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Dr. Homi Bhabha Competition Test Series Exam Code : CR_2 Subject : Topics : Measurement Name of Student : Date of Examination : Time of Examination : Question Paper P1 1 5 Kilogram of rice indicates 2 (1) Weight of rice is 5 kilogram (2) Mass of rice is 5 kilogram (3) Both statements 1 and 2 is true (4) Can not say Instructions: 1. Each Question carries 1 mark 2. Please write above the date and time you have taken this paper for answering. 3. Please
  Dr. Homi Bhabha Competition Exam Code : CR_2Subject : Topics : MeasurementName of Student :Date of Examination :Time of Examination :Question Paper  P1 1 5 Kilogram of rice indicates 2 (1) Weight of rice is 5 kilogram(2) Mass of rice is 5 kilogram(3) Both statements 1 and 2 is true(4) Can not say1. Each Question carries 1 mark2. Please write above the date and time you have taken this paper for answering.3. Please do not take the help of your parent or teacher to solve this paper as it won’t give the actual performance report. 4. Don’t get discourage if you do not know the answer. We will help you in clearing concepts.5. No Negative marks. But do not blindly mark any answer if you do not understand the question.  P1 2 Mass of ball on earth is 60 kg. What will be the mass on moon 4 (1) 6 kg(2) 16 kg(3) 12 kg(4) 60 kg P1 3 Choose the odd one out 3 (1) Volume(2) Area(3) Litre(4) Temperature P1 4 Choose the odd one out 4 (1) Length(2) Time(3) Volume(4) Second P1 5  Which one is the odd one in the following? 2 (1) Hours (2) Light year (3) Seconds (4) Solar year  P1 6 Which of the following is one liter? 1 (1) 1,000cc(2) 100ml(3) 100 cc(4) 1000 mm3 P1 7 The relation between capacity and volume of a object is 2 (1) Capacity = Volume(2) Capacity < Volume  (3) Capacity > Volume(4) Can not say P1 8 What is a relation of one kilogram to one quintal ? 2 (1) One kilogram is 1 /1000th part of a quintal(2) One kilogram is 1/100th part of a quintal(3) One kilogram is 1/20th part of a quintal(4) One kilogram is 1/10th part of a quintal P1 9 Which of the following unit is generally used for measuring though distance between distinct villages? 4 (1) Millimeter (2) Meter (3) centimeter (4) Kilometer  P1 10 The capacity of a bottle is exactly 500 ml. 1 Then how many cubic centimeters of water hold?(1) 500cc (2) 5cc(3) 5,000cc(4) 50,000cc P1 11 Which of the following instrument will be used to 3 measure length correctly up to 0.01 cm?(1) Meter scale(2) Measuring tape(3) Vernier caliper (4) Screw gauge P1 12 What is relation between volume and area 2 (1) Area = Volume(2) Area < Volume(3) Area > Volume(4) Can not say P1 13 International system of unit is 4  (1) M.K.S(2) C.G.S(3) F.P.S(4) S.I P1 14 Which instrument is used to measure weight 1 (1) Spring balance(2) Beam balance(3) Balance at shopkeeper (4) None P1 15 Distance between Mumbai and Delhi is measured by 3 (1) m(2) cm(3) km(4) mm P1 16 Write the differences between the motion of a bicycle and a ceiling fan that has been switched on. 2 (1) Both ceiling fan and bicycle exhibit circular motion.(2) Bicycle shows rectilinear motion while ceiling fan does not.(3) Both shows rectilinear motion .(4) No difference P1 17 What would be the problems about a distance you measured with an elastic tape? 3 (1) It is not long lasting (2) It is not transparent(3) its measurements will be inaccurate(4) No one use them
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