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CCNA Guide to Networking - Ch7
  CCNA Guide to Cisco Networking, Fourth EditionChapter 7 Solutions Chapter 7 Solutions Review Questions 1. What is the administratie distance o! #$%a. 1&& '. 11&c. 1(&d. )&(. *ink+state routing protocols . -Choose all that appl./a. use link+state adertisements to noti! routers o! route changes '. send routing ta'les to neigh'orsc. reach conergence !aster than distance+ector routing protocolsd. determine the 'est path ia the hop count algorithm0. #$ has a maimum hop count o! .a. (22 '. 13c. 12d. (244. Which command ena'les #$ on a router%a. router network #$ '. router ripc. router igrpd. router osp! 2. Which command will show the #$ routing ta'le o! a router%a. show ip route '. show ip protocolc. de'ug ip igrp eentsd. show run3. Nonrouta'le protocols are a'le to pass packets among multiple networks. 5rue or False%7. #G $ can use which o! the !ollowing as metrics% -Choose all that appl./a. 6op count '. andwidthc. 8elad. Split hori9on:. Which o! the !ollowing is a routed protocol% -Choose all that appl./a. NetE;# '. 5C$<#$c. #$=<S$=d. #$). Which o! the !ollowing helps to preent routing loops% -Choose all that appl./a. Split hori9on  CCNA Guide to Cisco Networking, Fourth EditionChapter 7 Solutions  '. Count+to+in!initc. 6old+down timersd. Split hori9on with poison reerse1&. At which router prompt can ou use the router rip command%a. router> '. router?c. router-con!ig/>d. router-con!ig+router/>11. At which router prompt can ou issue the network @network > command%a. router> '. router?c. router-con!ig/>d. router-con!ig+router/>1(. 5he de'ug ip rip command can 'e used in user mode and priileged mode. 5rue or False%10. Which o! the !ollowing routing protocols can route 'etween autonomous sstems% -Choose all that appl./a. #G $ '. #$c. G$d. EG$14. What tpe o! routing protocol is used within autonomous sstems%a. Eterior Gatewa $rotocols '. 5C$<#$c. NetE;#d. #nterior Gatewa $rotocols12. #$ and #G $ 'oth adertise a route to a particular network. Which route will 'e added to the routing ta'le%a. 5he #$ route '. 5he #G $ routec. oth #$ and #G $ routesd. G$+enhanced #G $13. What command is used to displa #$ timers%a. show ip route '. show runc. de'ug ip ripd. show ip protocol17. What two commands are needed to con!igure #$ on a router% -Choose all that appl./a. network rip '. router ripc. router network ripd. network @network >1:. A metric is a aria'le used to determine the suita'ilit o! a route. 5rue or False%  CCNA Guide to Cisco Networking, Fourth EditionChapter 7 Solutions 1). A maBor draw'ack o! link+state routing protocols isa. outing ' rumor  '. #ncreased memor and processing reDuired on routersc. Slow time to conergenced. #na'ilit to adapt to network topolog changes(&. Which o! the !ollowing commands would ena'le a routing protocol that is onl concerned with hop count%a. router> router igrp '. router-con!ig/> router igrpc. router> router ripd. router-con!ig/> router ripe. router> router osp! (1. Which o! the !ollowing are true a'out administratie distance% -Choose all that appl./a. 5he higher the administratie distance, the more desira'le the route. '. Administratie distances are used with static routes.c. 5he de!ault administratie distance !or #$ is 1(&.d. 5he de!ault administratie distance !or static routes is higher than those !or dnamic routes.e. 5he de!ault administratie distance !or a connected network is lower than that !or the de!ault route o! #G $.((. What does the num'er (4& stand !or in the !ollowing command% outer-con!ig/> ip route 1)(.13:.1.& (22.(22.(22.& (4&a. Num'er o! masked 'its '. 8ecimal su'net mask c. Num'er o! hopsd. Administratie distancee. Autonomous network num'er (0. #! ou want to monitor real+time #$ tra!!ic, which command would ou tpe%a. router? router rip '. router> router ripc. router> show ripd. router-con!ig/> show ripe. router> de'ug ip rip(4. Which o! the !ollowing does #$ support% -Choose all that appl./a. *oad 'alancing '. *ink relia'ilit metricc. andwidth metricd. 8ela metric Case Projects Case Project 1 RIP will only work until Big Tin adds more routers. This is because RIP updates can only traverse 15 routers and their autonomous system already includes 14 routers.  CCNA Guide to Cisco Networking, Fourth EditionChapter 7 Solutions Case Project 2 ogan!s could use I RP as their Interior ateway Routing protocol. #onsiderable $%& bandwidth is still used 'or updates however( I RP only broadcasts every )* seconds instead o' +* like RIP. Bandwidth and delay are the two metrics in use by de'ault when I RP is con'igured. ogan!s may also want to con'igure I RP to use hops. ,uggest that ogan!s sets the ma-imum number o' hops to the number o' routers in the autonomous system. I RP can support up to 55 hops. Case Project 3 The router rip command is con'igured at the global con'iguration mode prompt. In this case that prompt would appear as newyork/con'ig0. 2nce the router rip command is entered3 the prompt will change to newyork/con'igrouter0. enni'er is unnecessarily con'iguring three network commands instead o' the one re6uired. 2nly the ma7or network number should be con'igured( subnet numbers /or inter'ace addresses0 should not be con'igured. The one network command should be network  . I' it is con'igured with three commands as enni'er suggests3 the router will simply combine the commands and con'igure 'or the ma7or network number only. In other words3 it will work3 but enni'er will get it wrong on the ##&% e-am.
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