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  Equivalence Guide of help for the preparation of the file of equivalence 2012 of    foreign diplomas   in French-speaking Belgium  2 | Equivalence of foreign diplomas in French-speaking Belgium Table of contents Introduction 3Equivalences of diplomas 4What do you need for filling your file of equivalence ? 5Questions/Answers 7You obtained a diploma of the higher or university education abroad and you want to make an equivalence? 13Refusal of equivalence or restrictive equivalence 16Alternatives... 17... And in Flemish Community of Belgium? 19Useful addresses 20  Equivalence of foreign diplomas in French-speaking Belgium |  3 The equivalence of a diploma is generally a starting point for every migrant arriving in Belgium and wishing to concretize his personal and professional projects.This pocket guide about the equivalences is the fruit of the work of informa-tion and support that the CIRE, his member associations and partners are doing since several years. The numerous reports in equivalence of foreign diplomas collected by the CIRE constitute the base of this guide who tries to bring an answer to the questions of the migrants arriving in Belgium.The present document is available in printed version and also on the web Website of the CIRE in 6 languages: French, English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Albanian. For more detailed information, another guide is available on the web Website of the CIRE in French version for the migrants and the pro-fessionals of the social support services.This practical guide is a synthetic version of laws and practice regarding equivalences of foreign diplomas in French-speaking Belgium. The official informations are available for consultation in the printed guide and on the web Website of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels Introduction  4 | Equivalence of foreign diplomas in French-speaking Belgium What is equivalence? Equivalence is a document that determines the value of studies done abroad. It is delivered on the basis of educational documents. Why to introduce an equivalence of diploma? ã To continue or resume their studies (secondary or higher education) ã To take up employment ( e.g. In public service or in a regulated profession) and get benefit from the legal salary scales determined according to level of education. ã To start a professional training. Equivalences of diplomas
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