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Custom Headed Products began as a manufacturer of specialty fasteners and cold formed parts in 2000. Our goal was to serve companies that were looking for cost effective manufacturing solutions to their complex engineered component needs. Over the next few years CHP continued to expand by adding centerless grinding, CNC machining capabilities, and then a complete department of multi-spindle screw machines for a one-stop-shop of custom fasteners and engineered components. C H P A D VA N T A G
  Custom Headed Products began as amanufacturer of specialty fasteners and coldformed parts in 2000. Our goal was to servecompanies that were looking for costeffective manufacturing solutions to theircomplex engineered component needs.Over the next few years CHP continued toexpand by adding centerless grinding, CNCmachining capabilities, and then a completedepartment of multi-spindle screw machinesfor a one-stop-shop of custom fasteners andengineered components. CHP ADVANTAGES By blending cold forming with secondarymachining, CHP has a unique capability toengineer long term cost effective solutions forour customers. As a premier cold forming andmachining house, CHP has built its reputationfor excellence on engineering value anddelivering quality components to its customer’ssatisfaction. This commitment to continuousimprovement is the foundation for developingstrategic relationships with our customers. We look forward to building a strategicrelationship with you and matching yourrequirements with the most cost effectivemanufacturing solution. WHY COLD FORMING? Cold forming typically results in a much highermaterial yield, higher run rates and superiormaterial properties compared to machining.This all translates into a cost-effective andsuperior performing solution. C H P ã TEL: 651.277.0740 CHP is ISO 9001:2008 certified  and hasdedicated quality and engineering support to make your product right the first time.  C O L D F O R M I N G At CHP our Cold Forming processproduces parts at room temperature byforging the material past its elastic limitsresulting in a new shape. Cold formingtakes wire from a coil, cuts it to a preciselength, then progressively forms the blankthrough multiple dies and punches. Thisproduces one finished product per machinecycle. Through this process it is possible toproduce complex precision parts at highspeed with little or no material waste.Cold forming or cold heading, as it issometimes referred, can producecomponents in net or near-net shape atrates significantly faster than machining. At CHP we are able to convert many partsfrom machining to cold forming resulting inlower total cost and higher performancecomponents. Cold forming is a processwith both cost, quality and performanceadvantages. Photo above depicts a cold forming progression. Parts first start as a raw blank and then are progressively formed with diesto shape and trim parts. Secondary processes can include; thread rolling, heat treating, CNC machining, grinding and plating. ã TEL: 651.277.0740  HOW COLD FORMINGWORKS Blank is Cut from a coil of wire. Advanced for Forming The blank is advanced into thefirst station. 1st Form The blank is formed thenadvanced to the next station. 2nd Form During the same stroke of the machine,the previous part is formed again in thesecond station. Work is performed onmultiple parts to produce one finishedpart per machine stroke. Formed Part Completed part is ejected from die.Our Engineers will perform a “ProcessAnalysis” on your part to determine theoptimal manufacturing strategy.Based on the quantity, component geometries,performance and cost objectives, our engineerwill develop a process that may be cold forming,machining or a combination of both.Machined parts have some cost advantagesfor small quantities and complex geometriesthat don’t lend themselves to cold forming. Cold forming forges thefinished part using coldwork to maintain grainstructure and produce astronger part with asuperior surface finish.Machined parts areproduced by cuttingthrough the grainstructure of the basematerial to produce a part and waste. Eccentric and irregular shapes are excellent candidates for cold forming, as are partsrequiring more strength. Cold FormedMachined Formed GrainCut GrainStructure WasteMaterial MACHINED ORCOLD FORMED? ã TEL: 651.277.0740 Some parts require multipledies and blows to form theintended design.
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