China - Telecom Equipment Innovation Leadership

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Group Project developed for the Fundamentals of Innovation and Technical Change during my Master of Science. It is a research and analysis of the telecommunication equipment sector, especially in terms of innovation (patents, R&D expenditures and other indexes)
  China How did China become a world leader in the manufacture and exports of telecom equipments?    Objectives 1)Show that China is the leader  in the telecommunication sector 2)Understand how  China became the industry leader 3)Support our thesis with a case study: Hauwei    China Is China the leader in the telecommunication equipment market?  1st Part: China  –   The new leader in the Telecommunication equipment sector ã Brief recap of the chinese economic growth ã Empirical evidence ã Focus on the telecommunication equipment manufactures ã Different ways to evaluate the leadership in the telecomunication equipment sector:  R&D, Patents, Exports ã Export data of  China vs World  China vs Brics (Brasil, Russia, India, South Africa)  China vs developed countries (i.e. U.S. )


Jul 23, 2017
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