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    OMPUTER S IEN E   PROGRAMS IN C++ 2011-2012 NAME: ALOK KUMAR ROLL NO: 05     1. Program to  print “WELCOME IN C++” . #include<iostream.h> void main() { cout << Welcome in C++ Programming ; } OUTPUT Welcome in C++ Programming.    2. Program to find sum of two numbers. #include<iostream.h> void main() { int num1,num2,sum; cout<< Enter Number 1: ; cin>>num1; cout<< Enter Number 2: ; cin>>num2; sum=num1+num2; cout<< Sum of numbers: <<sum; } OUTPUT Enter Number 1: 5 Enter Number 2: 6 Sum of numbers: 11   3. Program to find square of a number. #include<iostream.h> void main() { int num1,square; cout<< Enter number: ; cin>>num1; square=num1*num1; cout<< Square of number is: <<square; } OUTPUT Enter number: 5 Square of number is: 25
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