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Chemistry Investigatory Project on Dyeing of Fabrics for Class 12

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This is a Chemistry Investigatory Project on Dyeing of Fabrics for the Science stream students of class 12. This research file includes details from the net, Comprehensive Chemistry Practi cals for class 12.
  Chemistry Investigatory Project On Dyeing Of Fabrics   Name: Anna Wilson Class: XII A School: International Indian School Al Jubail Academic Year: 2014 2015  Acknowledgement I would like to express a deep sense of thanks and gratitude to my chemistry teachers Mrs Mandakrantha Basu and Mrs Ayesha Tasneem for guiding me immensely through the course of my project Their constructive advice and constant motivation have been responsible for the successful completion of my project My sincere thanks to my parents for their motivation and support I must thank my classmates for their timely help and support for compilation of this project  Contents 1.   Introduction 2.   Objective 3.   Requirements 4.   Procedure 5.   Conclusion 6.   Bibliography
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