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English UPSR question 31-40
  1 SET 1 Study the bar graph and answer the question given below. Teliti geraf di bawah dan jawab soalan-soalan berikut. 1. The type of book that the students like most is ______________ . A. sport magazines C. comics B. school books D. computer magazines 2. How many students like to read about nature? A. 120 C. 100 B. 80 D. 140 3. About 120 students like to read about ____________ . A. animals C. sports B. cartoons D. underwater 4. Which books have equal number  of readers? A. Sports and computer magazines C. Police stories and comics B. Science and school books D. Comics and school books 5. Which is true about the graph above? A. Very few pupils like to read books on police stories B. Only a few students like computer books. C. Comics are the most favourite books D. The books can only be read by students.  2 SET 2 Read the notice below and answer the questions that follow.  Baca notis di bawah dan jawab soalan-soalan di bawah . 1. Which two games are mentioned in the notice above? A. Hockey and badminton C. Football and hockey B. Football and sepak takraw D. Badminton and volleyball 2. Who can take part in the selection process? A. Year 6 students C. Year 5 students B. Year 1 to 6 students D. Year 5 and Year 6 students. 3. How long will the selection process take? A. 3 hours C. 5 hours B. 4 hours D 6 hours 4. FA  and HA  means __________ A. Football and Hockey Associations C. Football and Hockey Agents B. Football and Hockey Areas D. Football Hockey Awards 5. Who is Encik Zakaria? A. Sportsmaster C. Hockey master B. Headmaster D. Football master  3 SET 3 Study the pie chart below and answer the questions that follow. Teliti carta pai di bawah dan jawab soalan-soalan berikut. 1. From the pie chart above, we know that A. a lot of pupils like outdoor activities. B. only 20% of the pupils watch television. C. more pupils prefer outdoor activities than reading. D. more pupils enjoy reading than  playing badminton. 2. If there are 120 pupils in Year 6, how many students like to play  badminton? A. 24 B. 20 C. 30 D. 26 3. What is the percentage of students who like indoor activities? A. 55% B. 75% C. 35% D. 80% 4. Based on the pie chart above, 40% Year 6 pupils prefer A. reading B. watching television C. outdoor activities D. playing badminton 5. Which of the following is true? A. The Year 6 students are book worms. B. More girls than boys enjoy watching television. C. The teachers should organize a clean up campaign. D. The teachers should instil the reading interest among the Year 6 students. reading 15% outdoor activities 25%  playing  badminton  20% watching television 40% Favourite Pastimes for Year 6 Pupils  4 SET 4 Read the following story carefully and then answer the questions that follow. Baca cerita yang diberi dengan teliti dan jawab soalan-soalan berikut. 1. The man asked Peter for water because he A. was hot. B. was thirsty. C. wanted to trick Peter. D. wanted to talk to Peter. 2. Where did the man push Peter? A. in the bedroom. B. inside the hall. C. in the kitchen. D. outside. 3. Why did the dog love Peter? Peter ________________. A. was lonely. B. treated it well. C. was a good man. D. gave the dog a lot of food. Peter Lim is an old man. He lived with his pet dog in a quiet neighbourhood. The dog loved Peter because he treated it well. One day, a man asked Peter for some water. Peter took pity on the man and went to the kitchen to get a drink for him. The man followed Peter into the kitchen. There, the man pushed Peter down and asked him for all his money. Peter was an old man. He could not fight with the man. So, he took all his savings and gave it to the man. The man was very happy. He quickly took the money and ran away. Peter  ’s dog was tied to a chain outside the hou se. It saw the thief and barked. It wanted to jump at the thief running out of the house but it could not. The thief quickly ran away. The dog was struggling. It finally broke the chain. The thief saw what had happened and was frightened. The dog chased the thief and jumped on him. The thief fell down and the dog began biting his hands. He tried to get away from the dog but could not. Finally, a policeman who was passing by, saw what had happened. He pulled the man away from the dog. At that moment, Peter Lim came. He told the policeman that the man stole some money from him. The policeman checked the man and found all the money. The policeman took the thief to the police station. He told Peter to follow him to the police station to lodge a report. Peter went to the police station with his dog. He was happy that the dog helped him to get his money back.
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