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Build 3065 ---------- Release Date: 27 August 2014 * Added sidebar icons * Added sidebar loading indicators * Sidebar remembers which folders are expanded * Tweaked window closing behavior when pressing ctrl+w / cmd+w * Improved quote auto pairing logic * Selected group is now stored in the session * Added remember_full_screen setting * Fixed a lockup when transitioning from a blinking to a solid caret * Fixed a crash in plugin_host * Fixed a crash trigge
  Build 3065----------Release Date: 27 August 2014 * Added sidebar icons * Added sidebar loading indicators * Sidebar remembers which folders are expanded * Tweaked window closing behavior when pressing ctrl+w / cmd+w * Improved quote auto pairing logic * Selected group is now stored in the session * Added remember_full_screen setting * Fixed a lockup when transitioning from a blinking to a solid caret * Fixed a crash in plugin_host * Fixed a crash triggered by Goto Anything cloning views * Windows: Added command line helper, subl.exe * OSX: Added 'New Window' entry to dock menu * Posix: Using correct permissions for newly created files and folders * API: Updated to Python 3.3.3Build 3059----------Release Date: 17 December 2013 * Added tab scrolling, controlled by the enable_tab_scrolling setting * Added image preview when opening images * Encoding and line endings can be displayed in the status bar with the show _encoding and show_line_endings settings * Added settings caret_extra_top, caret_extra_bottom and caret_extra_width to control the caret size * Added index_exclude_patterns setting to control which files get indexed * Automatically closing windows when the last tab is dragged out * Changed tab close behavior: the neighboring tab is now always selected * When the last file is closed, a new transient file is created automatically * Ctrl+Tab ordering is stored in the session * Added minimap_scroll_to_clicked_text setting * Improved error messages when unable to save files * Auto complete now works as expected in macros * Minor improvements to Python syntax highlighting * Vintage: A block caret is now used * Vintage: Improved behavior of visual line mode with word wrapped lines * Find in Files will no longer block when FIFOs are encountered * Linux: Added menu hiding * Linux: Fixed incorrect handling of double clicks in the Find panel * Linux: Fixed incorrect underscore display in some menus * Posix: Fixed new files being created with unexpected permissions * Windows: SSE support is no longer required for 32 bit builds * API: Window.open_file now accepts an optional group parameter * API: Plugins may now call Settings.clear_on_change() within a callback from Settings.add_on_change() * API: Calling Settings.add_on_change() from within a settings change callback won't cause the added callback to be runBuild 3047----------Release Date: 27 June 2013 * Beta is now open to non-registered users * Windows and Linux: Added High DPI support * Improved file change detection   * Improved rendering performance * HTML tag auto completion is better behaved in script tags * Fixed a crash on exit that could occur when hot_exit is disabled * Linux and OSX: atomic_save is adaptively disabled when it's not possible to preserve file permissions * OSX: Fixed context menus not working when the application is in the background * Windows: Auto updater supports updating from unicode paths * API: Plugins in zip files are able to be overridden via files on disk * API: Added support for the termios module on Linux and OS X * API: Fixed Selection.contains * API: Fixed settings objects getting invalidated too early with cloned viewsBuild 3033----------Release Date: 7 May 2013 * New auto update system for Windows and OS X * Previewing a file from the side bar will no longer add an entry to the OPEN FILES section of the side bar * Added Paste from History * Added setting 'auto_find_in_selection', for S2 style Find in Selection logic * Find panel has a drop down arrow to select previous items * Pressing right in the Goto Anything overlay will open the selected file without closing the overlay * Fixed several crash bugs * Further startup time improvements * Improved HTML completions when typing outside of tags * Fixed Close Tag not respecting self closing tags * PHP: Improved auto indenting for the alternative control syntax * Added setting always_prompt_for_file_reload * Improved handling of deleted files when restoring sessions * Deleting a file via the side bar will first close the corresponding view, if any * Remove all Folders from Project now prompts to confirm * Added telemetry. Telemetry is disabled by default, but can be turned on with the enable_telemetry setting * Using Google Breakpad to automatically report crashes * Updated syntax highlighting for PHP, Haskell and Pascal * Symlinks are followed by default in folders added to the side bar * Windows: Fixed erroneous entries in system menu * Windows: New style Open Folder dialogs are used on Vista and later * API: Significantly improved communication speed with plugin_host * API: Added view.close() * API: Added view.show_popup_menu() * API: Added is_valid() method to view and window, to determine if the handle has been invalidated * API: Added on_post_text_command and on_post_window_command * API: on_text_command and on_window command are now called when the menu is used * API: Added sublime.get_macro() * API: view.substr(point) now has the same semantics as S2 for out of bounds addresses * API: view.command_history(0, True) now returns the last modifying command, as expected
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