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  470   S  471   472 – 479494 – 497498 – 501490 – 491514490512 – 513486 – 489511 484 – 485510 501 – 503480 – 483503 – 504505 – 509491 CLUB HAMMERSSLEDGE HAMMERSBRICKLAYER'S HAMMERSCLAW HAMMERSRECOILLESS HAMMERSFORGING TOOLSSCRAPERSCHISELSDRIFT / CENTRE / PIN PUNCHESBENDING BARS / PRYBARSNAIL LIFTER / CROWBARSCARPENTER'S HAMMERSSAFETY HAMMERS / WOODEN / COPPER / LEAD HAMMERSSETS for safe striking HAMMERS / STRIKING TOOLS ENGINEERS' HAMMERSSERVICE / FEATURES +  472   For Rough Work and Precision Alike T  Large selection of hammers: from the tile hammer, recoilless hammer, forging tool and engineer's hammer through to the sledge hammer   T  Top-grade industrial quality for the hardest of continuous uses   T  Available singly or in practical sets   T  Customized manufacturing and types on request GEDORE Hammers and Striking Tools Top quality - everything from a single source T  The base is made up of stringently controlled quality steel and meticulously selected wood   T  Experienced and reliable specialists vouch for precision-like processing   T  Hammer head and shaft (up to 400 mm) are made in GEDORE's own production facilities in Germany   T  Stringent quality checks after each production step ensure a constantly high level ROTBAND-PLUS system - dependability under extreme loading   T  Hammers utilize the patented ROTBAND-PLUS securing system - no losing of heads as a result   T  The ideal aid for site work   T  Models with extra inductively tempered edges of the faces GEDORE Striking Tools   T  Large selection including chisels, center punches and drift punches   T  With optional hand guard   T  Also available in the range/set   T  Precisely hardened and annealed - long service life  473 Hammer head   Hammer shaft Manufacturing process for hammers C45 hardened and tempered steel precisely cropped to length.Hot pre-forged in a double forging die.Fully forged blank.De-burring of the blanks.Production of the hammer eye.After descaling the blank, it is machined all round in accordance with DIN 1193. The pein and face of the hammer head are additionally ground.The hammer head is induction hardened to 50-58 HRC and then annealed. Care has to be taken to ensure that, within a de󿬁ned measured area, the hardness deviation is no greater than 5 HRC. The hardening depth on the face and pein must be at least 3 mm. The hardness of the eye zones, however, must not exceed 30 HRC. The hammer head now has hard striking faces and a soft “shock absorber” zone. These safety-relevant values are subject to continuous monitoring. The hammer head is permanently stamped with the manufacturer’s mark, weight and DIN 1041.The hammer head is sand blasted to descale and degrease it.Corrosion protection by stove enamelling.The hammer face and pein are ground bright in accordance with DIN 1041. Attention is paid here particularly to regular clean edges and to a slight convex geometry of the face.Shaft blank from hickory. This tough wood has long 󿬁bres, making it ideal for hammer shafts. The long 󿬁bres cushion the impact in the hand. The tight annealed rings give the wood its 󿬂exural strength.The square shaft blank is cut to size.The hammer shaft is milled.The look is improved by sanding.Coating with water-soluble clear varnish.The hand end is set off in mahogany staining.The shaft protection sleeve is pressed on and the shaft tampon printed.
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