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®® Engine Engine Model Cat ® C18 ACERT™ Gross Power – SAE J1995 446 kW 598 hp Net Power – SAE J1349 399 kW 535 hp Weights – Approximate Target Gross Machine 82 100 kg 181,000 lb Operating Weight Operating Specifications Nominal Payload Class (100%) 46 tonnes 51 tons Maximum Working Payload (110%) 51 tonnes 56 tons Not to Exceed Payload* (120%) 55 tonnes 61 tons Body Capacity – SAE 2:1 31.3 m 3 41 yd 3 ã Nominal payload and capacity based on Quarry Body. Liner and attachment selection will affe
    ® EngineEngine ModelCat ® C18 ACERT™Gross Power – SAE J1995446 kW598 hpNet Power – SAE J1349 399 kW535 hp Weights – ApproximateTarget Gross Machine82 100 kg181,000 lbOperating WeightOperating SpecificationsNominal Payload Class (100%)46 tonnes51 tonsMaximum Working Payload (110%)51 tonnes56 tonsNot to Exceed Payload* (120%)55 tonnes61 tonsBody Capacity –SAE 2:131.3 m 3 41 yd 3 ãNominal payload and capacity based on Quarry Body.Liner and attachment selection will affect payload andmaximum gross machine operating weight.*Refer to Caterpillar ® 10/10/20 Payload Policy formaximum gross machine weight limitations. 772 Off-Highway Truck  2 772 Off-Highway Truck  Engineered for performance, designed for comfort, built to last.Top Performance. Developed specifically for construction,mining, and quarry applications, the 772optimizes demands for lower cost per ton,challenges of finding skilled labor, and overall health and safety.  Reliable, Durable, Dependable. Rugged construction and easy maintenance procedures ensure long life with lowoperating costs. Truck Body Systems The 772 offers two body types with sixdifferent body liner system selectionstoaccommodate almost any type of application. These body liner systemsare designed to maximize strength anddurability while providing the lowestcost per ton. In addition, Caterpillar hasadded a new quarry body with a 25 mm(0.98 in) floor. pg. 16Serviceability The 772 offers 500-hour engine serviceintervals – 250 hours more than the 771D.Simplified service and maintenancefeatures combined with improvedservice access are designed toreducedowntime. pg. 14Structures The 772 features a mild-steel, box-section type frame to deliver durabilityand long life with low operating costs.Castings and forgings are strategicallyplaced in high-stress areas to evenlydistribute stresses and provide longfatigue life. pg. 8Power Train – Transmission The Cat ® seven-speed power shifttransmission matched with the CatC18engine with ACERT Technology providesconstant power and efficiency over awide operating speed range for optimalpower train performance. pg. 6Power Train – Engine The Cat ® C18 engine with ACERT™Technology uses advanced enginetechnology to reduce emissions withoutafter-treatment. The turbocharged,aftercooled 6-cylinder engine has fasterresponse for superior performance indemanding applications. pg. 4Information and Monitoring Systems Standard on the 772, the Cat Messengersystem provides real-time engineperformance and operating data. pg. 18  3 Safety Caterpillar sets the standard whenitcomes to safety in the design andmanufacturing of heavy equipment.Safety is not an afterthought atCaterpillar, but an integral part of allmachine and systems designs. pg. 20Operator’s Station The 772 features an all new operatorstation with enhanced visibility, increasedoperator space and ergonomicallydesigned controls that set new industrystandards for operator comfort.Allcontrols and gauges are positionedfor optimum efficiency and totalmachine control. pg. 9Brake System Front dry disc and rear oil-cooled,multiple disc brakes are now hydraulicallycontrolled, reducing maintenance costsand improving operator control andmodulation. They provide exceptional,fade-resistant braking and retarding formaximum performance and productivityin all haul-road conditions. pg. 12Engine – Power Train Integration The Cat Data Link electronicallycombines engine, transmission,brakeand operational information tooptimizeoverall truck performance.Stored diagnostic data can be accessed viathe Cat Electronic Technician (Cat ET)service tool to improve troubleshootingand reduce downtime. pg. 10Customer Support Cat dealers provide unmatchedproductsupport, anywhere in the world.With industry-best parts availability anda wide range of maintenance and serviceoptions, Cat dealers have what it takesto keep your hauling machinesproductive. pg. 21  Cat ® C18 Engine with ACERT™Technology. Caterpillar optimizes engineperformance while meeting U.S. EPATier 3 and European Union Stage IIIaengine emission regulations. ACERT™Technology reduces emissions during thecombustion process by using advancedtechnology in the air and fuel systems, inconjunction with integrated electronics.Caterpillar meets emission regulationsat the combustion source, rather thanrecycling exhaust gases. Block. The C18 block incorporates a one-piece, grey iron block, featuring generousribbing for stiffness and heavy bearingbulkheads for rigidity and strength.Caterpillar also has moved away frompipe thread ports to straight-thread, o-ring connection points, reducing thepotential for leaks. This new designsupports the engine’s higher compressionratios and increased power density. Cylinder Head. The new cross flow airdesign routes air straight across the headremoving bends and turns that createresistance to flow. By removing theresistance to flow, parasitic loads arereduced as pumping needs are lessened.The cylinder head is a one piece, castiron component with a newly designedgraphite and steel composite head gasketthat seals the combustion chamber withbetter rigidity and wear capability. Overhead Cam. A single overheadcamis driven by gears on the front of the engine, which significantly reducenoise and vibration. Caterpillar also hasadded two pendulum absorbers, mountedat the front of the camshafts to furtherreduce noise and vibration. Pistons, Connecting Rods, Cylinder Liners. New design and material improvementsto the pistons, rods and liners have beenmade to support the higher cylinderpressures and the 16.3:1 compressionratios associated with ACERTTechnology, while still providingdurability to engine overhaul.A single-piece steel piston, pulsator-testedto 25 560 kPa (4,000 psi), is matched toa robust connecting rod to ensure longcomponent life. The piston’s steel skirtincreases its durability and results inreduced thermal expansion, allowingatighter piston fit and reduced linervibration. The overall piston surfacearea reduces friction and enhancesfueleconomy.The newly designed connecting rodallows better lubrication and coolingand is more securely fastened to thecrankshaft using two additional bolts.The new improved rod bearings are madeof steel-backed copper alloy with leadtin overlay. This new metallurgy reducesflaking and offers better fatigue strength.Cylinder liners are wet liners made of compacted graphite and iron for excellentwear and strength characteristics.Also,the tolerances between the pistonsand the wet cylinder liners have beentightened to unprecedented levels forreduced blow-by and higher efficiency. 4 The Cat  ® C18 engine with ACERT™ Technology is built for power, reliability and efficiency for superior performance in the toughest applications. Power Train – Engine
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