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  Overview Assignment Industries BasicThese CO masterdata are used by all without any changeManufThese CO masterdata are used by manufacturing and tradeServiceThese CO masterdata are used by servicesIndustry-UtilitiesThese CO masterdata are used by Utilities Building Block Assignments BB 103Basic CO Master data: contains CO master data identified with B BB 188Manufacturing CO Master Data: contains CO master data identifi BB 206Building Block Service CO Master Data: contains CO master dat BB 225Additional cost elements needed for CO-PA implementation (laye BB 690Utilities CO Master data: contains CO master data for Utilities Name Space CO Master Data Cost Center Basicas defined in previous baseline versionsManufas defined in previous baseline versionsServiceSPxxxxIndustry-UtilitiesYUxxxxCost Center GroupCentral alternative hierarchy 1000: no extra name space, central  Activity TypesManufas defined in previous baseline versionsServiceSPxxxxIndustry-UtilitiesYUxxStatistical Key Figuresdefined for Basic building blockIndustry-UtilitiesYUxxxSecondary cost elementsDefined with chart of accountsManufas defined in previous baseline versionsService9xx3xx3 = serviceIndustry-Utilities8xxxxxxxCE groupscentral CE group for all cost elements Additional cost element groups needed for specific purpose:YBMFxxxxScope manufacturing / tradeYBSPxxxxScope ServiceYBxxxxScope basic (not industry dependant)YBCExxxxAdditional for Utilities   asic, to be activated in layer 0 ed with Manuf, only used by manufacturing (layer 1) identified with Service, only used by service (layer 1) r 2) cost center group for all cost centers  Cost Centers Foundation Layer ContentLibrary ContentLibrary layer contentAssignmentsCCtrNameCatStaHAltHCoCdAct.typesorder settlem.Overh.order settlem.Assessment CycleCO-PA (layer 2)CO-PA Cycle (layer 2)Value FieldPrCtr (layer 2)Func.A. (layer 2)Layer cost centerIndustry assignmentComment 1101Financials and AdministrationW110YPP-PCnoAdminYG02VWGK YB600 YB400Basic1201Purchasing & Stores 1G120YPP-PCnoCOGM varYG02VVHKV YB110 YB200Basic1202Purchasing & Stores 2G120YPP-PCnoCOGM varYG02VVHKV YB120 YB200Basic1301Manufacturing 1F1301, 2, 11noCOGM fixYG02VVHKF YB110 YB201Manuf 1302Manufacturing 2F1301, 2, 11noCOGM fixYG02VVHKF YB120 YB201Manuf 1321Services/ ConsultingF1308,101,102noYG02 YB700 YB201Services1401QMH140YPP-PCY_P010Y_A010QMYG02VVQMO YB600 YB401Manuf 1501R&DE1509noR&DYG02VVFES YB600 YB501Manuf 1601Marketing9160noMarketingYG02VVMSK YB600 YB350Basic1602SalesV170noSalesYG02VTRGK YB600 YB300Basic1701Plant & MaintenanceH110AdminYG02VWGK YB700 YB400Basic1750Buildings & Plant MaintenanceH110Y_P020Y_A020 AdminYG02VWGK YB700 YB400Basic1801Other income/expenseW180noOtherYG02VVN20; YB900 YB400Basic1901Customer service V190101, 102noCOGM fixYG02VVHKF YB600 YB300BasicYU4100Operation Dep.FYU410YU01, YU02 YU110 YB202Industry-UtilitiesYU4210SteamerFYU421YU01, YU02 YU110 YB202Industry-UtilitiesYU4211BoilerFYU421YU01, YU02 YU110 YB202Industry-UtilitiesYU4212ElectricityFYU421YU01, YU02 YU110 YB202Industry-UtilitiesYU4213Instrument and ControlFYU421YU01, YU02 YU110 YB202Industry-UtilitiesYU4220SteamerFYU422YU01, YU02 YU110 YB202Industry-UtilitiesYU4221BoilerFYU422YU01, YU02 YU110 YB202Industry-UtilitiesYU4222ElectricityFYU422YU01, YU02 YU110 YB202Industry-UtilitiesYU4223Instrument and ControlFYU422YU01, YU02 YU110 YB202Industry-UtilitiesYU4300Accounting DepWYU430 YU110 YB402Industry-UtilitiesYU4310Planning DepWYU430 YU110 YB402Industry-UtilitiesYU4330Marketing DepartmentWYU430 YU110 YB402Industry-UtilitiesYU4400Tech.Development Dep.EYU440 YU110 YB502Industry-UtilitiesYU4500Quality Safety DepHYU450 YU110 YB402Industry-Utilities Explanation: * Cycle YG02 is created in 168.* Cost Center 1601 Marketing - Cost Center Category changed to 9 (Marketing) - needed for assignment functional area* Assessment cycles provided with different layers         0        0        0        1        1        0        0        0  Cost Center (CCTR) Groups Group First LevelGroup Second LevelGroup Third LevelGroup Fourth levelGroupfifth levelGroup NameCost Center 1000110 Shared Services 110117011750120 Stores 12011202130 Operations 130113021321140 Quality Management 1401150 Research and Development 1501160 Marketing 1601170 Sales 1602180 Other Income/Expense 1801190 Customer Services 1901YU400 Generation YU410 Operation Dep. YU4100YU420 Equipment Management Dep YU421 Equipment Group 1 YU4210YU4211YU4212YU4213YU422 Equipment Group 2 YU4220YU4221
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