™ Online  FADE IN:EXT. THE SCOTTISH COUNTRYSIDE - DAYEpic beauty: cobalt mountains beneath a glowering purple skyfringed with pink, as if the clouds were a lid too small forthe earth; a cascading landscape of boulders shrouded in deepgreen grass; and the blue lochs, reflecting the sky. We heara voice, husky, Scottish... VOICE OVER I will tell you of William Wallace.EXT. MACANDREWS FARM - DAY A farmhouse and a large barn lie nestled in a Scottishvalley. Riding down the roads that lead in from oppositesides are Scottish noblemen in full regalia: eye-poppingtartans, sparkling chestplates. Even the horses are draped in scarlet. Behind each nobleman rides a single page boy. VOICE OVER Historians from England will say I am aliar. But history is written by thosewho have hung heroes. Another noble rides in from the opposite side. Two moreappear down the road, converging on the barn. VOICEThe King of Scotland had died without ason, and the king of England, a cruel pagan known as Edward the Longshanks,claimed the throne for himself.Scotland’s nobles fought him, and foughteach other, over the crown. SoLongshanks invited them to talks oftruce. No weapons, one page only.The nobles eye each other cautiously, but the truce holds.They enter the barn, with their pages...  EXT. SCOTTISH FARM - DAY Nestled in emerald hills are the thatched roof house and barnand outbuildings of a well-run farm. The farmer, MALCOLM  WALLACE, and his nineteen-year-old son JOHN, both strong,tough men, are riding away from the farm. They hear hooves behind them and turn to see a boy riding after them. VOICE Among the farmers of that shire was Malcolm Wallace, a commoner, with his ownlands and two sons: John... We FAVOR JOHN WALLACE, the nineteen-year-old sitting easilyon his horse, beside his father... VOICE...and William. WILLIAM, a skinny eight-year-old riding bareback, catches upto his father and older brother.FATHER Told ya to stay. WILLIAM I finished my chores. Where we goin’?FATHER  MacAndrews’. He was supposed to visitwhen the truce was over.They ride on, over the lush hills.EXT. THE MACANDREWS FARM - DAYThe horses are all gone; the place looks deserted. UP ON THEHILL we see the three Wallaces, looking down.FATHER Stay here. 2  He means William. He and his elder son spur their horses. AT THE BARN - DAYThe Wallaces ride up, looking around.FATHER  MacAndrews! ...MacAndrews!? Malcolm finds a pitchfork, John the woodpile axe...INT. THE BARNPOV from within as the door opens and a widening block ofsunlight illuminates the dusty shadows. Malcolm and John Wallace step in, and are shocked to see...POV THE WALLACESHanging from the rafters of the barn are thirty Scottishnoblemen and thirty pages, their faces purple and contorted  by the strangulation hanging, their tongues protruding. Malcolm stabs the pitchfork into the ground in useless anger;John still grips the axe as he follows his father through thehanging bodies of the noblemen to the back row, to see theone man in commoner’s dress, like theirs...FATHER  MacAndrews. A SHUFFLE; John spins; William has entered the back door.JOHN William! Get out of here! WILLIAM  Why would MacAndrews make so manyscarecrows? 3
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