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Computer graphics
  Expt no : 1aDate : Drawing line using Bresenham algorithm Aim:  To draw line using bresenham algorithm in c. Algorithm: 1.Input two line endpoints 2.Obtain starting value for the decision parameter asP 0 =2∆!∆ #.If p $  %0 the ne t point to plot is & $  '1( $  ) and p $'1 =p $  '2∆ else ne t point to plot is & $  '1( $  '1) and  p $'1 =p $  '2∆!2∆ *.+epeat step # ∆ times. Coding: ,include%stdio.h-,include%conio.h-,include%math.h-,include%graphics.h-main&)int gd=/TT(gmint a( b(a(bint d (d(3(4(3end(p(binitgraph&5gd(5gm(6c788tc88bgi6) printf&69T+ T:O ;<T 9/ POI9T6)scanf&6>d>d6(5 a(5a) printf&69T+ T:O +I?@T 9/ POI9T 6)scanf&6>d>d6(5 b(5b)d =abs& a! b)d=abs&a!b) p=2Ad!d if& a- b)3= b4=b3end= aB else3= a4=a3end= bB putpi el&3(4(b)while&3%3end)  3=3'1if&p%0) p=p'2AdBelse4=4'1 p=p'2A&d!d )B putpi el&3(4(b)Bgetch&)return&0)B OUTPUT: nter two left endpoints7100200nter two right endpoints7#00*00 RESUT:  The line was drawn using  bresenham algorithm successfull.   pt no 7 1b/ate 7 Drawing !ir!le using Bresenham algorithm Aim:  To draw circle using bresenham algorithm in c. Algorithm: 1.Input radius r and circle center& c(c)2.calculate the initial value of the decision parameter as P0=CD*!r #.If p$%0( the ne t point along the circle is calculated as p $'1 =p $  '2 $'1 '1 otherwise calculate using  p $'1 =p $  '2 $'1 '1!2 $'1 *.+epeat step # until -=. COD #$: ,include 6stdio.h6 ,include 6conio.h6 ,include 6math.h6 ,include 6graphics.h6 main&)  int gd=/TT(gm int center(center(radius int p( ( initgraph&5gd(5gm(6c788tc88bgi6) =0  printf&6nter The +adius Ealue78n6) scanf&6>d6(5radius) =radius  printf&6nter The center and center Ealues78n6) scanf&6>d>d6(5 center(5center)  plotpoints& center(center( ()  p=1!radius while& %)  if&p%0) = '1 else  = '1 =!1 B if&p%0)  p=p'2A '1 else  p=p'2A& !)'1  plotpoints& center(center( () B  getch&) return&0) B int plotpoints&int center(int center(int (int )   putpi el& center' (center'(1)  putpi el& center! (center'(1)  putpi el& center' (center!(1)  putpi el& center! (center!(1)  putpi el& center'(center' (1)  putpi el& center!(center' (1)  putpi el& center'(center! (1) B OUTPUT: nter The +adius Ealue7100nter The center and center Ealues7100200 RESUT:  The circle was drawn using  bresenham algorithm successfull.
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