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CCNA Guide to Networking - Ch13
  CCNA Guide to Cisco Networking, Fourth EditionChapter 13 Solutions Chapter 13 Solutions Review Questions 1. The IEEE standard ! .1# reco$$ends which t%pe o& '(AN identi&ication $ethod)a. Fra$e &iltering *. Fra$e taggingc. Fra$e seg$entingd. Fra$e se#uencing 2. What are the five STP port states? (Choose four). a. Learning b. Listener  c. Disabledd. Forwardinge. Listening f. Forwarder  g. Blocking 3. B defau!t i p!e entin# a swit$hed networ% in$reases the nu ber of $o!!ision do ains. Whi$h swit$hin# te$hno!o# a!!ows for a de$rease in the si&e of broad$ast do ains?a. Spannin#'Tree Proto$o!b. Fi!terin# and forwardin# c. irtual L! s d. TP Prunin#. The Spannin#'Tree Proto$o! was deve!oped to?a. To prevent brid#es fro forwardin# infor ation out of ports that the infor ation was re$eived.b. To prevent routin# !oops in a routed internetwor%. c. #o avoid loops in a bridged network with redundant paths. d. To assist in the dep!etion of *P addresses. +. hich o& the &ollowing are reasons that a *ridge port would *e placed in the &orwarding state) -Choose all that appl%.a. The port is on the root *ridge. *. The port is connected to $ultiple *ridges.c. The port is the root port.d. The port is not working. +. What are the three TP odes a swit$h $an be in?a. Server, $!ient, virtua!.b. Server, host, transparent.$. Sever, host, vo!ati!e. d. Server$ client$ transparent. -. Whi$h state ents are true about TP prunin#? (Choose a!! that app!).a. *t is enab!ed b defau!t. b. %t is disabled b& de'ault.c. %t is used to allow two Spanning(trees to work si)ultaneousl& on the sa)e seg)ent o' wire.c. %t increases available bandwidth. $. *t in$reases the a ount of need!ess traffi$ on a networ%.  CCNA Guide to Cisco Networking, Fourth EditionChapter 13 Solutions . For a L/0 to span two or ore swit$hes, what ust be $onfi#ured?a. / swit$h1s dup!e feature.b. / TP ana#e ent do ain.$. / PS ust be insta!!ed. d. ! trunk connection. 4. /fter enterin# the interfa$e $onfi#uration ode for a port on a 2456 swit$h, whi$h $o and wou!d assi#n the port to L/0 76?a. vlan-membership static 10 b. Switchport access vlan 10 $. vlan static 10 d. vlan 10 static-membership 1!. hich o& the &ollowing allows %ou to reorgani/e *roadcast do$ains no $atter what the ph%sical con&iguration dictates)a. 0outer  *. '(ANc. ridged. Switch11. I& %ou attach a hu* with &i2e stations into a switch port that is con&igured &or '(ANs, how $an% di&&erent '(ANs will the de2ices on the hu*s *e in)a. Fi2e *. Threec. Twod. ne1 . hich o& the &ollowing are ad2antages o& '(ANs) -Choose all that appl%.a. '(ANs $ake relocating de2ices easier. *. Separate '(ANs do not re#uire routers.c. '(ANs increase e&&ecti2e *andwidth utili/ation.d. '(ANs restructure *roadcast do$ains.13. hich o& the &ollowing is a *ene&it that routers pro2ide on the '(AN to increase securit%)a. 4i2iding *roadcast do$ains *. 4i2iding collision do$ainsc. Allowing &or the creation o& access listsd. ridging the I5 to I56 la%er 3 protocol gap17. hich o& the &ollowing are 'T5 $odes o& operation) -Choose all that appl%.a. Client *. Ser2er c. Transparent  CCNA Guide to Cisco Networking, Fourth EditionChapter 13 Solutions d. Blocking 1+.hich co$$and would delete the '(AN data*ase on a switch)a. delete 2lan.dat *. delete &lash82lan.datc. erase &lash82lan.datd. erase 2lan.dat19. hich co$$and allows %ou to create a 'T5 do$ain na$ed 6:;4<)a. 'T5 6:;4< 4o$ain *. 4o$ain 'T5 6:;4<c. 'T5 4o$ain 6:;4< d. Domain XYZDOM VTP 1=. hich state$ent is true a*out 5ortFast)a. 5ortFast is used when %ou need to dela% the a$ount o& ti$e it takes &or a port to in the &orwarding state. *. 5ortFast is a2aila*le on Cisco routers onl%.c. 5ortFast pre2ents a port &ro$ entering the &orwarding state. d. PortFast allows a switch port to move to the orwarding state ! icker. 1. hich co$$and allows %ou to create '(AN and na$e it Accounting'(AN)a. Switch-con&ig>2lan?'lan na$e Accounting'lan *. Switch-2lan?'lan na$e Accounting'lanc. Switch-con&ig?'lan na$e Accounting'lan d. #witch$vlan%con&g'(Vlan ) name *cco ntingVlan 1@. hich co$$and allows %ou to add ports to '(ANs)a. Switchport $ode access *. Switchport access $odec. Access $ode switchport d. Mode switchport access !. hich co$$and allows %ou to speci&% a range o& ports to add to a '(AN)a. Inter&acerange *. 0ange inter&acec. Inter&ace>range d. +nterace range 1. hich co$$and allows %ou to gi2e a description to a port on a switch)a. Na$e *. In&or$ationc. 4escription d. ,amed port  CCNA Guide to Cisco Networking, Fourth EditionChapter 13 Solutions . hich co$$and allows %ou to see the spanning tree con&iguration &or '(AN 3 onl%)a. Switch-con&ig?show spanning>tree *. Swithch?show spanning>tree 2lan 3c. Switch-con&ig?show spanning>tree 2lan 3 d. #witch(show spanning tree vlan - 3. hich '(AN is the de&ault '(AN &or a switch)a. '(AN A *. '(AN 1c. '(AN 1! d. V*, /00 7. hich co$$and allows %ou to create a 'T5 do$ain na$ed 6:;4<)a. 3 =9 *. 3 =9@c. 1@ d. 1023 +. hich co$$and would allow %ou to $ake a switch the root *ridge &or all '(ANs con&igured on the switch)a. Spanning>tree 2lan priorit% 7!@9 *. Spanning>tree priorit% 7!@9c. Spanning>tree priorit% 1@ d. #panning%tree priorit4 / Case *ro+ects Case *ro+ect 1 oe is ri#ht. The swit$hes $an be used to $reate L/0s, whi$h $an separate the depart ents b $reatin# broad$ast do ains between the . 8p#radin# a L/0 doesn9t ne$essari! ean buin# routers. :outers shou!d be pur$hased to inter$onne$t L/0s not to enhan$e L/0 perfor an$e. * p!e entin# L/0s on the swit$hes wi!! enhan$e L/0 perfor an$e and se$urit. Case *ro+ect , The Cis$o 7466 swit$h $an be $onfi#ured via enus, the $o and !ine, or throu#h a web interfa$e usin# the visua! swit$h ana#er. The defau!t settin#s on the swit$h are as fo!!ows; -no ip address-cdp enabled-stp enabled-fragment-free switchingmode-100BaseT ports set at autonegotiate-10BaseT ports set at half duplex The 7466 does support L/0 swit$hin#. 7665 L/0s are supported< however, if STP is used, on! + L/0s are supported. Case *ro+ect 3
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