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Check List for onboard Maintenance (Guidance only - NOT required by PSC) © Germanischer Lloyd Revision 7 – 03-06 PAGE 1 OF 1 Shi Na!e Checklist No# $ate This checklist can be used as a rearation for a ort call to a%oid unnecessary roble!s and delays# The list does not clai! to be co!lete and co%ers !ainly those ite!s that are frequently reorted by PSC# GER!A #$%&ER LLO'( &'( PO)T ST*T+ CONT)OL, Port state authorities have the right to board ships without a
  Check List for onboard Maintenance (Guidance only - NOT required by PSC) © Germanischer Lloyd Revision 7 – 03-06PAGE 1 OF 1 Shi Na!e Checklist No# $ate   This checklist can be used as a rearation for a ortcall to a%oid unnecessary roble!s and delays#The list does not clai! to be co!lete and co%ers!ainly those ite!s that are frequently reorted byPSC#  GER!A #$%&ER LLO'( &'( PO)T ST*T+ CONT)OL, Port state authorities have the right to board ships without announcement to check whether those ships are complying with the relevant international Conventions andRegulations. 1 ) Thus, Port State Control is intended as a tool to eliminate sub-standard ships.n order to avoid problems and delays due to PSC, a ship should always be ã    well maintained, ã   be manned with a su!!icient number o! uali!ied crew# and ã   be in compliance with maritime regulationsno matter how !ar o!! the ne$t due survey may be. 'O& PSC -S C*))-+$ O.T Port State Control %!!icials may come aboard to check the certi!icates, documents,condition o! hull and machinery, e uipment and the living conditions as well asadherence to operational re uirements in accordance with the relevant Conventions.The nspectors will get a general view o! the overall condition o! the ship whileboarding and, a!ter introduction to the &aster, check the validity o! the ship'scerti!icates.   1 )nternational Convention !or the Sa!ety o! (i!e at Sea S%(*S) + with its Protocols as amended,nternational Convention o! (oadlines ((C) +//,nternational Convention !or the Prevention o! Pollution !rom Ships &*RP%() +0 with its Protocol,nternational Convention on Standards o! Training, Certi!ication and 1atchkeeping o! Sea!arers STC1)+234,Convention o! the nternational Regulations !or Preventing Collisions at Sea C%(R56) +7,&erchant Shipping &inimum Standards) Convention +/ (% Convention 8r. +)nternational &anagement Code !or the Sa!e %peration o! Ships and !or Pollution Prevention S&Code3S%(*S Ch. 9). ! the !irst impression o! the ship gives clear grounds to the inspector that the shipdoes not substantially meet the regulations he will conduct a more detailedinspection.! the authorities veri!y de!iciencies constituting a ha:ard to sa!ety, health orenvironment they will ask !or recti!ication and can detain a ship until suchde!iciencies have been corrected.The &aster will be in!ormed about the de!iciencies !ound by receiving a ;oardingReport including a list o! the de!iciencies together with the order to recti!y themimmediately or within a given time !rame.! the nspector decides to detain the ship until recti!ication, a detention order will bepresented to the &aster. This in!ormation also is !orwarded to the <lag State as wellas to the Classi!ication Society which issued the relevant certi!icates and to &%.n case o! a detention it is o!ten advantageous to call in the local 6( surveyor. Thesurveyor can assist in reporting the recti!ication to the PSC authorities in order to li!tthe detention. 'O& TO .S+ T'+ C'+C/L-ST The checklist is intended as a preparation !or a port call to avoid unnecessaryproblems and delays but is not re uired by PSC regulations. The list does not claimto be complete and covers only those items that are !re uently reported by PSC.t might be bene!icial to show the most recent checklist to PSC inspectors. This willbe particularly help!ul, when de!iciencies have been !ound by the crew immediatelyprior to the PSC inspection and corrective actions are in progress.The Checklist may be included in your S& procedures as documentation aboutchecks !or maintenance etc. © Germanischer Lloyd Revision 7 – 03)06PAGE * OF 1  GER!A #$%&ER LLO'( 0$ocu!entation No#Certificatene1t $ue $ate+1iry $ateN# *#esNo*ction to be taken0#0  Are all re+,ired certificates  valid and resec.ively endorsed/Reis.ry %er.iica.e%lass %er.iica.eRadio $.a.ion Licence$ae !annin %er.iica.e2onnae %er.iica.eGrain Loadin %er.iica.e Load Line %er.iica.e$ae.y %ons.r,c.ion %er.iica.e$ae.y E+,imen. %er.iica.e$ae.y Radio %er.iica.e#OPP %er.iica.e#PP% or %arriae o oio,s Li+,id $,4s.ances in 5,l%hemical Fi.ness %er.iica.eGas Fi.ness %er.iica.e%omliance %er.iica.e or %arryin (anero,s Goods Eem.ion %er.iica.e$ae.y !anaemen. %er.iica.e $!%8(oc,men. o %omliance (O%8 9coy:#n.erna.ional $hi $ec,ri.y %er.iica.e © Germanischer Lloyd Revision 7 – 03)06PAGE 3 OF 1  GER!A #$%&ER LLO'( 2Na%i3ation +qui!ent No#4uestionesNo*ction takenCo!leted $ate 5 Si3nature2#0  Are nautical ublications  incl,din ilo. 4oos; lis. o lih.s; sailindirec.ions; .ide .a4les; code o sinals .o 4e ,sed or .he in.ended voyae ,da.ed .o .he availa4le amendmen.s)correc.ions/ 2#2  Are nautical charts  .o 4e ,sed or .he in.ended voyae ,da.ed .o .he availa4le .o !ariners/ 2#6 #s a syste! for correctin3  all na,.ical ,4lica.ions on4oard availa4le/ 2#7  Are na%i3ational instru!ents  as radar incl,din ARPA devices; echo so,nder and seed lo in oera.ional condi.ion/ 2#8  Are .he na%i3ation li3hts  incl< d,lica.ion and ail,re alarm =orin/ 2#9 #s .he steerin3 3ear   incl,din r,dder anle indica.or as =ell as emerency s.eerin ear incl,din devices in o condi.ion and .he s.eerin ear alarm ,nc.ionin/ Are ins.r,c.ions or handlin os.ed in vicini.y/ 2#:  Are dayli3ht shaes in oera.ional condi.ion / 2#; #s .he dayli3ht si3nallin3 la!  and .he indeenden. o=er s,ly in ood oera.ional condi.ion/ 2#< #s .he auto!atic osition indicator    e<< GP$8 availa4le and in ood condi.ion/ 2he R(F is no loner re+,ired and sho,ld 4e removed8 © Germanischer Lloyd Revision 7 – 03)06PAGE > OF 1
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