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CAO 2015/2016 Ratoath College Ms Reilly CAO Information Talk

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CAO 2015/2016 Ratoath College Ms Reilly CAO Information Talk Getting Started- Research, CAO 2015/16, NFQ and Important Dates General points regarding the CAO Entry Requirements and the Points System Making
CAO 2015/2016 Ratoath College Ms Reilly CAO Information Talk Getting Started- Research, CAO 2015/16, NFQ and Important Dates General points regarding the CAO Entry Requirements and the Points System Making an application and how places are allocated by CAO DARE and HEAR Other Options Grants Questions Research Internet Qualifax Irish courses database CAO Contains links to course websites Career Directions Careers Portal reviews by third level students College websites (Addresses in CAO Handbook) People Relatives Past pupils Admissions/Academic staff of colleges Guidance Counsellor Interest Inventories / Guidance interviews Access to sources of information/career Library Publications College Prospectus 2016 Entry Student Yearbook and Career Directory 2, 2016 ed. CAO Handbook 2016 Newspapers The Irish Times Tuesdays Education Section Early January Special College Supplement Series of articles - Brian Mooney The Independent Careers Articles - Mary O Donnell The Points you get for each Grade Level Grade H. Level Ord. Level F. Level A A B B B C Bonus C Points C H.L Maths D from D3 D D3 45 5 Research thoroughly all the courses for which he/she is making an application. Be au fait with all aspects of the application system used (CAO) for these courses, i.e., procedures, dates, fees, rules, etc. Centralised application system for 43 Irish 3 rd level institutions, including 5 fee-paying colleges. Every 6 th year has a CAO Application Pack which includes: 2016 CAO Handbook application and course information Paper application form Application fee bank giro form Application Dates and Fees Online discounted rate 25 by 20 th of Jan 2016 Normal online rate 40 by 1 st of Feb 2016 Change of mind facility is free of charge There are 3 types of courses students can apply for under the Nat. Qualifications Framework. These are applied for on 2 separate lists on a single form: Level 6 & 7 Courses Level 8 Courses Ordinary Degrees (7) Higher Certificates (6) Up to 10 Course Choices Honours Degrees (8) Up to 10 Course Choices The courses are clearly labelled in the CAO Handbook N.B. Care must be taken with courses marked Restricted. These courses cannot be applied for after February 1 st due to extra assessments required. Some courses have interviews/ Aptitude tests/ Portfolio/ Auditions Medicine HPAT test February These courses are called restricted entry Application must be made by the 1st February. Details of all restricted entry courses are in CAO Handbook 2 HC3 and 4 Passes Different colleges have different entry requirements Colleges of NUI (UCD, UCC, NUI, M & NUI, G) Have a Second language requirement There are some exceptions now for Nursing, Science, Engineering and Agriculture Science Courses Minimum Entry Requirements E.g. UCD Pass 6 subjects At least 2 HC3 Pass in: Irish English Another Language Mathematics* Science Subject* If all Entry Requirements are met applicant is deemed Qualified to apply. Specific Entry Requirements Eng(UCD)- HC3 Maths/HD3 in Science Subject (no 2 nd language) Bus&Law- HD3/OB3 Maths(OD3 in 2 nd language) Science-HD3/OB3 in science subject, OB3/HD3 in Maths( no 2 nd language) 5 passes for most level 6 & level 7 courses although some colleges e.g. DKIT require Minimum 200 points College Prospectus and website need to be consulted Generally in the CAO system No. of qualified applicants No. of course places -- selection system is needed. Selection system used in Irish 3 rd Level Colleges is POINTS SYSTEM Points are calculated from ONE sitting of the Leaving Certificate only. Points total is calculated from SIX best subjects Bonus points are awarded for Honours Mathematics Entry Requirements can be satisfied over more than one sitting of the Leaving Certificate Food for thought. 44 per cent of students in a survey said they d change their CAO choices if they could do it all over again. It is all about RESEARCH!!! So what is the best way to fill in the courses? Dream Courses Realistic Courses Banker Courses Applications can be made online or by paper form use one method only. ( 10 charge if 2 applications sent) Always keep proof of sending application: online print screen receipt, paper obtain certificate of post. VERY IMPORTANT Students must fill out both course lists in: Genuine Order of Preference They should not put down courses on the basis of their predictions of next years cut off points or their own points scores. Why? Look at how places are allocated. Science UCD 100 places to be offered Applicant Position Points Score Last place to be filled Course Merit Lists Science Maynooth 100 places to be offered Applicant Position Points Score Course Cut Off Points = 330 Course Cut Off Points = 335* Random Selection to be used Two or more candidates on the same points Random number given to each application Highest random Number gets the place Shown by an * For example 370* means not every candidate with 370 points got a place but everyone with 375 would have 1 DN TR DN LM DT LC CR DN CK DC NO NO NO YES YES YES YES YES YES NO A Students Course Preferences - Example Students Points Total = 445 Cut Off Points for Course All Lower Preference Courses Disappear From Students Preferences 1 DN round one places not accepted Last place to be filled - Round 1 Last place to be filled - Round 2 2 TR ROUND 2 3 round one places not accepted Last place to be filled Round 1 Last place to be filled - Round 2 Round 2 cut off points - Round 2 cut off points - Receive CAO number and Statement of Course Choices check this carefully Some students may be called for extra assessments Receive Statement of Application Record check details carefully Change of Mind facility becomes available from May to 1 st of July use sparingly and carefully Leaving Cert. Results are sent to CAO Places are allocated and offered by post and online Students accept, reject or defer offered places online or by post Further rounds of offers are made until all course places are filled This is arranged AFTER an offer is made. (Read the CAO Handbook about this.) You are recommended to check with the college in advance about their deferral conditions and arrangements. The CAO Handbook mentions some courses where deferral will be difficult or impossible. Further Education Training Awards Council- Post Leaving Cert Courses FETAC Links to Higher Education Institutes Especially Important for Students who may not make the CAO Points Can begin with a PLC and end up with a Doctorate Must make a paper or online application directly to PLC college Not part of the CAO CAO DARE-Disability Access Route to Education HEAR-Higher Education Access Route Further details- DARE and HEAR completed online through student s CAO account Other Alternatives UCAS Applying to colleges in UK and Northern Ireland Closing Date 15th January except for Medicine, Dentistry, Vet, Oxford & Cambridge closing date 15th October Fees are applicable. (Scotland free once student apply by March 2016) Must apply online using UCAS Apply Personal statement Grainne Reilly is Ratoath very College important Grants All eligible students in PLC, full time Higher Education degrees and studying in the UK. Student contribution fee of 3,000 is waived if deemed eligible. Online Guidance on how to apply go to: Call Thank you for your time Any Questions
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